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Saturday Training 4-30-11: Run with a View Training Run or Maunawili

Aloha Athletes:

You have a couple of options this weekend. I suggest that if you are interested in either of these, plan as if you are going to be out there all alone. Chances are very good you won't be, but...

We trail runners need to keep ourselves personally responsible for our own well being while out on the trail. That means taking what we need in regards to hydration and nutrition with us. Be smart and plan accordingly. With the warmer temps, make sure you have plenty of electrolytes and don't forget sunscreen. I have noticed the last few weeks people talking about getting sunburned. Summer sun is fast approaching. Finally, don't forget to communicate with others about where you are going and what time you expect to return.

OK, back to the training options. With the Run with the View race just a week away, you could plan to run a quick loop starting at 7:00 a.m. from the top of Ka'ahele Street. The trail was in pretty good shape last week and supposed to be getting even a bit more grooming (read trimming) before the race. 

The second option is to meet at the Pali Lookout to run the Maunawili Trail. This trail is in the process of being cleared and may still have a small section in the middle that is a bit overgrown. More of it got worked on this week, just not sure if it will be finished by Saturday. I am not sure what time this group is starting but I would assume it to be no later than 7:00 a.m. Check the comments below and maybe someone who is going will post a comment with their start time. 

Get out there and run!

Aloha, Bob

Saturday Training 4-23-11: Run with a View Training Run

Aloha Athletes:

Guess what? It is almost time for the Run with a View Trail Series race so...time to go do a training run on the course. 

Meet at 7:00 a.m. up near the very top of Kaahele Street. This is above Newtown Estates. It is a neighborhood, so please keep it quiet. There are no facilities here, though there is at the park down the street where the race will actually start. 

I hear the route has recently been cleared so get out an enjoy it!

Aloha, Bob

Oahu Perimeter Run 2011 - Photos from Julie, Doug & Robert

Here's the collection of photos that were taken during our Oahu Perimeter Relay.  It was a blast!  Only thing that would have made it more fun would have been to share the experience with more of you.  Already looking forward to the next adventure, whatever that may be.

My thanks to Mike for inspiring us to do this non-event.  Additionally, many thanks to Julie and Doug for taking on this marathon virgin as part of "Da Team".  Can't say enough about the quality of those two and how encouraging & supportive they both were during my opening and closing legs.

Miles of Smiles,


PS:  Click on any of the images to click through to my Flickr site where you can read my comments and descriptions if you like.


"Run With A View" coming on May 7

Aloha Athletes !

Our next HURT Trail Series race is coming on Saturday May 7, 2011. Please keep tuned to this HURT blog for information and directions. There's NO on-line sign-up or registration, just show-up 45 minutes before the race start with $10. Just bring your money. Remember...no on-line registration ! HURT Trail Series shirts are no longer available at the races. However, you can order them on-line at: www.missionpossiblefilms.com   See ya there ! 

Don & Cheryl

Great Articles in Ultrarunning Magazine !

Aloha Athletes !

My new Ultrarunning Magazine (April 2011) came today and low-and-behold it was chocked full of all kinds of cool stuff about Hawaii ultrarunning and ultrarunners, complete with photos of three of my most favorite people in all the world...Cheryl Loomis, Paul Hopwood and Nick Kaiser. I may j ust have to cut these photos out and pin them on my wall !There was a great article about the 2011 HURT 100 written by super-nice-guy Gary Robbins, who not only is nice, he also currently owns the HURT 100 course record. This is a must read ! It also includes the race results from 2011. Nick was highlighted with a nice article he wrote about a fast-packing trip he took to Annapurna in the Himalaya. Another great article !   Don

Saturday Training 4-16-11 "Mike's Perimeter Solo"

Aloha Athletes !

It's exciting for me to have something different on the Saturday Training agenda...actually Friday night, Saturday and into Sunday. For those of you who don't already know, Mike Muench will be repeating from last year, an Oahu Perimeter Solo, starting this Friday night at 6:00 pm. Mike will be postiing the details, but I can assure you he'd really welcome some company, ANYWHERE along the way. This is a perfect chance to support Mike while getting in all the miles you can...large or small. Last year was a blast and this year likely will be even better ! Keep an eye out for his post.  Don

Stage run on the roof of Africa

For those of you looking for the adventure of a lifetime, check this out:   http://www.nomadicexperience.com/assets/trips/running/SENE%20Stage%20Run%202011.pdf

Tanzanian ultra-runner, Simon Mtuy, is organizing a staged trail run around the perimeter of Mount Kilimanjaro in October.  The course will be (roughly) 185 miles, over 8 days, and will traverse the perimeter of Mount Kilimanjaro at approximately 6,000 above sea level.  And yes, there are LOTS of hills.   Cristina and I had the privilege of scouting the course with Simon and Tim Leibach (who works with Simon) this past October.  It was absolutely amazing.  You can check out a brief  (4 minute) clip of our adventure here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wVN_zEPLiw

Tanzania oct 2010 330
In addition to being a world class athlete, Simon also owns and operates Summit Expeditions & Nomadic Experience (adventure packages), and has summited Kilimanjaro over 300 times.  He also holds the world record for the fastest unassisted ascent and descent of Kilimanjaro (19,340 ft) in 6 hours up, and 2 hours 27 minutes down.  Simon and I have been close friends for about 7 years, and I can say that he is one of the friendliest, most outgoing and interesting individuals that you will ever meet.  I know that some other HURT runners have met Simon at Western States and I’m sure all will agree that Simon is an awesome guy.  Space is extremely limited.  Last time I spoke to Simon he said that it may be a maximum of 18 people.  If your schedule (and credit card) permits it, my suggestion is to go for a month.  Do the stage run, then climb Kili, then go for an animal safari at Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti for 5 days, and finish the trip off with a few days in Zanzibar.  Simon can actually set all this up for you in advance.  You won’t regret it.  I promise!

--Steve V. 

Tanzania oct 2010 163

Oahu Perimeter Run April 15-17

The Unofficial Oahu Perimeter Run takes place this week-end.  Everyone is invited to come out and run all or a portion of the course.  Teams are welcome, individuals are welcome.   

Solos:  Aloha Tower Start 6:00PM Friday April 15th.

Teams/Fast People    Aloha Tower Start 6:00AM Saturday morning April 16th.  


Here is a map of the basic course:  




Donation Page at:


In recognition of the increasing number of active, reserve, and retired military personnel who run with HURT we are gong to be raising funds for the Wounded Warriors Project as a part of this adventure. I started it out with a donation of a dollar a projected mile.  We urge anyone who would like to support us to visit a web page set up to track and accept dontations to the WWP.  If you wish to contribute we urge you to donate on line.  We may reluctantly accept checks and cash during the run.  Please remember we are not particularly set up to carry or protect donations.  

Some Cautions:

1.  Wear plenty of reflective gear.  Wear more than you feel is necessary.  You are basically invisible to to traffic so anything you can do will help you.  Please use night lights, strobes, and blinkers.

2.  Please do not attempt to do the Kaena Point alone.  Please be aware of womens or mixed teams and coordinate the Kaena Point and Waianae sections.  Night time at Yokahama is a bit lawless.  Night time in Waianae is difficult as water is not that easy to come by and beaches are a bit strange. 

3.  Please use the rail road tracks from Nanakuli to Kapolei and then turn east.  Do not use the highway  as it becomes a freeway with limited pedistrian safety.  Women's teams should be escorted here as well.

4.  This is a self-support event.  There is likely to be people out there to help you but do not plan on it.  Bring a camel, bring money.  Be prepared for long periods of self support.  

5.  We are all alone out there.  Observe the HURT rules of concern and courtesy for other participants.

6.  contact me at mmuench01  at gmail.   or three-seven-two  26threezero.   


2011 Top of Tantalus Results

Aloha Athletes,

I heard great things about today's race. First, I want to thank everyone for their cooperation in our parking situation. It sounds like that all worked out great. Mahalo!

Secondly, I should also thank all of you runners who came out and participated. From what I hear, we had a lot of new trail runners. By new I mean, first time running a HURT Trail Series race. That is awesome!

Of course thank you also to Race Director's Kat and Rob and everyone else who helped put on and organize the race-from those who marked the course to those who contributed by bringing something to share for after the race. 

There are probably others I am missing--you know who you are.

Click here to see today's results. 

I will apologize in advance if we spelled your name wrong, mis-recorded your time or even put you in the wrong gender. There will be no changes. You know your name, you know your time and where you placed (your running buddies know too) and you know...the rest.

OK, sorry. We do the best we can.

Get out there and run.

Aloha, Bob