Ultra trail de Mont Blanc report




DISTANCE: 30 Miles (3 Trek 10 Mile Loops)


RACE FEE: $10.00


Please park below the entrance to the Hawaii Nature Center, as parking is extremely limited.

When you walk up to the start early in the morning, please observe the “QUIET ZONE” along the Nature Center driveway. We want to be considerate to the residents along the drive.

  • Check-in race morning is mandatory. We need to know who is on the trail during the race. Likewise, runners are required to notify aid station personnel if they drop out of the race, before they leave the course.

  • Since the Triple Trek starts at 5:30 am, participants may wish to carry a small flashlight till after daylight.

  • Slower runners please be courteous and step aside for faster runners.

  • Please Yield to Hikers

  • Absolutely NO LITTERING! You will be disqualified. Our Tantalus rainforests are fragile, & too special and beautiful to trash. Please observe this rule.

  • The course will be marked- listen for instructions at your start.

  • It is advisable that you carry one or two water bottles on the course.

  • There will be an aid station with water on Tantalus Drive (about 7 miles from the start), and at the Start/Finish line.

  • The two road crossings at the Roundtop Drive and Tantalus Road require your extreme caution while crossing the road- runners will be responsible for their own safety.

  • Number one priority is to HAVE FUN, smell the ginger flowers, and enjoy the scenery.
  • The deadline for leaving the Start-Finish line is 11:30 AM.
  • The upper aid station will close at 1:30 PM.



 Revised 8/29/2011


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Be there, or be square!


Just got back from scouting the course in the Moleka/Manoa Cliff sections and found a couple good n muddy spots to camp out for photos. :) Must say the course is in fine HURT condition. Only thing I could think of to make it just a little better was to cut down some more bamboo and drag it across the trail in that section to make it some what of a steeple chase for that part of the course... :P Muuuuuahahahahaha


Whoooooty Whooooooooooooooo!!!! Lets do this :)

Randy flores

WOW... Thanks for changing the font...... I was feeling PRETTY OLD complaining to m'self that I couldn't read it!!! ahahahha

see you all on Sat!!!!

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