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What I like about HURT

Apparently in reaction to the crappy weather last year, the organizers of the Ultra Tour de Mt. Blanc, famous for their 20+ page rule book, have announced that henceforth runners must carry a jacket meeting the following "definitive" spec:

"Jacket with hood and made with a waterproof (recommendation: minimum 10,000 Schmerber) and breathable (recommendation: RET lower than 13) membrane (Gore-Tex or similar; coated fabrics excluded) which will withstand the bad weather in the mountains."

for more details (though I expect you'll still be as bemused after reading it) see http://ultratrailmb.com/page/68/News.html

First reaction was to check the calendar - close, but definitely shy of April 1.  OK, time order some new kit, I thought with joy.  But WTF is a Schmerber, or an RET for that matter?  After a serious bit of googling, all I could come up with is some hapless runner posting a question on backcountry.com asking whether some fancy jacket had enough Schmerbers or too many RETs, so will be watching that space.

The irony is that while the weather last year was mithering for someone who's gotten used to tropical climes, the brits I met there thought the whole thing was overblown; "we train in worse than this" was a typical comment.



Saturday Training 4-2-11 6:30 am at Peacock

Aloha Athletes !

Surprise ! Surprise ! Something new...well, a 6:30 am start is new. With Marian finishing her Miwok training and Rob just beginning Hardrock training, Peacock just happens to be the best training we have for both venues. So...have fun ! If you have another training spot for Saturday, just posting it as a comment should work wonders. The important thing: GET OUT THERE !!! Don

2011 HURT Trail Series Announcement: Important

Aloha Athletes,

In order to facilitate race morning check-in and our race timing, we are asking you to review this list of names to check if your name is spelled correctly. Please note back in the Comments section below this post if your name is incorrect and give us the correct spelling. Alternatively you can send an e-mail to John since he is who is organizing the list of names within the race timing software. 

Also, if you plan on participating in the races this year and your name is not listed at all, please let us know and we will add you in.

The list shows a race number in front of your name. This will be your race number for all HURT Trail Series races. Please let others know to review this list. Mahalo!

Aloha, Bob

Saturday Training 3-26-11 "Out of the Loop"

Aloha Athletes !

Well folks, it looks like I'm totally out of the loop. All I have for you for this Saturday is "5 am at the bottom of Long Road" and "maybe some will want to do Top of Tantalus", sooooo, hopefully some of you can post comments on what your plans are. The Top of Tantalus is an excellent change-of-pace, especially since we have a Trail Series race coming up. Looking forward to your comments.  Don

unofficial RTTS

2011 Start of Run to Sun 

A small but determined group showed up at the Maui Mall ready to tackle the 36.2 miles to the 10,023 feet summit of Haleakala. We had about 7 solo guys and about 3 teams ready to take the challenge.

It turned out later that several others had started at different times and many had ran segments of the course. We kept running into people on the mountain at various stages. Karl Wirtl had started at midnight, several at 330 am and Paul Hopwood and Jeff Sanders decided to sleep in and wait for day light to start. They ran as a team and still beat everyone.
The first solo guy was an ultra from Alberta, Can. named Dave who finished in 6 hrs 2min. He said he had never ran a marathon just does trails in the rockies but runs once a week on the road just to get used to the pavement between 30-40 miles in -10 degrees C.
Nick Kaiser and Mike Muench did the Maui triple. Friday Poli poli state park to the summit about 14 miles, Saturday Kaupo Gap to the summit about 26 miles( 40+mph winds, verocious showers and near hypo thermic conditions, Sunday the finale RTTS 36.2 miles.
There was a 9 member womens team who probably had more fun than all combined. Jay, handlebar moustache, from Long Island NY was back for another assault. Several virgins from Kihei who made it solo.
All in all the weather threatening at first turned out to be mighty fine.
On the way down everyone stopped at Jim and Marne's house for post event party. Chili, stirfrys, desserts, snacks, beverages etc. Just tons of foods, good laughs and cameraderie. Definately the highlight of the day. And best of all no pesky, annoying, fun stopping park rangers.
Rumour has it we have a potential race director for next year so fingers crossed and if not we'll do it renegade/underground again.
Thanks to everyone for coming out, helping and making this a fun day


Superheroes For a Cure: Amy Bennett-Eck

Aloha Athletes:

Many of you know Amy from her involvement in many running and triathlon events here in the islands. Superheroes For a Cure is Amy's campaign for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Woman of the Year.

You can read more here: www.superheroesforacure.com

The campaign runs from March 8 through May 20 - 10 weeks total, and the goal is to raise as much money as possible for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. 100% of donations go directly to LLS. Amy's goal is to raise at least $50,000. If you would like to read more about Amy's campaign or the campaign in general, you can visit her website at www.superheroesforacure.com and there are links to LLS and the Woman of the Year Campaign. 

One of the events she has going on is volunteer support for the North Shore Marathon on Sunday, May 1, 2011. 

If you would to volunteer contact us at [email protected] if you are interested. We are looking for approximately 56 volunteers to man aid stations throughout the course from 5AM for about 4 hours. Each aid station will have about 8 people, so if there are groups of volunteers that would like to hang out together, we can accomodate that. 

In exchange for volunteering, the North Shore Marathon is contributing to Superheroes for a Cure.

If any of this sounds of interest and you would like to get involved, please use the e-mail above to lend your support or contact Amy directly. 

Saturday Training 3-19-11 Peacock (Not Again !)

Aloha Athletes !

I know...you were looking forward to something new and different...some exciting new trails...different vistas. SORRY guys and gals ! I'm just following orders and the boss sez Peacock...early risers at 5 am, regular risers at 7 am. Hopefully, one of these days soon I'll be out at Peacock with you. I miss the Saturday Training bunch.  Don

The Oahu Solos April 15-17th

The Oahu Solos  

Our Oahu

140 Miies (approx) counter clockwise around Oahu starting and ending at the Aloha Tower downtown Honolulu.

April 15th-17th   Friday evening through Sunday afternoon.  

This is a  ‘nonevent’ for those seeking to say they have run around the island.  Solos, Teams, Sections, what ever you may feel is fun.  Everyone is invited to this informal run which features no prizes, no awards, no sponsorship of any kind, and no rules.  It’s just you and Oahu.   Aid is via local stores, which are generally close by, the kindness of local residents, who often offer water and drinks, and  friends and HURT buddies who come by and join in from time to time.

North Shore View

The traffic along these roads is often heavy, and at times fast.  There are generally verges and walkways, with occasional difficult sections. It is a difficult but not overly hard road run along fairly doable roads.  All participants are asked to wear reflective gear day and night, good night lighting and flashers, and heed the laws and rules of the road. This can be a really fun adventure and is a better way to see the island than even via google maps.  I urge everyone to think about coming out and joining us for at least a few sections.

Kaena Point Road/Trail

There will be a ‘fast’ crowd and a ‘slower’ crowd.  One participant will be making his third attempt at a ‘round Oahu run and we will be organizing a special group of ‘speedster’ supporters to insure that this year is the ‘Charm’.   Last year’s run was a lot of fun for everyone who came along or joined us along the way.  We hope to make this year just as much fun.  Mark your calender for this week-end and plan to fit in at least an afternoon’s run along a section of Oahu’s beautiful coastal roads.   

Check out the posts from last year’s run for a better idea of the run and fun.  

Contact Mikem for further information.  Aloha.