It is Time for Distance, Pain, and Suffering!

Tantalus Triple Trek Results---UPDATED RESULTS

Aloha Athletes,

Thank you to RD Fish and Ernest for putting on a great race yesterday. They had prepared the course with just the right amount of mud and water to create ideal conditions for slipping and sliding all over the course. Great Fun!! Special thanks to everyone who contributed in making this race a success--trail marking, aid stations, trail sweeps and all. 

Here are the results: 2011 Triple Trek Results  UPDATED

Congratulations to Rosie and Doug on their victories!

A few of us (me included) found some low hanging branches out there. Though my encounter did not draw any blood.

Nick & Harald

 Aloha, Bob



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Skyler's Mom

Hi Robert, this is Skyler's mom ... I am in urgent need of a photo of Skyler out on the Triple Trek course. Bychance would you have one? If so could you kindly email me,

Skyler's mom

Thanks Fish and Ernest and Cheryl and John and PJ et al for keeping this ol' gal and my boy upright for 3 loops! You peeps are fantastic

Wily Coyote

was there any time adjustment for late starts?...
i knew i should have just ate on the go..
by the way, the thought of "you are what you eat" didn't really work all that well.. "fast" food don't really make you "fast"..


All.....someone I talked to wanted to try on 10.5 Noka me soon 235-0577.


Andy......sorry about the're the only one I usually spell your name right! Hit me over the head (hard) next time.



I really wanted to play on the trails with everyone! At least I was able to sweep for one loop! Congrats to all, especially to the TTT newbies!!! Aloha

rick otani

@ Jeff, the foodland bag with shoes and gear was left by my wife. Should have a handheld, mp3, knee band, etc. Could you call me 330-573-4933/808-443-8501? Will pay for time and shipping of course. Thanks,

Rick Otani

rick otani

Thanks Ernest and Fish for another successful and great race/time had by all. Special thanks to Heather for waiting on my slow butt to finish the third loop. Muddy, tough with many falls but wouldn't have it any other way this weekend.



Thanks for a great race! Good to see Mikey got the recognition he deserved for a awesome run! While your at it with the updates, would you mind correcting the spelling on my last name! It should be "Grandinetti", although I must admit, the shorter version is not so bad!


Thanks Fish & Ernest for another great day in the mud!!! Moreover thanks for hanging out (along with Rosie and Heather)until I completed the sweep! Fish, I second Harald on the vegan meal! Great stuff!
I somehow have become the 'lost & found' again: a foodland bag with women's shoes and other gear from the run. Still have the sunglasses from Maunawili also. If these aren't claimed soon will have John & PJ auction off during the post-HURT celebration.


Oh, and for the record, just so some of you have an idea part of why it's taking me so long... Between 3 events I took over 1,800 photos this weekend. The other reason is I'm a hopeless perfectionist. I still refuse to post photos straight out of the camera so taking the time to crop, adjust exposure, clean up the noise, sharpen, apply watermark, resize for posting online, etc it all adds up to about 3-4 times the amount of time to process an event as it does to shoot it. If anyone would like to donate to the fund for better camera equipment the shots will come out of the camera much better and I'll likely get them posted faster due to less need for processing. :)


Great race from the spectator's view from behind the camera. I'm slow and way behind on processing/posting my event photos. Still working on Maunawili and others. Will post links on this blog once they're done. Thanks for the patience.

Unfortunately I didn't make it out there on the trail until runners were already on their second loop but I believe I caught a photo of most of you that were still running loop 3 and some from loop 2.

Love all the hilarious comments! Good fun being around all you crazy people even if I'm not up to running these kinds of distances with you yet.

Arvel Shults

As a TTT virgin this year I must say I had a GREAT time :) Another outstanding HURT event put on with much Aloha!!! Thanks everyone for a fantastic time and super fun romp in the Mud :) Support was second to none, Mahalo to all the race and support staff!!!!


Thanks for a good time everyone and look forward to more to come!



Thanks Hopwood; that makes the most sense!

paul Hopi

Haralds head wound was perhaps caused by a heavenly body ??? . Or perhaps Nick and Harald collided in the woods and in order to protect the astronomy institutes reputation quickly collaborated on the branch story.


OK. Let me clear this up a bit:
1. Bob, Mike left out on his 3rd loop as I was coming in from my 2nd, so you just missed seeing him.
2. I never claimed Mike had anything on his leg. However, for those of you that took me up on my offer to grab him and slow him down; Thank you and please send a self addressed stamped envelope to:
Keith you owe me 10 Bucks
PO Box 1234
Wala Wala, WA
3. Harald's Head - We don't know what happened to Harald's head but we've all known for a long time something was not quite right...oh wait, you meant the cut.
P.S. Thanks Fish and Ernest et. all for


Thanks to Fish for the wonderful vegan dish, and to _somebody_ for bending that huge tree across the trail right above eye level! I am sure that wasn't there the day before ... or was it?

The second-muddiest TTT in my recollection - a veritable knock-out! Thanks everybody!

(Mike: by the time you saw me I had had a shower! :)


thanks for putting on a great race! is there a site they are posting pictures? i didn't see any for maunawili either.


You funny Bobby. I passed you in the first 500 yards, it was still dark. My big feet kept me above much of the muck. Keith had a great last loop and picked up about five minutes on me. Never was behind him until the final 70 yards or so, and he pulled that 'hey, wait, you got something on your leg' stuff (or some such) even the gods make mistakes.


Hey Bob, I did leave Mike out.......sorry. His splts are identical to mine............can you insert him into the results? Also, his time is a lot faster than last year.....clean living!

Bob Mc.

Mike, You must have been running in stealth mode because I am pretty sure I was running right behind Keith on loops 1 and 2 and I don't recall seeing you. And, though you can report any times you want--Big John's times are Official!! Yea cause I know I was faster than my two loops show too.
You must have been in heaven out there yesterday in all the slop and muck.
Aloha, Bob


Just for the Record:

Mike Muench 559 2:04,2:14,2:23 6:41

Right behind that 'tricky' guy Kieth Moon.

Thanks Fishy and Ernest! Great Race, Plenty good Grinds.


what happened to Herald's head?!?!?


Thanks Fish and Ernest and everyone else that shows up at these races to make sure that we have a good time. It was nice to be a part of again.
Mahalo nui loa,

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