Kaena Point Firecracker Results and Photos
Congratulations Charlotte!!

Maunawili Out-n-Back 22 Miler and Relay

AKA - Run With the Pigs


The sixth event of the 2010 H.U.R.T. Trail Series is scheduled for Saturday, August 14 at 7:00 a.m.  In keeping with the H.U.R.T. spirit, this run is all about enjoying the trail and the camaraderie of your fellow runners.

Requirements for entering this event are:

  • Be ready and willing to have fun,
  • Show up at the start no later than 6:30 a.m. with $10 in hand,
  • Carry a minimum of 40 ounces of fluid with you,
  • Stay after you finish and enjoy good food and friends, and
  • Be ready and willing to have fun. Bad ass pig


Parking at the start/finish (Nuuanu/Pali lookout) is now monitored by parking attendants.  Hawaii I.D. (i.e. - driver's license) is required to waive the $3 parking fee.  All runners will need to park below the marked stalls, lining the roadway leading up to the parking lot.  When you finish running, be prepared to show your proof of residency (driver's license).  Carpooling is highly encouraged.  We do not want to wear out our welcome with the State park system!

The start of the run is staggered, based on age(s) and gender(s), to "handicap" younger and faster runners.  This allows for a closer, condensed finish and gives any runner or team the opportunity to win or place in the run. There are two intersections on the trail, one at each end, that will be marked with pink-colored ribbons.  As always, in H.U.R.T. events, BLUE is BAD. 

The hand-off point for relay teams is at the trailhead in Waimanalo.  Ideally, as the "lead-off" runner starts at the lookout, the "anchor" runner will drive to the trailhead in Waimanalo.  At the Waimanalo trailhead, the runners will exchange car keys as the hand-off.

Pigtails Don't get left "behind" - add this event to your calendar!  Call or email Marian with any questions - 221-5171 or [email protected]


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David Kimball

Howzit Everyone,

I'm looking for a relay partner. Knee surgery this summer aired my hopes of a solo effort. I want to put in a good effort and enjoy the race - but not race it. I can take the up or the down. Dave Kimball eve 739-6522

Robert P Smith

Couple more bits of info:

I’ve only ran about 90 minutes out from the Pali lookout so not being familiar with the whole course I’m going to guess that I’ll run it at about a 9:30-10 min/mi pace.

Run with a View time 1:21 or ~ 10:07 min/mi, Kaena Point Firecracker time 1:28 or ~ 8:48 min/mi.

Robert P Smith

Aloha all,

I’m still relatively new to HURT with only two races under my shoes so far. I’m training for my 1st marathon in Dec so I’m not yet ready to run the whole 22 miles myself and am looking for a partner to relay with. Here’s my past record to give you an idea where I’m at: Run with a View 23rd overall, Kaena Point Firecracker 37th overall.

If anyone is interested and willing to partner with me please contact me at [email protected]

Happy trails,
Robert Smith


Thanks in advance for the numerous memories everyone has had at this event throughout the years Marian and Neal! Love the piggy pics! We're recruiting more people for this year!

Matt Stevens

pic of the piggy with boots is pretty money! Can't wait for this race; always a highlight of the year


Hey Don, glad to know that you will be joining in on the fun....I'll bring the Depends!


Aloha Marian !

You and Neal always make this race TOO MUCH FUN !! I'm so excited that I almost pee'd on myself just thinking about running with those lil' piggies...and all those wild and crazy runners ! You and Neal are a class act !

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