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HURT Runner, Vi Jones-Medusky - Raising Awareness for ALS

Many thanks to all of you who participated in Vi's annual Trek at Kualoa!

All the usual old HURT course marshals manned the course (Bill & Punkin' Burgess, Christine Begy, Steve Villiger, Clem Alec-Gorai, MikeM, Cheryl Loomis, Keith Moon's lovely daughter Morgan, Rex Vlcek, Sean Price), dressed in costume!

We had about 120 runners on the course too, and a few cows, in perfect weather conditions. Vi sat at the finish line to greet all the finishers, while being serenaded by two talented guitarists- we all sang along with them.

Thanks also to HURT members sending in a donation- the proceeds will go to the families of ALS victims, to help offset their enormous expenses.

All in all, a beautiful day- everyone was glad to see Vi, in a rare excursion from her home. Vi's husband, Jan, Vi's kids, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, and Vi's 104 year old father also attended!

Check out the beautiful photos, kindly submitted by one of the participants, Krista Jaspers, a close Jones family friend. These are a nice remembrance of the event. 

Thank you all...PJ and John

(My apologies for the delay in posting this. Technical difficulties in posting large numbers of photos to the site right now)



"Unofficial" Run to the Sun Sunday March 20, 2011

Aloha Athletes,

We have received word that there will be another version of the "unofficial" Run to the Sun in 2011.

The date is Sunday March 20, 2011. Starting at 4:30 a.m. at the Kahului Alehouse/Maui Mall.

Again this race is completely unofficial and individual runners will have to be completely self supported for nutritional requirements and a ride down the hill. No rules, no fees, no waivers, no pesky park rangers etc.
We'll probably get together the pm before at the Alehouse to go over what little details there will be.
There will be a post workout gathering on Crater road around mile 1
Should be great weekend.
Thanks and any questions people can call me.

Bram DenHaan 
Home 808-573-7584 
Cell 808-280-4893


Saturday training 10-30-10 "Manoa to Jackass"

Aloha Athletes !

With the very tough Peacock 54 behind us it's time to start serious HURT 100 training. This Saturday will be the first of many Saturday training runs over the next two months starting at 6 am at the end of Manoa Rd., and going to Jackass Ginger, and returning. Repeats are the order of the day, so do as many as you can. There will be other training routes along the way...HURT loops...Peacock loops, etc. but Manoa to Jackass will definitely be a favorite. It will make you tough.  Don

Peacock Lost and Found

Gordon has a few items from the race. 

1) one military backpack with the name "Cecere" on it
2) one soft blue round cooler with pizza inside ( since thrown away)
3) one soft black cooler
4) one headlamp ( need to describe to claim and know brand)
My question, since this was the last Peacock 54, what is happening with all the left over Peacock 54 visors???
Please comment below if any of the above items are yours or contact Gordon directly. 


Many, many Mahalos !

Aloha athletes !

From everything we've heard, the 2010 Peacock 54 was a success, and if that's true, the success was totally due to the volunteers and the runners. The volunteers were the best ! Although someone's name will be missed, and I apologize, let's start with Rob Lahoe...what can I say???...Rob, we couldn't have survived without you...and Ernest, you were everywhere, all the time...and everyone's dear friend Cheryl...and Kat, and Clem, and Doug Baker, and Fish, and James Baker, and Andy, and Vernon & Evie, and Julie Takishima...and of course, John and PJ...you were all just fantastic and oops... I almost missed Freddy who really helped at Long Road and kept us all in stitches. If you volunteered but your name didn't make the list, my apologies. We thank you.

If you were a runner, you know how tough this race was this year. A fitting farewell for the Peacock 54. Heart felt congratulations to all ! You ALL were great...whether you finished or not. I have to mention Kiley Momohara, who finished his first ultra...the Peacock 54 ! Wow ! The 2011 Peacock 100k will present an even bigger challenge. Gordon already has the wheels turning, putting together the additional course route needed to make this race one of the toughest 100k's on the planet. It will still have an 18 hour time limit. He asked me to mention that we will need LOTS of volunteers for the 100k ! It will remain part of the HURT Trail Series but will have a separate entry fee, more in keeping with other 100k races across the country.

Gordon...you are the best ! Everybody thanks you ! 



The Final "Peacock 54" 2010 Results

Aloha Athletes,

69370_441215651323_617191323_5733512_3470768_n (Wily Woo Photo)
RD Gordon kicked off the 2010 Peacock 54 with the announcement that it was the last and final Peacock 54. At first there were some stunned (maybe even disappointed) looks on people's faces. Gordon quickly changed all of that by continuing with the announcement that going forward, the Peacock would be lengthened to full 100k distance. Wow, and that is how the day started. It only got better from there. 

With a full moon setting over the ocean, runners were off at 6:00 a.m. up Kealia trail. The morning was actually cool in the pre-dawn hours but that quickly changed as runners headed up the hill. 

There can be many things said about the Peacock 54 but easy isn't one of them. This race keeps up the HURT tradition of tough races. 

Fifty-one runners started the race, however far fewer finished the full 54 miles. 

Some notes from John Salmonson:

  • About a 50% finishing rate, but about 90% among the women.
  • Scott chased Hannah and Julie all day and finally passed Hannah with a couple of miles to go.
  • Don’t remember ever having two women in the top three and so close to winning!
  • Many thanks to Gordon and all the volunteers, this race is hard on everyone!

Mahalo to Don and Gordon as Race Directors. Special thanks to Rob Lahoe for the up top aid station. Also thanks to Ernest, Fish, Cheryl, Kat, Freddie, Vernon, Doug and all the other volunteers. 

There are a lot of stories that will be told about this race and hopefully a lot of lessons learned. Hannah Roberts and Julie Doheney were racing and leading for much of the day. Apparently it wasn't until the last few miles that Scott was able to take the lead into the finish. 

For those racers entered into the 2011 HURT 100, lick your wounds, rest your legs, take the lessons from this race and apply that to your training as you prepare for the HURT 100. 

Get out there and run!

Aloha, Bob

Click here to see some photos from the finish that Doug Baker took. Thanks Doug!

Congratulations to all the finishers. Here are the results.

Place Name Time
1 Scott Kuwaye 11:58
2 Hannah Roberts 12:02
3 Julie Doheney 12:09
4 Jeff Fong 13:23
5 Larry Inouye 13:25
6 John Robb 14:08
7 Doug Long 14:20
8 Sue Lohr 14:24
9 Ben Wunderlich 14:54
10 Randy Flores 14:54
11 Gordon Lau 15:05
12 Wily Woo 15:17
13 Jesse Story 15:18
14 Tom Craven 15:21
15 Julie Ng 15:28
16 Alex Garcia 15:32
17 Deanna Clements 16:15
18 Mike Muench 16:30
19 Marian Yasuda 16:37
20 Jan McGriff 16:39  
21 Kiley Momohara 16:39


Monica Scholz report

Aloha Athletes !

Just talked with our good friend and "ultrarunning legend in her own time" Monica Scholz who was preparing for a flight to Arizona to do the Javelina Jundred, which will be her 22nd 100 mile finish for 2010 and her 108th 100 mile finish, total. I don't call her "The Ultimate Super Chick" for nothing. She plans to stop at #25 for the year, breaking her existing world record of 23, saying all that traveling is getting to be a drag. To work a demanding full-time job and travel from Canada all across North America doing 100 milers is almost unbelievable. All the best, Monica !

Monica will be here in January, going for HURT 100 finish #11. Say "hi", she's a great gal.   Don

Peacock 54 is almost here !

Aloha Athletes !

This Saturday 10-23-10 is the 3rd running of one of the toughest 54 mile trail races anywhere...the Peacock 54 ! Gordon has marked the course, the Coke and Mountain Dew are ready and the weather report says sunny, so plan for "hot". It should be a fun day !

The gate will be open shortly after 4:30 am and check-in will be from 5:05 until 5:45 am, so bring your $10 (and an additional $20 per shirt, if you want to buy a HURT Trail Series shirt). Gordon will have a short, pre-race meeting at approx. 5:45 am and the race will likely start by 6:00 am. Parking will be different than in the past ! We will be using the area next to (mauka) of the main airfield parking lot. Sign-in will be there as well. Aid stations: Rob Lahoe, WHAT A GUY !, will again be hosting an aid station at the "intersection" stocked with the usual...water, sports drink, Coke, Mountain Dew, and a few light snacks (chips, cookies, etc.). Thanks Rob ! Cheryl will be at the Long Road aid station and John & PJ will be at the start/finish. Both these aid stations will be stocked as usual. Bring your "reasonable-size" Long Road drop bags (no big coolers) to the start-finish and we'll take to Long Road. ..please put your name on them.

Pacers are allowed AFTER the first loop.

Volunteers ! We need all of you ! The "best" times to be there are: Long Road: 9am to noon and 4pm to 8 pm.    Start/finish: noon to 3 pm and 8pm to midnight...BUT we'd love to have you anytime. 

See you there !

Gordon and Don

Kaaawa Valley Trail Race: Kualoa Ranch Saturday, October 23, 2010 @ 8:00 AM

Aloha Athletes,

Hey if you are not doing the Peacock 54 or going to Maui for XTERRA this next weekend, here is the perfect race.

Christian Friis has asked if we could help promote this. 

"We will have our usual College race next Saturday, October 23, 2010, at Kualoa Ranch...
We had to move the start time up to 8 AM (not 4 PM as listed in some local running magazine...sheesss)...distance is 5k., all on gravel roads.
Sign up is $10, so similar to a HURT race with the added entertainment of a college race afterward...prize drawings too."
For sign up on the day, please show up at 7:30 AM.

Reminder: Two Upcoming Trail Half Marathons-Registration

Aloha Athletes,

Just a reminder we have a couple of choices coming up for shorter trail races. 

Cow only-1

The inaugural Gunstock Ranch Half Marathon race takes place on October 30th starting at 7:00 a.m. The entry fee is $35 dollars and there is an increase after October 15. This is new territory for us to run on and it will be a good opportunity to see this part of the island. Registration is available through Active.com. More info can be found here: https://www.gunstockhalfmarathon.blogspot.com/



Logo_worlds09 Also the XTERRA Trail Running World Championship takes place out at Kualoa Ranch on December 5th starting at 9:00 a.m. The entry fee is $45 and more info can be found here:



Both of these events offer shorter race options too, so check out their sites and get your friends and hit the trails. 

Aloha, Bob