Hogs Back 12 Hour---Why won't it drown in the mud and die?
Hotly Contested Hogback ends in Heated Heartbreak

A Week-end without Rain? Chances are 40 to 60 Miles.

Well, we are in the gut of the beast.  If you have been putting off the distance tests, the night runs, or even the full loops then now is the time to plan on getting onto the trails and doing the do.  Best make what ever bargains you have to at home, because the weeks are ticking down fast and we are sitting at about four.  And depending on what kind of tapering freak you are, you may not have much time left to actually practice before you justify sitting around telling yourself that rest is the answer to doing the HURT.  

Frankly I don't have much of an opinion of the taper and feel it makes you really soft and whiny on the dark muddy trails of Sunday morning.  But its as hard to talk people out of the taper as it is to talk economists out of the neokeysian concepts of abundant money creation.  Both are trying to make something out of nothing. And sooner or later both tend to end up quite badly.  

Anyway....this week is a great time to do a lot of running.  Starting Friday at 6:00pm there is that thing around and around the inner loop. Just as that ends we are scheduling another loop or two starting at the Nature Center at 6:00AM.  If you've got any real idea of doing the HURT you ought to be thinking of coming out and doing a bit of the Hog Back and then doing at least a full loop.  Real Ultra runners will be considering a full 18+ hours of trail time.

I urge everyone to post their alternative plans.  If you are going out mid week please post the departure times and points.  It really helps the new runners to go out with others during the week.  Given the condition of the trails lately, some company is, perhaps, a wise thing.  

Remember the Hog Back on Friday!  Plan on a long run this week-end.  The stashes have water! No excuses but to get out there and RUN!    

---A point of planning.   We are trying to arrange a trail maintenance day on some of the HURT trails in conjunction with Na Hele.  The tentative date is  January 7th.   One of those 'taper' week-ends.   Please mark that down and we will get back to you in greater detail as the time approaches. 






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Bob Mc.

We've got some family commitments so this weekend will be a bit different for us. Planning on two Garden to Lookout repeats on Saturday morning starting at 6:30 a.m. For Sunday, just a single loop starting at the Nature Center at 6:30 a.m.
Next Thursday, 12/22, looking at doing two loops (40), not sure on start time yet.
Aloha, Bob

Paul Sibley

I'll start running from Maunawili Trail Sat night around 10pm to Nuuanu then a loop, then back to Maunawili. Company welcome!!

Alexander Nunn

Will be doing Kuliouou Ridge trail repeats on Friday starting about 7am, welcome any runners [:


According to Aaron, his team will be hitting HURT course hard before the race. Yey Aaron!
Anyway, we'll see where we can pitch in....count me in!

Doug Baker

Early Bird Special:

I'll be starting at the end of Manoa Road on Saturday at 4:30am if anyone would like to get an early start. (I really don't like starting this early but need to due to family obligations later in the day.)


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