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The Race is Done! Long Live the Race!; HURT TRAINING Starts Anew. Plus! Manoa Falls/ Aihualama 'No Cuts Brah!' Sign Installation.

Training Time:  6:00am Saturday  UPDATED: Now on Saturday!

Place:  Top of Manoa Road--Street Parking

What:   Manoa/Jack ass Repeat(s) 12 miles a pop.   + Trail Work (Sign installation) on Aihualama 


So, there it is, after a few days of thrills and hugging and back patting everyone is back to doing what ever they do to keep themselves together.  There will be one further spurt when the stats come out and we can all hug and back-pat and empathize for a few more hours, but then Peacocks is in the bag.  History, and nobody gives a damn what you did last week, dude.  We are all over it, get a life,  or better yet an iphone.  

A fork has been stuck in the bird! Its time to start dealing with the HOG!  Not those cutsy piggys of the Maunawili, but a real HOG.  This is the oficial beginning of HURT training, HURT trails, HURT loops, HURT stashes, HOG Back Climbs,  and hurt body parts.  

This Saturday we will do at least one Manoa to Jack-ass repeat; most of the bad parts of the HURT in just 12 easy miles. Some of us will do the Trail Work originally scheduled for Thursday too.  

So come on out, run a bit of the HURT trail, find meaning in the mud, the roots, and the rocks and let's give back a bit to keep the trails in better shape.  


Well,  not really 'No Cuts Brah!'  but the same thing in formalized state speech.

Stay on trail


What:  Sign installation at major trail cutting points

When:  6:00 AM Saturday, November 5, 2011 (Could go on Saturday and incorporate Training run)

Where:  Meet at the top of Manoa Road

Details:  I have 4 fence posts to pound in, and the signs to go onto the posts.  We plan to put them in at the bottom of the major cut at Manoa Trail/ Aihualama (Near Chief Ehu Rock)  and then go up farther to put in two more at the first major cut on the Switch Backs.   A future installation will be on the upper section of Aihualama to catch the people on the way down. 

Why:  I  have been running/training the falls trail and Aihualama for some time and have long noticed the increasing number of morons cutting trails and causing severe erosion.  This is more than just a matter of making the trail runnable, it boils down to places where major slides can and will close the trail at least temporarily.  I volunteered to help Na Hele with this. 

Who:   I need two others to help.  It should take 3 hours.  Will be dark when we leave, so bring lights and water. It's always fun to see the night time 'Gee it gets dark fast' crowd stumbling out of Manoa.  We will be carrying in the sign posts and the post pounder.  One person to hold the post, one to pound, and one to attach the signs.  We could probably use a few more to stand around and tell us what we are doing wrong. 

If you can help please contact me, or leave a message in comments section.  

Thanks,  Mikem


MUTT Productions Presents: tHe mAuI cOAstaL rELAy

Now that PEACOCK is over with, time to start serious HURT training and here is a neighbor island adventure because you will get sick of running the Makiki/Tantalus trail system. 

MAUI. ULTRA .TRAIL. TEAM .that is  Comprising oF JEFF Sanders . and PAUL HOPI.   Its going to be a low key trainning /sightseeing  tour  

WHEN !   Event  is friday the 18th nov THROUGH  sun 20th nov.    

WHAT ! - a 160mile  team adventure /event  to circumnavigate the entire island of MAUI, including the Kings trail, a fifteen mile section of remote rugged coastline starting at Lapereuse.              

HOW!     Starting at Kanaha bch park and heading to beach road we will then run the back side to kapalua and on to Kam 1 where day one finishes rotating a runner every hour. This was run last year and was a lot of fun ,think adventure not race! .Day two  starts at Kam 1 where we left off aaaaaaaaaahhhh! No this was easy folks we were excited to see the kings Trail and day two was a blast. More of a fast paced hike/jog than running as terrain permitted. GOATS were spotted  in abundance .We finish up at seven pools and camp the night.

MORE FUN!!     Day three and the homeward leg takes us HANA RELAYS in reverse and a little extra  , seeing as though we start at 7 pools.   Last year was five hrs of running each on a two person team broke up of course hour by hour. So if you do the math on say  a four person team   you will be running  just over two 10ks a day or equal to one half marathon,totaly fun and totaly doable without any ultra DNA  in your legs . .SO  Lets get out there and run !.  More details will be provided to intrested partys such as start times ,safety issues ,more detailed logistics ect. by contacting   Paul Hopi  via email   pablohopwood @yahoo.com


Hey, can someone from the group who ran the 6:30 am trail run at the North Shore on July 23rd send me a mailing address so that I can forward a copy of the newsletter from the Indiana running club that describes my HURT adventure?? Mary Z.

Greetings from John Robb

Just got this email from our HURT brother John Robb.
John relocated to Japan last year. 
He'lll be back on Oahu in January for the HURT 100...
Aloha  HURT
I have greatly missed running with you all! 
I have been running and racing a bit here in japan. While the races (and most trails) I've done are all hurt worthy. They do things a little different.
The races are all very crowded. Like 750 at Uenohara ,1500 at Kitanzawa, and most recently up to 2500 at the 19th annual Hasetsune cup!
Race traffic at mile one

Also aid (if any) is...meager. At thos first two aid stations had h2o, bananas, cucumbers, and rock salt. I ran thru another station thinking it was a bait stand for anglers at a nearby lake!
And that post race feast? One bottle of the local sports drink, and a happy meal size udon bento! If you want more bring your wallet!
But that's not why we race.
Hasetsune hasagawa was a revered Japanese alpinist. He perished somewhere in the Himalayan Mts. In the 80's. The hasetsune cup race course follows one of his routine training runs. 
The race is said to be one of japans most difficult and prestigious! It is so popular it fills in a day! I couldnt guess how many non Japanese runners were there besides me. If any.
We started in a light drizzle, @63f, at 1:00pm. I seeded with the 12hr runners feeling optimistic. We had 1km of road to sprint to the trail. I did my best to keep up!
As in the other races, once we hit the hill, we slowed to a crawl. The next ten k's would be really slow. But that was cool...this "hill" would last for the first 36km!  Not all up. Picture 20+ miles to Mt Olympus, or Aiea ridge.  As we move onward and upward, the crowd started thinning. Each small hilltop looked like the best place to take a nap for many. Others chose a place that looked ok on the steep climb!
In this manner I was able to pass hundreds. Like they were standing still!
Treking poles are very popular. And they hurt! I was whacked on the shin (by accident I hope) passing a slow group, on a steep hill. I had to get by, I thought he would poke my eye.
Another came up fast behind me, swinging his poles like swords. I stepped aside to let him pass. He looked over, and called me a "domo"
It was steep, but I managed to pant out "sticks and stones"....but now it was go time. I matched pace with him till he collapsed for a nap at the top of the next rise. I kept moving.
After 36k ascending from 200m to 1527m I was ready for some serious downhill! We all moved fast down and then over one more small peak. Soon we reached 42k and the 1.5 liters (only) of aid we would see on the course. Unless you know where the good streams were. There were some, but 10-15 minutes off course! 2 streams were on the trail but not until about 60 k!
Now only mts. Gozen (1140m),and Otake (1266) lay in the next 10k! And I was in familiar territory. And moving (and feeling) really good. 
After climbing Mt Otake (literally) it's steep and rocky. 4th class, easy 5th. Some chains and ropes. But it was over fast. 
Typical uphill
(does this look familiar?)

Now a fast traverse to Mt Mitake, then down to. Up and over Mt Hinode. This has some painful and treacherous ancient stone stairways. But soon I passed the 60 k marker.
Then it was all down hill. I had to stop once to change batteries in my headlamp, and my favorite "downhill at night" secret weapon: my hand held "fishlight"!  Then one more bit of aid! Someone dropped a blueberry gu rocktane! Now I was flying! I passed the dozen who passed during my battery change, plus half a dozen more!  I slipped on my ass once but hey... The pain came later when I realized I lost my un-bottle! 
Now there's the 72k finish!
I run in strong at 13:47, 361st place!
I plan on doing another lap in late November (faster,solo,daytime) in preparation for HURT 2012.
See you then!  
And have a good time at the Peacock 100k!  I feel sick not running it.
I like it in Japan... But I love it in Hawaii ! 
There will be a Fuji trail 100 miler in the spring (it's full)!
But the Nobayama 100k is may 20!
Supposed to be hard.
If anyones traveling!
Aloha  John Robb



Gordon has asked me to post the following announcement.

Race Packet pick-up will be at Runner's HI this Friday, October 28,  from 10 AM to Closing (7:00) 

The PreRace Meeting will be at Runners HI on Friday October 28 at 5:30PM


You must have a race number to race, you must pick it up on Friday.  There will be no distributions of packets on Saturday Morning.  If you can not make it to Runner's HI then it is your responsibility to see that somebody picks up your packet and gets it to you by start time Saturday Morning.  Repeat:  NO PACKET PICKUP ON SATURDAY  


The Pre Race meeting is not mandatory, but Gordon would like to see everyone turn out.  If you have not run the course, may Kukukinmamaonui have mercy on you, it would be a very good idea to come to meeting as it is the only time that the route will be discussed in detail.  The trails are well marked, but as a great ultra runner once said 'Stupid is as stupid does.'

Please note that early entry into the airfield may require you to show curent registration, insurance, and vehicle safety inspection papers.  Please check your vehicle to see that this is all current.  

The pre-race meeting should be a geat time.  It will be a chance for all runners to get together and talk story. Get there early and do some shopping.  It is a great opportunity to visit Runner's HI and pick up those last minute items you will need.  Ray Woo has made Runner's HI a center of island running and we can all show our appreciation and support by giving him our business.  See you there!  


Runner's High

Runner's HI

Address:  98-390 A Kam Hwy  Aiea, HI 96701

Runner's HI  Hawaii address and map






Maunawili Falls Night Run

Anyone interested in a few hours (6) tonight (Fri) and you are not planning to do the awesome Peacock 100K, feel free to join me.  Leaving around 6PM from Maunawili Falls Trail and heading over to Manoa Falls - back.  It will be dark and we'll likely encounter the ghost tours! Bring typical trail supplies with about 100oz.  Expect rain and mud, and a lot of fun.  Wish I could do the 100K, but took the smart route to recovery. Call/text if interested: 808-497-3911.  Paul

Trail Marking, Taper Run, and Pot Luck; October 22, 2011


Meet at the Dillingham Airfield  Parking Lot at 7:00 AM on Saturday 10/22 for a brief light run and some trail marking, followed by a Pot Luck.

Gordon has asked me to post a request for volunteers to mark the Peacock trail this Saturday Morning. We will be dividing up into groups and heading out of the Airport parking lot at 7:00 as usual. We will then meet up back at the airport at about 11:00 for a Pot Luck. All are invited to come and do a bit of trail marking, a light taper run, or more if you wish, and then we will do a Pau Hana to our Peacock training. You don't even need to go up the Kealia to show up for the Pau Hana.

Gordon needs some volunteers to do A. Upper Kealia and Are's Loop B. Gordon's and Lower loop. C. Cross Over to Rock Piles. D: The Kuaokala Makua Ridge from Balls to Stash.

Important Race Day Note: If you plan to enter the airport prior to 7:00AM you will be required to present current vehicle paper work. (Insurance, registration, inspection). Please check you paperwork prior to race day so you will not be barred from coming in due to this preannounced idiocy.




An Ode to Peacocks 

The mountains have been climbed and re-climbed, the long stretches of twisting trails and fire roads have been memorized, the infinite ups and downs have been suffered and the culmination of another running cycle draws near.

Peacocks, which was so recently an audacious experiment, then born an ambitious 54+ miler, morphs into a full-blown madly-rugged 100+ K, and is now upon us! We've crammed in all the training possible and stand waiting, wondering what to do other than be out running hard along the northern ridges of the Waianae. One last chug up the hill perhaps? One last visit to the panoramic vistas we will have little time to appreciate on race day? Maybe, or are we just yielding to the unbreakable habit of over training?


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Training Schedule Weekend of October 15, 2011

This is one of the final weeks before the Peacocks race.  Some will be Tapouring (Tapering) others will be out doing the route in a more intense fashion.   The standard departure times are posted.  If you have any questions please post them,  if you have any other runs scheduled please post the venues and times.   Post your runs, perhaps you can find a partner.  We all know what it is to go out alone, and there is nothing wrong with it, but it is safer if you are with somebody.

Saturday:  From the Bottom of Long Road @5:00 AM   Dillingham Airport Parking @ approx. 7:00 AM

Other starts and venues as posted in comments. All are welcome. Bring sufficient water for your run. Give thought to what you take with you as this is an advanced level trail. Ultra runners of all levels/ability/speed will be out on the trails.

A race prep. comment, followed by a mild rant.    

Knowing the Race Route:

If you are going to run the Peacock, even just one loop, you should be giving some thoughts to the times you want to log for each section. It pays to sit down, reflect on what you have been doing during training, and write this out. Putting it down on paper will cause you to give some greater thought to the race, and it may just cause you to face some hard facts before you actually have to live through over exuberant expectations of yourself. Another step in preparing for a race is to go out and do a loop at a slower pace than you expect to do but one that lets you test your assumed times. This is a great week to get this done.

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Taking it to the Edge!!

The Essentials:  

The gates at Dillingham airfield open up between 6:30 and 7:00 AM on Saturday morning.. Meet in the parking lot behind the tower. You will likely find a diverse group of people there who will sort themselves out by speed and ability by the time they finish the first two miles. If you plan to do the full thirty you are advised to leave a stash at the bottom of long road, which is on the mauka side just before the Ranch gates.

At least one group will be leaving Long Road at 5:00 AM. If you are going out earlier, later, or on Friday or Sunday please post as a comment. Aloha. Mikem

The Rant: 

Taking it to the Edge! Facing your Fears! Being Scarred Shitless but Going Anyway! Doing Really Stupid Stuff to Show you are a Radical YoYo.......all these ideas seem to be taking over the sports 'space' lately. Just last week some poor sob jumped off a fifty foot tower at Nu'uanu Reservoir into water he had no idea of, while his 'friends' stood by like bean bags waiting for him to come up. He didn't, and after an appropriate time, just enough, I assume, not to intrude on his 'action' they called for help.

It isn't much different on the trail lately. Mainland clowns seem to think it's 'Bear' (Grills) to go off trail and 'rough it', while destroying the vegetation and creating erosion channels. Others climb to the top of Manoa Falls, some getting seriously hurt or stuck. All seem to take it as a matter of course that an emergency vehicle, crew or some 'hiker' with a light is going to help them out. I went up the Falls Trail the other night and some of the people were actually quite put-off that I did not offer to help them down the dark trail. They had no light, no shoes, no water, no brains, but they did have a lot of attitude (Don't help me and I'll sue your ass!) . It happens every day now. The Falls trail is being ruined up near the junction with Aihuilama,. These people don't listen, don't care about the land, just expect to be kept alive.

So why the rant here on this sight? Well as good as we are, from my perspective, this attitude seems to be seeping in here as well. Here its a bit more extreme in the sense of what we are talking about, but it's the same general kind of 'take care of me if I fail' ' attitude. We are still recovering from one terrible accident, to feel a surge of this naïve irresponsibility slipping in is quite disconcerting.

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Saturday morning North Shore option...

There will be a small group of runners that will be doing something very unusual (for HURT runners) this Saturday morning.  We’ll be doing something called a “taper” run.  That’s pronounced, táy-pər, and it means to reduce gradually.  I know it sounds like a crazy idea NOT to go out and run beyond the point of exhaustion.  I mean, how could you possibly benefit from that?  Certainly we all know that upon completion of a training run, if you can walk without a limp, you certainly didn’t run hard enough or far enough.  The theory is that by doing this silly “taper” thing, one’s body might actually have the opportunity to recover from the months of abuse, and over training.  Who thinks of this stuff??  Yea, I know, it sounds ridiculous, huh?  How could any of us possibly need recovery?  I don’t know about you, but I’ve still got a few toe nails…and one of my knees feels fine…and even one of my hips feels OK sometimes…so I really doubt that I need any recovery…buy anyway, a few of us thought we’d try out this crazy “taper” theory and do a taper run Saturday morning.  We’ll be meeting at the Sunset Beach Elementary School parking lot at 6:30 AM, Saturday.  We'll be running on the awesome top secret trails above the North Shore surf breaks.  We’ll go for two or three hours...or so.  That’s barely even a warm up compared to a Lolo Loop. Any question, just leave a comment here.  C U there.

--Steve V.


Ultra-trail Atlas Toubkal

Hi,  In preparation for the UTAT next week I generated approximate track and waypoint files to have in my gps device in case of emergency.  If you'd like to see the course, download either the .gpx or .kml files from here and open them in goodle earth - select the track and then hit the play button to fly over the course. It looks pretty wild!  More info here.  Nick K.

ps.  I read in the trail running Nepal newsletter that a new tea-house trekking trail around Manaslu has opened up....