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HURT Trail Series: Moanalua Valley 6 miler, March 12, 2011, 7:30AM

It is finally that time again - to get back on the trails for the HURT Trail Series - First race is the Moanalua Valley 6 miler, co-hosted by HPU Cross Country.

This is a nice trail to start off with, 3 miles into the valley trail, crossing several bridges, a few gentle hills, some rocks, and very few roots before we go conquer the much tougher trails.

Note that race start time is at 7:30 AM - the gate is not officially open before 7:00 AM. Please note that this is a neighborhood, so keep the noise level down, park along the street leading up to the park (avoid parking on the bridge right before the gate), and also note that this trail is also used by pig hunters.

As usual, show-up sign-up starting at 6:45 AM, bring $10 cash, sign in and get your number marked on your legs and be ready to run.

Again this year there will be 10 seconds credit given for each piece of trash you pick up on the trail, for a total of 60 seconds - Don't bring trash from home - that's just wrong, and weird.

Following the run we will have random prize drawings and refreshments.

See you out there!


Unoffical Run to the SUN (Haleakala on Maui) March 20th; Maui Charm, March 18-20th

The Madness Series Continues....

Most newer HURT runners have never had the pleasure of attempting the Run to the Sun, a classic Hawaii Event doomed by the anal retentive feds in their attempt to limit use of public lands to all but the most car bound. It is no longer an event, but simply a communing of like miinded paired soles.  However, it remains the stunning challenge it has always been. 36 miles from Kahalui up the slopes of the Haleakala to the Summit at 10K+.   If you have not run it, then you are missing an essential experience in your Hawaii running repitoir.   It begins March 20th,  5:30 AM from the Maui Mall 

Few HURT runners have hiked/run the Skyline trail from the Haleakala Summit to Kula.  Even fewer have done the Kaupo gap  trail to the back side of Maui.  And, quite frankly I know of none who have done these trails the right way, from bottom to top.  And of course there ain't nobody who has ever decided to do all of the approaches,  Skyline, Kaupo, and RTS on three consecutive days.   But it will be done. On March 18-20th.  The Maui Charm should  bring a smile to the face of the playful god Maui himself.  We dedicate this experience to the god who raised the heavens, dragged the islands from the sea, and enjoys himself through great physical exertion. 

Everyone is invited to join in on the UNOFFICIAL RTS.  We still have a few places open for the Charm, or portions of it.  But be warned these two ventures are difficult and demanding.  Best be ready for some hardship.  

Let me know if you are interested.  Aloha, Mikem.  



HURT Women Put Down the HURT at 2011 Swamp Romp

Aloha Athletes,

A huge turnout of 450 teams lined up to hit the mud this morning on the Marine base. From this spectator's eye, it appeared the course was much wetter this year, possibly due to all the recent rain. Though I think all had fun, I did hear some complaints about the course not having enough obstacles and being hard enough. Too much of just a run. Ah yea, if you consider running through thigh deep water and muck easy. 

Here are a few photos from this morning. I am sure others will have more posted on Facebook. 

Great job ladies and congratulations to all the participants. 

Aloha, Bob


Saturday Training 2-26-11

Aloha Athletes !

This Saturday is Swamp Romp. Although I've "never been there...never done that", I've certainly heard many, many tales, and seen lots and lots of photos. I guess the name: "the Worlds biggest wet t-shirt event" is too long. Anyway, it seems there's something for everybody, regardless of whether you are a muddy participant...there taking photos...or just watching. Man or woman, young or old, all have a blast ! So...what about the rest of us? What do we do? Peacock? Tantalus? Probably all of the above. I do know for a fact that a small group plans to meet at the Makapuu Lighthouse parking lot at 8:15 am to do a quick loop and then help clean and groom the trail, starting at 9 am. So...you have options. The important thing is to get outdoors and do something.  Don 

Saturday Training 2-19-11 "Peacock" (UPDATED Start Location)

Aloha Athletes !

Due to unrelentless feminine baggering, it looks like we are back to Peacock this Saturday. Okay, I admit that I love Peacock too, well, other than the two hours of driving that it requires, but it's always a great workout. The plan is to start at the bottom in the parking lot behind Dillingham Airfield at 7:01 am...the rest is up to you. If you don't want to "man-up" and carry enough water for the day, please be prepared to cut the day short, as  the condition of the stash is unknown. I'd suggest carrying a small reserve bottle just in case to get you back.

All kidding aside, it should be fun !     Don

Saturday Training 2-12-11

Aloha All !

Hopefully all of you will be taking advantage of Marian and Neal's wonderful hospitality and plan to do the totally fun Sweetheart's 50 on Saturday evening. It's a blast !

For those of us few poor souls who are looking for something to do on Saturday morning, another boring Tantalus Rd. will be waiting. If you have insomnia, come on out early, otherwise a 6:00 am start is planned. If you prefer to sleep-in, just start anytime, as it's always easy to hook-up with another runner or two.

Have fun and enjoy the weekend. It should make you proud to be able to train in Hawaii's beautiful weather, rather than deep snow.  Don

Somewhere completely different

If anyone is interested in running somewhere new...and awesome...come join us on the North Shore this Saturday.  There is an area that we have been developing trails above the surf breaks of the North Shore.  It's mostly in the shade, and there are some awesome views.  It's almost entirely single track with a couple of very short sections of jeep road.  Andy G. and I will be running up there this coming Saturday (2/12).  We'll meet at the Sunset Beach Elementary School parking lot at 7 AM.  That's directly across the street from Ehukai Beach Park (Pipeline).  We'll go for a nice leisurely 2 hours or so...remember we're still in recovery mode, right?  And if you're really feeling energetic, bring your mountain bike too and we can go for a ride right after.  If you have any questions post a comment or email me at svilliger at aol dot com.

--Steve V.

2011 Ko'olau Summit Trail Backpack

Anyone interested in joining us on our annual three day KST backpack on the Memorial day weekend? May 28, 29 and 30. Twenty plus miles of mud, bushwacking, chilly nights and awesome views! If you think you are tough enough to take on the KST call Gordon at 478-2798 or email at makuahills at hawaii dot rr dot com
Space is limited.