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Slabys dominate Inca Trail Marathon in Peru. Gina Slaby sets unofficial women’s speed record for 45km!

45kmStart  First thing I must say is that it was a less than ideal time for us to do it.  I had gotten reinjured a week after the April HURT race and missed about four of the next eight weeks with no running whatsoever.  Gina was recovering from a recurring stress fracture (same shin as the year before).  We were both out of shape and neither had run more than eight miles since mid April (when we reinjured ourselves).  When we originally planned the trip over the winter we had seen there was a marathon going on when we were going to be there and thought – perfect!  We looked at the times and figured we could do pretty well and maybe go after the win if we were in shape.  

Next thing is that through some error we had not signed up for the official marathon that was being held that day (June 10) but had instead accidentally organized our own event – just the two of us.  The official race was a little wimpier and competitors had hiked in to the 88km mark, 6km up the trail from the official start.  Their marathon ended up being only 39km, not quite a marathon.  They started a half hour before us with an 8km head start but we still passed all but four of them.

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July 4th Weekend: Lot's of Fun Things to Do: Kaena Point Firecracker, Sunday Long Training Run, Freedom Fest.

Aloha Athletes,  Images  

We have the annual 4th of July festivities coming up this weekend and there are a lot of fun things to choose from.

Our own HURT Trail Series, the Kaena Point Firecracker 10 Mile race is Saturday July 3rd at 7:00 a.m. The race starts at the end of the paved road past Dillingham airfield and Camp Erdman. The route takes runners along the ocean and around the point on the Waianae side of the island of Oahu where the pavement begins again. This is the turn around as it is an out and back course. Don't forget to bring at least a water bottle and run with at least 20 oz of water. It can be a hot run on the way back. 

As in all HURT Trail Series races there is no pre-registration. Please show up at least 30 minutes prior to the race start and the entry fee is just $10. We plan to have a 4th of July picnic/potluck after the race so bring a dish to share, a beach chair and your sunscreen. 

There is more info including driving directions here

On Sunday, July 4th, Marian is planning another long run from Cheryl's house to the Nature Center and back. This is a 40++ mile run as Marian is training up to go run the Headlands 100 with her sister. The times listed below are just a guide and pretty good estimate of when they will be at certain points along the trail. You can certainly run any part of the run or all of it. Freddy has volunteered to have his truck be the Pali Lookout aid station. If you are going to run, please contact Marian so she has an idea of how many to plan for in regards to aid. 

5:00 start at Cheryl's house
5:45 at Waimanalo trial head
8:15 at Pali lookout
9:30 at JAG
11:30 at Nature Center
1:30 at JAG
2:15 at Pali lookout
4:45 at Waimanalo trail head
5:30 finish at Cheryl's house

Looks like they will finish just in time to get down to Kailua Beach for the fireworks.  Images  

Finally, this weekend on both Saturday and Sunday, Amy Bennett Eck is hosting her second annual Freedom Fest. It is a weekend of trail running, mountain biking, offroad triathlon and this year a couple of rough water swims have been added too. All of these events take place out at beautiful Kualoa Ranch. It may be difficult to top last years event when after planning and participating in all the events, Amy and Erik got married but if I know Amy, she will find some way to make this weekend just as much fun. More info is here.

Images  So, there is no reason to just sit around and watch the Tour on TV all weekend. Get out there and enjoy our island and celebrate our great country.  

Paul Hopwood Sends Western States Thank You From Auburn

Greetings from Auburn. Thanks for the support and cheers HURT.  Ultrarunning is such a beautiful and effortless endeavor- when things are flowing right. And such a tooth and nail fight when it's not- as you ALL well know.  This weekend amounted to the above and much, much more. Most goals met- some not, but leaving me amazed by the coolness and generosity of my friends old and new and the individuals in and around the ultra communitie.  And as I sit here- feet bandaged a little achy and battered, I feel totaly inspired yet once again, by the stunning wilderness, serenity of the mountains high  and  forest streams low.   So many people to thank ! So much love out there!. Ultrarunning - like life very much a team effort! In appreciation for all, mahalo's, and see you back  in the 'ISLINS' 

alohas Paul

HURT100 2009 champs win Western States 2010

Geoff Roes (HURT100 winner in 2009) and Tracy Garneau (two-times HURT100 winner and current  HURT100 course record holder) won the WS100 last night in what looked like perfect conditions. Geoff Roes (15:07) as well as runner-up Anton Krupicka (15:13) both bested Scott Jurek's 2004 course record, with long-time leader and 2008 UTMB winner Kilian Jornet Burgada (22 years old!) in 3rd. Tracy's winning time of 19:01 put her safely ahead of Meghan Arbogast and Nikki Kimball in 2nd and 3rd place. Full results (and more) can he found here.

A little extra drama was added to the women's race by the evening announcement that the female lead Tracy Garneau had dropped out of the race at mile 80.  The cause, a confusion of runners at the Green Gate checkpoint, became clear when she magically reappeared two hours later running side by side with the sole finisher from HI, Paul Hopwood!


Speaking of Paul... 19th place in 18:59 in what was arguably the strongest field at WS in living memory. I think he mentioned he was hoping for a sub-24hr time. Well, that seems to have worked. Duh!

Visual impressions from the race can be found on youtube, and here's a glimpse of Paul at mile 62 looking totally at ease.

Big Island Traverse/2Seas2Summits Report


An Account Of A Double Summit Of Mauna Loa And Mauna Kea, on a Trek From the Holei Sea Arch, Volcanoes National Park, to Pu'ukohola Heiau, Kawaihae in May of 2010: 160 Miles, 94+ Hours

M.N. Muench


Who Says Misery Loves Company?

The night clouds slipped slowly around us as we trudged the last four miles down the Mauna Loa Observatory Road. The dampness went almost unnoticed as we pushed those last hard miles; it seemed nothing more to us than a wispy fog or low lying cloud—a cool relief after almost two days of high dry windiness on the Mauna Loa summit trails. It wasn’t until we reached the kipuka near the Saddle Road that a heavy mist rolled in over us, soaking everything, and leaving us wet and chilled. Instead of finding a dry place to rest we toted the heavy stash boxes fifty yards off the road, and then struggled through the darkness and heavy mist laden winds in search of a place to bivwack on the high rocky ground of the old volcanic cone.
What had been a hard hike down the mountain suddenly became a nasty, cold, and somewhat paranoid ordeal. The exhausting eighteen hour trek from Red Hill to the top of Mauna Loa, down the Observatory Trail and then the road, had taken its toll and I was spooked by the occasional cars that crept by the kipuka—turning out my lights and squatting in the darkness, and chilled by the misty winds.  When I finally looked into the stash, I was disgusted by the lack of appetizing food, and then irritated that Brian seemed to be insisting on finding a bivwack far up the hillside; making it an additional effort to get things ready for what was looking to be an uncomfortable night. A difficult time was threatening to become retched.
Aloha,  Mikem

Best of Luck to All Western States Runners (UPDATED)

Only one Hawaii resident was lucky enough to get into Western States this year though the lottery.

That was Maui resident Paul Hopwood. Paul has run some pretty good races on the mainland (Hardrock) and he certainly has the speed to run with the big boys. We want to wish him and all the runners the best of luck this year. It should be a very interesting race this year with lots of top name runners from across the US and even from around the world. There will be snow up at the higher elevations and that will impact the runners as well.

For a fun read, check out Karl Meltzer's blog post and his Western State's odds. Check out the comments for more details. Click here to read. 

Get out there and run!

Aloha, Bob

I just finished looking at the Western States list of runners. There are a lot of familiar names that we have met either here at the HURT 100 or races on the mainland. Rod, Catra, Tracy and Gary from Canada (2010 HURT 100 winners) are just a few of the names. You can follow along live on Saturday at by clicking here.

Start Your Holiday Weekend with a Bang!! H.U.R.T. Trail Series Kaena Point Firecracker Race

IMG_0552 On July 3, the H.U.R.T. Trail Series heads to end of the road and Kaena Point.

This race is a fast, flat, out and back course that parallels the ocean along jeep trails and an old sugar cane rail line. 

Kaena Point Firecracker 10 Mile Trail Race: Saturday July 3, 2010 7:00 a.m.


The course is typically hot on the way out, shady along the Waianae side and there is usually a very nice in-your-face breeze along the return. The route is so simple that we will not even be marking the course. Keep the ocean on your right side on the way out and keep the ocean on your left side on your return.

As with all of our trail races, there is no pre-registration, just show up at least 30 minutes prior to the race start, pay the $10 entry fee and you are all set.

We plan to have a potluck after the race, so bring a dish to share, a beach chair, and sunscreen.

The route goes from the end of the pavement past Dillingham Airfield and Camp Erdman, to where the pavement begins again on the Waianae coast side of Kaena Point. We will have an aid station set up at the turnaround, however we encourage all runners to carry adequate water (at least one 20 ounce bottle) during the run. It is hot out there and there is not much shade. Don't forget a hat and sunscreen.

If you need driving instructions, click here for general instructions from the Honolulu Airport area. Drive to the end of the paved road. We will be on the ocean side.

Aloha, Bob and Barbi

Saturday Training June 26, 2010: Peacock Flats, again!

Aloha Athletes,

Even I am beginning to wonder why we post these training run notices. Same o' same-o'

I hear from Cheryl that the plan is to run up at Peacock again. If I was a newcomer to the islands or wanting to get involved with HURT, I would start to think this is the only place the group runs with the occasional trail race thrown in somewhere else.

So for you regulars, the plan is to start from the parking lot behind the control tower at Dillingham Airfield at 7:00 a.m. Don and Vernon are planning to start at 8:30 a.m.

I've heard a rumor that there might be some furlough Friday shenanigans going on up there as well. Something like Marian starting from the base of long road at 4:30 a.m. and others meeting her at 7:00 over at the control tower.

If you are a newcomer to the islands or wanting to get involved with HURT, please don't feel intimidated by the distances or constant runs up at Peacock. It is a beautiful place to run and train and you can always just go the distance you feel comfortable with. Meeting other runners is a great way to learn and improve your own knowledge about trail running.

I recently put together a training plan for two women to get ready for Triple Trek (50K HURT Trail Series Run on Sept 5). I was curious to see if the basic rule of increasing your mileage and/or your time by no more than 10% a week would get a runner up to the distance required to have a successful attempt at Triple Trek. This was also based on having an existing fitness level of 10 mile or 2 hour runs. On paper it works. In fact, I even extended it out to the Peacock 54 in October. Again, on paper it works. Only time will tell if this training plan works for the participants. They are both experienced athletes so I think they will be fine.

So, if you are a newcomer, don't be intimidated by the distances and training that some of the more experienced runners are doing. Also there are a lot of other trails to run here on Oahu. Go explore, get out there and run for the love of running.

Aloha, Bob

2010 San Diego 100 Mile Race Report by Jan McGriff

20100612_03JanStart_1Jan McGriff recently went to the mainland for the San Diego 100 Mile Run. 

It is a great report and a reminder that things don't always go as planned.

She sent in her race report which you can read by clicking here.

20100612_11JanMile23_c1 The two photos here show Jan at the start and also as she comes into the mile 23 aid station.

Thanks for sending this in Jan. You did something good out there and made it a learning adventure, even though it didn't go as planned!

Charlotte Vasarhelyi – Bruce Trail Solo Speed Record Attempt

I came across this interview of Charlotte Vasarhelyi, past HURT 100 runner. Charlotte is Canadian and one of Canada's more well know adventure and endurance athletes. She recently represented Canada in the 24 Hour World Championships in France and is attempting to break the solo speed record on the Bruce Trail in Canada.

Click here to read the full interview.

Saturday Training June 19th, 2010: Peacock Flats Area

Aloha Athletes,

This Saturday we are headed back up to the Peacock Flats area for training.

Starting time will be 7:00 a.m. behind the Dillingham Airfield control tower. If you can't make that early start, a second loop will start from the same area about 11:30 a.m. Remember you can always do as little or as much as you want. Some runners are planning a big mileage day (40+ miles) in preparation for upcoming mainland races.

Just keep in mind to bring and drink plenty of fluids, have your electrolytes and plan a cooling dip in the ocean when you are finished.

If you want more details contact Cheryl or Marian.