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December 2nd- 4th-- Week-end Training Runs

Last week we had a lot of posted comments on when and where people were going out!  Let's continue that this week as well. Lots of people need the encouragement and opportunity.  Nothing more harsh than going out on yer own in the rain and dark.  Fun, but harsh, no?    

Also please post your week day training as well.  Who know you may get some unexpected and enjoyable company.  

I believe there is a runner coming in from the west who wants to run a loop on Friday.  Please check the left margin for that posted comment if you can or want to do an after noon loop on Friday. Always nice to show a bit of Aloha.  

Saturday morning at 6:30 from the water tanks will be the standard training run.  Cheryl will clarify this if it does not quite suit the Wahine Ali'i Kukini . (I just do the posts)  

Lots of time left....more than a month till the HURT.  Relax, no sweat, it won't come back to haunt you until late THAT Saturday night when you ARE all alone in the wind and the rain in the dark, and that crazy quy is running along side you 10 feet off the trail clacking all that bamboo, and you start making up lame excuses to stop and go home....like its unfair to your family for you to be out in the cold rainy night, or you need to wash the car tomorrow, or you've suddenly decided that trail running shortens your life, or discovered that raspberry goo gives you hives, or .....you tell me what it will be because it will likely be something.   

Run, run while you can because you will have to keep running while you can't if you don't train.  

Good Luck and Aloha!


HURT Patrol: Final call for volunteers

Everyone who contacted me or AJ over the past couple of weeks to volunteer for the HURT Patrol should have received an email today with more details (and more questions) regarding the Patrol's mission and the scheduling of shifts.

If you are interested in helping the Patrol and did not get today's email, please get in touch (again?) by emailing me at the address posted on the right sidebar of the HURT blog.


Harald & AJ

Missing Race Supplies

Aloha Race Directors and others,

I have corresponded with all the Trail Series RDs recently, and everyone replied indicating the missing tables and coolers were not in their possession. We know the stuff is out there somewhere (three orange drink coolers, two big white Costco tables, and one shorter white Costco table).

RDs, please think of anyone and everyone involved with your races that might have helped take these items away from one of the races. I suspect someone took the items and stored them somewhere obscure, and just forgot about them.

We do need these for HURT 100, but I would like to have them back to get them cleaned up and inventoried ASAP.

Please help out and check with all of your volunteers, and in the back of your garage, under your house, in your storage lockers, trunks, closets, behind the refrigerator, etc.

Anyone with a good plan on how we can keep track of the race supplies as it moves from one RD and one race to another during the year, I am open for suggestion!!!

Please reply to PJ at hurtpals at aol dot com.
Many mahalos.

Post Thanksgiving Runs

For Saturday the post time is 6:00 AM  and the distance is a HURT Loop.  The Departure point is the top of Manoa Road, as parking is easier and usually safer there.   

Check out the HURT turkeytrot  loop in the previous post.  

If you are going out at another time, please post it here as a comment.  I'm sure plenty of runners are ready to go but will be lacking the incentive after the family actions of the Thursday and Friday. A little company on the trails is always a great way to go farther. 

Please Post your Friday Runs, Saturday alternatives, and Sunday starts.  It's a heavy weekend and some people need a bit of help doing the do.  Post your out times and maybe you'll find a new running buddy. Everyone needs all the help they can get right about now.  

(The stashes have been rewatered, but don't know how long that will last!  Run heavy, run prepared. ) 


Aloha.   Mikem 

Turkey Trot

    Are you looking for a way to burn off a few extra calories after Thanksgiving dinner?  Well here’s your solution.  A few of us are planning to do a Thanksgiving night double HURT loop.  A what??  That’s right, a T-Day double.  Here’s the plan:  Enjoy your Thanksgiving meal with friends and family.  Eat that second helping of dessert, completely guilt-free.  Then, meet at the Nature Center at 9 PM.  Come prepared to be self-sufficient as we’re not sure how the stashes are.  Also, we are suggesting this run only to those who are familiar with the course already and can find there way out, in the dark by themselves, incase the group gets separated.  Be prepared for potential rain, mud, wind, and lots of laughing.  So far, the guest list includes Rosie, Scott G, Doug B, and myself.  C U there.

--Steve V.


Think No More: HURT Training is Now Real.

So all the indecision is out of this equation.  Either you is or you aint.   If you is then the concept of this Saturday's training is going to get really familiar.   


Hurt loop

Don't you Live Here?


Time:  6:00 AM

Place:  Nature Center 

What:  Whatever that thing is in the picture.

Parking:  Lots of people like to park down by the Water Tank as it is safer.  Plenty cracked glass up in the official lot.  

Enjoy!  And if you can not enjoy,  tough....so suffer through.  It is good training which ever way you get it done. 

Aloha,  Mikem


Peacocks: From the Back-of-the-Pack



Mike M at the Back of the Pack
Don called me a few days before Peacocks, excited by the upcoming race, more excited than I  that’s for sure.  I was dreading it.  Pecocks had come up on me far too fast, allowing very little training. I’d done Are’s twice, the Lower Loop twice and still didn’t have names for any of the subsections. I just didn’t know the course very well, didn’t think I could finish it, and was mentally only going out to do one loop because Gordon said it was OK if I did only one and then worked the aid station at Long Road.

The only hope was that Rex and I had done the first sections of the first loop and pronounced it ‘doable’. Doable in that kind of iffy-maybe kind of way that we back-of-the-packers look at these endeavours.  Doable in the sense that if every thing goes just right then maybe, just maybe, we can finish the damn thing before they ring the bell that signals the clearing of the aid station tables, the removal of the chairs and water jugs from the finish line, and an empty field at the finish.  Doable, just doable, and no more.  But that was the outside chance, and I was not cashing any gold shares to bet on my finish.  

My knees have been hurting me on and off for a year now, and I had aggravated them again with some Peacock training and some bad shoe choices. A similar problem had haunted me last year so this year saw an early return to some stockpiled ‘old faithful’ shoes, and I manged to bring back my knees a bit.  But I still could not go down Long Road without a lot of pain and soreness. The fact was I could walk backwards down the damn thing faster than forwards.  The issue of knee pain is bothersome to say the least.  My time-bomb clock it ticking and I know it.  Peacocks is a miserable test of stupidity if you have leg issues.  So, ‘Doable’  is just sad theater, a kind of tragicomedy of an ultra-running sort for old guys with short running lives ahead of them.  And I was doing Peacocks?  It was theater of the absurd, and I knew it!  

So, There you go. Is it any wonder I was not excited when Don called?  I just did what I had to do to prepare, realized I didn’t really want to be doing the run, and tried all the harder to make sure that I did just what needed to be done. There would be no heroics out there, just one long managed push. I loaded all my tricks into a bag, and at 4:00 AM Saturday morning Ed came by my house, we picked up Fishy, and away we went to Dillingham.   

I’m not going to go through all the things I do to prepare for these insanities, but let me assure you I did them.  I reluctantly found my way to the start, hung back, and waited for Gordon to start the race. This year was much more formal.  I believe it was last year that Gordon said something about Peacock’s, jumped off the bed of his pick-up truck and was gone running up the road.  It was at least ten seconds later that people realized the race had started.  This year Gordon led us over to the chain gate, said something about Peacocks, and was gone up the road.  The increased formality helped the slow witted, who generally hang at the front of the pack, and Gordon had a much smaller starting advantage.  


Follow this link to read the competion



Rains Bring Great Opportunity to Train on the Real Thing.

Training Time:  6:00am Saturday 

Place:  Top of Manoa Road--Street Parking

What:   Manoa/Jack ass Repeat(s) 12 miles a pop. 


For those who have had their fill of Peacocks, and I realize there are some who just dig that gig, we will be returning  for another Run Through the Jungle.  Its Mud City Central up there right now so it provides excellent training for HURT.  The only thing better than running these repeats on Saturday morning is doing them at night!     

If you are doing some other kind of training, please post it. It is that time of year where the important thing is to be putting in time on feet.  The venue is not too material right now.  So if you are going out and would not mind company just post the time and location.  

Aloha,  Mikem


2011 Peacock 100k Photos by Robert P Smith

Finished!  All photos I felt were worth processing and posting have been.  It was actually quicker and much more enjoyable to pace Loop 2 than it was to do all this post event processing but that’s all part of capturing and preserving the memories in the best possible way.  The views and scenery at Peacock are so much more spectacular than the dense, dark forests of the HURT100 course that it’s going to be even harder to capture such great images and spend the hours processing them but that’s another day.

Rather than upload my photos to a site where they are plastered with an obnoxious watermark covering the whole image, where downloading is disabled and charging for copies I prefer to make them available for you to share on Facebook and via Flickr and the HURT blog (eventually).  I am more than happy to accept donations though if any of you would like soft copies of your image(s).  I’ve already made a considerable investment in equipment and with as good as you may think these are they could get even better if I were able to upgrade to even better equipment.  I’m not trying to make a bunch of money here just recoup some that I’ve invested and save up to make things even better.  Just to give you an idea the setup that I’d prefer to be carrying for events like this could easily run $4,000 and beyond.  Do I expect to make that off of HURT photos alone, no, definitely not, unless one or more of you is exceptionally wealthy and has the desire to make an exceptional donation or two.  On the other hand, every little bit helps and will go into an account set aside strictly for that purpose.  Each of you are in a different place financially and some of you are potentially strapped just as tight as I am right now being between jobs so that’s why I choose to share the photos as I do so that no one is left out due to financial constraints.  Ok, more than enough on that topic. 

My sincere desire is that you all enjoy the photos at least as much as I enjoy taking them for you, which is quite a bit.  : )  Thank you for that opportunity and I truly appreciate every “Thank You” and compliment I get for doing so.

Robert P Smith

[email protected]

PO Box 700670

Kapolei, HI 96709

Thanks HURT

Dear HURT ohana,

I wanted to write a quick thank you to my HURT family. Lesley, Nate and Kylie and I will be leaving for Africa on Monday. For those that don’t know, we will be doing a two year training program with a Christian NGO on an island off the east coast of the continent. We will be teaching English and developing sports programs (they love soccer, especially) after we gain some level of cultural and language competency. We will return in two years for at least four months, but hope that this is the start of a permanent career move to Africa. 

I just wanted to say briefly how much the HURT ohana has meant to my family over some 20 years now. It began with Richard Senelly, Big John, PJ, Greg Cuadra and Richard China speaking words of encouragement, adventure, and hushed stories of things called “100’s” into my impressionable teenage self. These people poured countless hours into us Pac Five XC and track kids, a debt I will never be able to repay. Coaching and mentorship roles morphed into close friendships over the last two decades, and the coaching continued, albeit now in areas far beyond trail running, such as faith, courage, marriage, and parenting.

For everyone since that time who has given to the HURT community: thank you. What a unique and blessed group I’ve been privileged to be a part of. I will miss the adventure of the trails, the camaraderie of long training runs, and the excitement of the racing, but most of all I will miss sitting around after a race with my family, talking story with my friends and seeing HURT embrace my wife and kids as part of the gang.

Take good care of one another! Aloha, Matt