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2012 HURT 100 Selection Show & Last Minute Registration Information


We have hammered out the details. There will be a HURT 100 Lottery Slection Show that goes live on 8/7/11 at 2 p.m. (HST) from the Huff house. Mark will have the kukui nuts loaded in the computer and ready for selection.

All entered runners and significant others are invited to this potluck event. Huff will provide, beer, soda, juice, water, teri and vege burgers and some sort of hot dog.

We are currently working with ESPN to simulcast the event on ESPN 2 opposite the Yankee / Red Sox game. Our thought is we can pull down a larger viewership than the game can, they think otherwise. Such fools!

What you need to do to attend:

1. Be registered for the HURT 100 at Ultrasignup or be a significant other for one who is registered. Kids always welcome, I have a small yard out back with a dog that loves to run.

2. Get to my place at 1 p.m. on 8/7/11, lottery starts at 2 p.m. My address is 1639 Ala Makani Place in Moanalua Valley. Need directions..... Google it.

3. Bring a salad or other dish to share.

4. Be a good sport, if you're not selected, no crying. There is no crying in Ultrarunning. Instead, offer to help with the safety patrol or at an aid station.

5. It may be worth your while to be at the lottery selection show. (Hint)

Things to remember when registering at Ultrasignup:

1. Please upload a picture file, we would like to see the real you or similar likeness.

2. Order your dinner tickets before checkout.

3. Use a credit card to check out. If using debit card those funds will be frozen during the pre authorization until the date of selection. Credit card will only be billed if selected. No credit card? Work with a friend to figure it out. The system is set up to not take cash.

4. Answer the questions. Most of the questions pertain to 100 mile finishes not credit for 100 km completed.

5. We can only select 125 runners. The slots are highly coveted, if you feel you cannot commit the time to train wait until next year and save the slot for someone who wants to run.

If you need any questions answered shoot me an e mail at [email protected]





Saturday Training 7-30-11: Maunawili Out & Back Practice; Pigs Invited

Aloha Athletes,

Another week of running on the Maunawili Trail. 

An early start this week: 5:30 a.m. at the Pali Lookout. There will be water at the far end. Don't forget though, race requirements state you must carry at least 40 ounces of fluids. This is all practice. That includes practicing your nutrition, electrolytes and hydration, etc. 

Crazy pig We are inviting the pigs out too. Might as well get all the characters involved. 

I am sure there will be someone running up at Peacock too. Just post your plans if you would like company in the comments below. 

Get out their and run!

Aloha, Bob

The Ultra Season is upon us.


 Hurt sign

The goal is far beyond the horizon, the task is before us.
The Ultra season is suddenly upon us.  We are finally looking at some longer competitive races.  Jeff Huff has roused himself out of his ‘other world’ and come forth like Punxsutawney Phil, to once again act as the wigged Mercury messenger of the running god to mortal runners and proclaimed the annual commencement of the HURT rites of passage.  A  herd of ‘trail runners’ has heard his call and now contemplates the very edges of ultra running while all those weathered guys and gals who have been helping at races and basically standing around looking bored finally grab their mudders and begin getting ‘out there’ for longer training runs and actually preparing to run the next few races.  

Training distances will subtly increase, the ritual of the ‘stash’ and its unspoken ceremonies will intensify again, and the brief love affair with speed will give way to an understanding that time on the trails is what really counts. Night runs will no longer be mythical adventures talked about over the goodies table, and newbies will find themselves totally disoriented running along dark muddy jungley trails on moonless rainy nights wondering if the graying older runners who have talked them into this insane adventure with promises of ‘great fun’, and who now coax them onward with assurances of ‘almost there’, are  completely mad or actually intent on luring them to the Ultrarunner heiau of Kukukinimamaonui tucked in cold dark wet ravine along a forbidding ridge above Nu’uanu where they will be sacrificed to the always hungry god amid the droning chants of ‘’Aole makou e ho’ohikiwale kela!‘ ..’We don’t want it to be easy’ .. not that we need to request this of the god.

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Tahoe Rim Report from Paul Hopwood

Paul sent in this brief update of his recent run.

Managed to overcome all obsticles once again to complete yet another event. My 10th 100 miler ! It sure was brutal!!!  A true mountain run for sure, heat, cold. snow, ice, 20k ft of climb, 20k descent all at altitude.

I finally finished after being off course a few times briefly,bloody legs, sprained ankle, lost my light, was pukeing at one stage maybe mile 60ish, amongst other things, no excuses here though, I took the cards and played my best hand, holding none, most things went right, this is kind of normal for these type of events. Currently enjoying some rest,with my friends and host familly the Wimberlie's in northern Cal, who are taking care of me in an exceptional way just as the Flanagan's, currently in France, and the Moore familly in NSW, Australia.    : ) . A little paddling in a kayak and the lake beach being the measure for today.    

Life has it's challenges, these I chose myself, most people don't get to choose. Respect for everyone who in daily life rises above what they think they are capable of.   Make each day count !  

Alohas, Paul

P.S. Thanks for sending this in Paul.

I had to look up his results. 4th place overall, 21:49 BadAss!!

Aloha, Bob

Saturday Training 7-23-11: Maunawili Out & Back Practice

Aloha Athletes,

Lots of opportunities for running these days with a group. I can remember when we would round up 3-4 people or maybe half a dozen for the Saturday training run. You have Saturday choices, Sunday choices and probably pretty soon, night or evening choices as people start getting into HURT training. 

I was upset to hear about a truck getting broke into last week. Please don't leave anything of value in your truck. These same crack-heads are busting into vehicles from Kailua to Sandy Beach. 

This Saturday, we are heading back up to the Pali Lookout and running the Maunawili trail in preparation for that little run with the pigs coming up in August.

Meeting time is 5:45 a.m. Again, there will be water at the Waimanalo end but you need to carry at least 40 ounces with you. That is a race requirement this year as every year runners get dehydrated during this race. If you are new to running trails here, using a good electrolyte is important as well. Talk to some of the more experienced HURT runners and they will share their knowledge with you about what works. 

No excuses, get out there and run. 

Aloha, Bob

North Shore trails this Saturday

For those of you interested in trying out some new terrain, there will be a group of us running our awesome top secret North Shore trails this Saturday.  If you want to join in on the fun, meet us at the Sunset Beach Elementary School (right across from Ehukai Beach Park) at 6 AM, Saturday, 7/23.  You can park in the school parking lot, and after being sworn to secrecy, you will be blind folded and led to our secret trail head.  The terrain is almost exclusively single track with lots of shade...and a few gentle hills...you'll barely even notice the climbs!  And absolutely NO asphalt!  These trails are so much fun that you can't even call it "training".  So just come up and have some fun.  If you're lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of Cheryl & Marian's chia pets!  (there have been recent sightings!)  Distance can be anything from a couple of hours to as much as you want.  Bring your camelback.  Any questions, post a comment here, or email me directly at svilliger at aol dot com.

See you there,


2012 HURT 100 Registration Announcement


We are @ 13 days out from going live with the race application for the 2012 HURT 100. For those of you who are interested in securing a spot in the weighted lottery for 1 of the 125 entry slots you need to do the following.

Read "The Book of HURT, A.D. 2012" at HURT 100. The book which includes all you need to know about the event has undergone major revisions. Mahalo to AJ Tauber and Harald Ebeling for the task that consumed the last 4 months of their spare time. For those who have run HURT before, you must still read this book. At race signup you will be asked to certify that you have read the booklet in its entirety. You will also want to peruse the new maps on the site. Many man hours were put into these to make the course easier to understand, and more accurate in our race measurements.

Register for the run. The application goes live on 7/31/11 at 12:00 a.m. (HST). The application will be pulled as the clock strikes midnight on 8/6/11. You need to register for the run here. We ask that you upload a picture of yourself on the site, or a photo that you feel best represents you.

Please note then when you register for the run, you will also have the option of purchasing your banquet tickets at checkout. We strongly urge you to purchase your banquet tickets at the this time.

Watch for the lottery, which we anticipate to occur on 8/7/11. More details on the lottery and possible lottery bash will be posted at a later date.

If you have questions / concerns please email me at [email protected],  but do so after reading the booklet.

On behalf of the HURT 100, thank you for your continued interest in our event.


Jeff Huff


Bob Graham round attempt report

Hi all,  I just had a crack at the famous "Bob Graham Round".  This is a 70 mile 42 peaks in 24 hours personal challenge thing through the stunningly beautiful (if notoriously wet) English Lake District. I've been wanting to do this for several years, and finally got all the ducks in order (road crew, pacers/navigators/mules) for an attempt today (Saturday).  Got here on Monday and got some serious last minute reconnoitering in through Wed.  Sadly the weather forecast was for rain from Friday (proved correct), so I decided to dispense with pacers (but take advantage of the friends and in-laws who had come out to road crew) and go off on Thursday.  Set off at midnight from Keswick on 1st of the 5 legs.  First climb went to pace, but after that I started to slip behind schedule - very tough going with no trail, striding through heather, deep grass, peat bogs etc.  By end of leg 1 I was 20 minutes behind schedule.  Tried to pick things up on leg 2, which is much more runnable and easier to navigate, and was cheered by the beautiful sunrise, but by end of this leg I was almost an hour behind.  Then came leg 3.  Navigating was ok (though the gps was on the fritz all way) but the ground is very rocky underfoot and I barely ran any of it.  Reaching Wasdale after 18 hours of pretty solid effort I was 2 hours behind and it was obvious I was not going to make it so I quit (30 peaks, 44 miles).  Mulling it over I can list a whole bunch of mitigating factors that went against me, but fundamentally this is just one seriously difficult course and it beat me.  Hope to try again next year.  Nick K.

Saturday Training 7-16-11: Maunawili Out & Back Practice

Aloha Athletes,

Time to get a bit of Maunawili practice in and start building in some distance. Meeting place is the Pali Lookout parking area. Per Cheryl, if you don't have water, you don't get to go. Check out the race requirements for carrying water and get used to it. There will be water at the Waimanalo end. 

Meeting time: 5:45 a.m. Pali Lookout. If you are only going one way, arrange a carpool on your own for a ride back. 

Aloha, Bob