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XTERRA Trail Run--Nov 1. Price Increase

XTERRA Trail Run Logo Just a quick reminder that if you are interested in the Xterra Trail Run World Championships out at Kualoa Ranch, there is an increase in the entry fee on November 1.

You should be able to find out all the information and be able to register here

Get out there and run. There is a 5K, 10K and half marathon distance.



Saturday Training 10-31-09 "Manoa to Jackass repeats"

Aloha Athletes !

This Saturday will offically kick-off HURT 100 training so plan to be at the mauka end of Manoa Rd. (just before it narrows) a few minutes before 6:00 am and join the group for Paradise to Jackass repeats. Get used to this one, as we will be doing it a lot ! Since there will be no stash at Jackass, please bring plenty of water, etc. See you there.  Don

A Really Big PEACOCK mahalo !

Aloha !

Saturday was the 2nd Annual Peacock 54 mile HURT Trail Series Race and what a race it was ! Hopefully the results will be posted soon. As I'm rushing to get ready for a flight to the mainland in a few hours, I MUST thank the many people that worked so very hard to make this demanding 18 hour race a huge success. Where to start? But first, since I know there will be someone, or two, that I will forget to mention, I sincerely apologize. That being said, I'll start by thanking Rob Lahoe, who did an unbelievable job with the remote "intersection" aid station. Friends, he worked his okole off, and even took photos in his spare time. Yikes ! I'd better hurry ! Okay, mahalo to Leon, Pete. Ray Woo, David Carlsson, Leslie Klukas, Tom and Wah for their hard work at the aid stations, and to Fishman and Ernest for trail marking (and Fish's help everywhere on race day). I certainly had better not forget Larry's work getting our permit...yeah Larry.

Now it comes to Cheryl, Marian and Kat who not only bought the groceries, cooked all kinds of fantastic dishes, brought them out and then worked hours and hours helping the runners through trying times during the day and night. They were unbelievable ! Thank you so much girls. No HURT race would be complete without our HURT gurus John & PJ Salmonson, and of course, as always, they we right there with their sleeves rolled-up, right in the thick of things. Unless I forgot someone, we're down to my buddy Gordon Lau, who is Mr. Peacock 54 ! Without Gordon, there wouldn't be a Peacock 54 race, and it's due to his hard work that this race is the successful race it is. Thank you so much Gordon...and thanks to all of you who made this race such a fun event. Congratulations to all the runners. See you next year.  Don

Monday Night HURT loop

Monday 6:00 PM start.  Top of Manoa Road start.   Approx sub- 7 hour pace.  No stash. Carry yer stuff. Push through Jack-ass, Water at Nature Center, Back to car by 1:00AM or so.  Email me with intent, otherwise I'll keep my own schedule.  Aloha, mmuenchzerooneatgmaildotcom 

Good Luck to our Xterra Athletes !

The Peacock 54 is certainly not the only endurance event being held in Hawaii this weekend, as Xterra is also this weekend. Our HURT family will be well represented at Xterra, as Bob & Barbi McAllaster, Nick Kaiser, Steve Dewald and Amy Bennet Eck will be doing Xterra. Nick and Amy will be doing the "double", as they just finished the Kona Ironman two weeks ago, a rare feat.

Good luck to ALL !!!!!!  Aloha !  Don

Peacock 54 Race this Saturday ! 10-24-09

Aloha Athletes !

It's FINALLY here ! The race of the year ! 54 tough miles over an 18 hour time period for a measly 10 bucks ! Not only that...you get aid stations with water and sports drink AND Kat's yummy moche and Cheryl's famous pasta salad !! Also, don't forget that you can pick-up some cool Christmas gifts early, as we have a recent shipment of very nice Patagonia short-sleeve shirts for $20, unless you'd rather wait and pay $35 in the stores. Don't forget, you have the opportunity, this year, to run the Peacock 54 as a two-person relay for $10 each...still a bargain !

Just be out at the Dillingham Airfield Control Tower parking lot at around 5:30 am, this Saturday, and we'll get you signed-up for the very tough Peacock 54 ultramarathon. We plan to start the race promptly at 6:00am.

You say "what about drop bags?" Many of the veterans plan to bring a drop bag with their special goodies, which we will take to the bottom of Long Road for them to use there. Most plan to use their vehicle, which will be parked at the start/finish for another drop bag. Which reminds me... Be sure and have proper vehicle documentation...insurance card, registration, etc. in your vehicle, and park in designated parking stalls.

See you there,

Don & Gordon

Chicago Marathon Report

aloha HURT gang! Here is the skinny on Chicago: 

We re-conned the course the day before by "hanging out" on the 103rd floor of the Willis (formerly Sears) Tower.  I could tell that Nate was drooling over getting his BASE jumping career going early.  We blindly put our faith in engineers and architects like Senelly and stepped out on the glass; incredible experience.

When I woke up at 5:30 AM for the 7:30 AM Sunday start, I decided to make my day more interesting by dropping our ridiculously heavey hotel window on my left pointer fingernail, severing it in half and creating quite an impressive flow of blood.  Perfect start to the day; "I wouldn't want it to be easy," after all!

Lesley and Nate were a fantastic crew, and they did an incredible job of getting me to the line fueled up and warm.  Weather at the start was 33 degrees; it felt so good after all the hot days this summer here.  The corral system at Chicago is quite developed, and I got a clean start just a few seconds back from the elite guys.  Very impressive organization. 

Lesley snapped a shot of me around mile 11 when the course brought us back into the downtown area.  At this point, Wanjiru was still on world record pace.  I was feeling good and optimistic about 2:30, but reality came crashing down on me around mile 19 when my left hamstring totally locked out after twinging for the previous mile.  The next 3 miles were pretty miserable, requiring numerous stops to stretch the hamstring.  The last few miles were in survival mode.  Splits were 1:14 and change for the first 1/2, and 1:24 for the second half.  I learned to respect the distance again.

When I finished and met up with Lesley, she was quite concerned because I had blood on my face.  I had no idea of that this was the case, but I had been touching my face quite a bit with with my still bleeding finger and bloody glove and had managed to get it on my face.  You can imagine how dumb I felt going to the medical tent to get my finger re-bandaged while people around me have legitimate running related issues going on.

Last but not least, we snapped a great shot of Wanjiru holding Nate after the race.  His course record of 2:05:41 (by 1 second!) was the fastest marathon ever run in North America.  Check out him dropping the hammer on the other guys around mile 22.  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hf8Ipw0QV7s)  I think Wanjiru will have the world record in the next year or two and dominate the marathon for the next decade; he is only 22!

We finished our trip in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, where we had some great hikes with Nate.  I also got out for a 5 mile trail run and spent the whole run scheming of how to get into an ultra in the Rockies.  The beauty of the place takes your breath away (or maybe it was the 8,000 ft. elevation?)  God blessed our little ohana with a great adventure, and we are grateful!  We had amazing times with family and old college friends that we had not seen in years.