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Happy New Year and Weekend Running

Aloha Athletes,

Lots going on as we head into the last weekend of 2011. I hope you have met all of your goals and are already thinking about what you want to achieve in 2012. I know many of us have a very specific goal for the weekend of January 14th and 15th. 

I have not heard of any specific training plans for the weekend though I know there will be a bunch of people trying to get some last minute panic training in. My suggestion, back it off a notch. With just two weeks before the big race, now is not the time to do something that might cause you to injure yourself. Work on any last minute gear and nutrition issues and start thinking a bit about drop bags and race strategy. 

We got out for an early morning reverse Trek loop this morning and the trails have definitely dried out considerably over the last several days. Also Na Ala Hele has started working on certain parts of the course clearing and spraying. Let's hope they are able to spend a lot of time out there.

Post what you are doing in the comments below and hopefully we will see you out there. 

Have a safe New Year's Eve and best year ever for 2012!

Aloha, Bob

Merry Christmas--Weekend Training

Aloha Athletes,

What you got planned for this weekend? Eggnog Repeats? Gift Wrap Fartleks? Jingle Bell Hills, HURT Loops?

What ever it is, I hope you take some time to relax, enjoy family and friends, and remember what the spirit of Christmas and the holidays are all about. 

Post what you are doing for training below in the comments and you might find some company out on the trails.

See you out on there!



Run to Sun 2012 Info


Run To The Sun (unofficially and self supported) Saturday March 18th, 2011 0430 hrs from the Maui Mall in Kahului to the summit of Haleakala 10032 feet, 36.2 miles on the island of Maui. Come do the course as an individual or as part of a relay team.
Unfortunately we haven't been successful in finding a Race Director to continue this race so we are continuing running it unofficially.
There are no rules, no fees, nothing official! Anything goes!
So come and join us. Again this is unofficial and self-supported. There will be an after party at a residence on the way down.
Please call Bram if interested or needing more details! 808 280 4893


Final Plea For Missing Table

One final plea for the missing white Costco table. Please, all RDs of the trail series, wrack your brains about who might have taken supplies away from you or from your trail race. Apparently someone has our table tucked away in some obscure place and has forgotten about it. Now we need all of the supplies to clean, inventory, and disperse to the three aid station captains for the HURT 100. Please make one final effort to help us find the table. Please contact me at [email protected] if you find the table.




Hotly Contested Hogback ends in Heated Heartbreak

In a dramatic test of personal resolve and fortitude the competitors of this years Hogsback 12 hour night run managed battle it out through the last hours of the night.   Yet, in the beginning, it came down to one man, Rex V, who made it on to the course before the other contestants  to snatch victory from the hands of the other runners before they could even work up a sweat.  

As the opening gong was rung and the runners crossed the bridge,  it was Rex, and Rex alone, who stood there at the finish line.  When asked of what led to his victory Rex commented.  " I'm done, I got here early, these other schnooks can follow the rules, but I got connections.  Give my prize Marv. I got to go!"  

What a man!  Our hero, Rex, manages to utilize his competitive spirit to get to the race early and with the help of the guy who makes the rules, i.e. Marv Mango,  get the first prize regardless.  It's the new American way and its coming to a race right near you....if it hasn't already done so. 



Rex V. accepting his First Place Award.


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A Week-end without Rain? Chances are 40 to 60 Miles.

Well, we are in the gut of the beast.  If you have been putting off the distance tests, the night runs, or even the full loops then now is the time to plan on getting onto the trails and doing the do.  Best make what ever bargains you have to at home, because the weeks are ticking down fast and we are sitting at about four.  And depending on what kind of tapering freak you are, you may not have much time left to actually practice before you justify sitting around telling yourself that rest is the answer to doing the HURT.  

Frankly I don't have much of an opinion of the taper and feel it makes you really soft and whiny on the dark muddy trails of Sunday morning.  But its as hard to talk people out of the taper as it is to talk economists out of the neokeysian concepts of abundant money creation.  Both are trying to make something out of nothing. And sooner or later both tend to end up quite badly.  

Anyway....this week is a great time to do a lot of running.  Starting Friday at 6:00pm there is that thing around and around the inner loop. Just as that ends we are scheduling another loop or two starting at the Nature Center at 6:00AM.  If you've got any real idea of doing the HURT you ought to be thinking of coming out and doing a bit of the Hog Back and then doing at least a full loop.  Real Ultra runners will be considering a full 18+ hours of trail time.

I urge everyone to post their alternative plans.  If you are going out mid week please post the departure times and points.  It really helps the new runners to go out with others during the week.  Given the condition of the trails lately, some company is, perhaps, a wise thing.  

Remember the Hog Back on Friday!  Plan on a long run this week-end.  The stashes have water! No excuses but to get out there and RUN!    

---A point of planning.   We are trying to arrange a trail maintenance day on some of the HURT trails in conjunction with Na Hele.  The tentative date is  January 7th.   One of those 'taper' week-ends.   Please mark that down and we will get back to you in greater detail as the time approaches. 





Hogs Back 12 Hour---Why won't it drown in the mud and die?


Enter.....the DARK SIDE ii!ir
FRIDAY, December 16th, 6:00PM--
Muddy Hell Comes to Makiki !!!!...

It is very worst of the Porcine runs.  No smiling piggies here, no tired porkers hawking fad hikes that are simply daylight jaunts, this is the ultimate HOG. This is the Hog Back.  And not just the Hog Back, but the 12 hours of Hog Back.  The one, the original Hard Hog Run.  

And to make it just a bit more hard, to sort out the real runners from the want-to-be’s....This is 

The Hog Back 12 Hour NIGHT RUN.  


This is the Dusk to Dawn nightmare of climbing up and coming down, and climbing up and falling down. A time when hard is supposed to last more than four hours..and you don't actually have to consult your physician if it does. This is the run people dream of....in their nightmares....any yet, if you are signed up for the 100, or are considering such, why mix in all the sightseeing?  Lets just cut to the muddy quick! Come on.....if you can not show up for this, then you are just silly dreaming about running the 100, just an Ultra want-a-be.   

As Rob Lahoe said of the Hog's Back....."This is the one that taught me to slow down and pace myself....about the eighth time up the Hog's Back I had to learn something!"....

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Aloha Jan, the Honolulu Marathon, and the Evil that Lurks Beyond: Week End Training

Saturday morning there will be a fun run to say Aloha to Jan M out Hawaii Kai way.  Please check Julie's earlier post for details.  

This is also Honolulu Marathon week so....for many the weekend is going to be a street workout on Sunday. I don't do sprints, but I'm signed up for the Marathon,  so I'm thinking of going out in the evening and making it a double as I need the miles...contact me if you are up for such an absurdity.   Otherwise best of luck to all you fast people on the Big Sprint.  

If you are going out to face the Evil that Lurks Beyond then please post your trail run start times and departure points.  I've been busy this past week so I don't know what the state of the Stashes is.  I will try and check them before Saturday.  

Hope to see you this weekend at Jan's run or somewhere along the Marathon route.  I'll be looking for you as I head out the Hard Hot Highway toward Hawaii Kai, and as you guys return!

Aloha,  Mikem



I'll be staying in Pauko, north of Kona, for eight days around New Years and I'm looking for some good trail runs around the area. I hoping for trails within 30 minute drive and I'm looking for runs up to 15 miles on trails. Any good suggestions out there. I've been running in central Alaska at sub-zero temps for the past month so I'm really looking forward to some warm weather to stretch the legs out. Thanks for any suggestions.

Sending JanM off with aloha!

Most of you know &/or have run with JanM, who has been part of the HURT ohana for the last several years. She is soon moving on to new things on the mainland, and so we are planning an aloha send-off run of the Kuli'ou'ou Connector Trail Loop on Saturday, December 10th. The plan:

Meet at 7am at the intersection of Kaluanui Rd and Ehu Wai Pl in Hawaii Kai (the bottom of the road that leads up to the trail head of the Mariner's Ridge Trail). You can park on the street right in that area. We will run up Kaluanui Rd to Mariner's Ridge Trail, take the Kuli'ou'ou Connector Trail cut-off at the top, and then come down Kuli'ou'ou Trail, cut across to the back of Hahaione Valley at the junction, and then run the streets back to our cars. Will be going fun run pace so plan for approximately 3 hours?!?

If people are free/interested afterwards, we will go to Koko Marina Starbucks for post-run coffee+breakfast.

MikeNJan pic
(MikeM n JanM on the Kalaupapa Trail, after our Run Across Molokai adventure)

Email me at juliedottakishimaatyahoodotcom with any questions. Hope to see you there!!


Register Now for July 2012 Neighbor Island 50Mile Ultrarun!

The annual TriLanai 3Hills 50Mile Bike Ride has added an ultrarun option - this is your chance to participate in the inaugural running of a new Hawaii ultrarun course, and will be the first official ultrarunning event to be offered on the beautiful island of Lana'i. This road run is being added to an established bike event, so you can count on solid organization, reputable sponsors, and great fun! Check out TriLanai's website for course map:


Register now (on active.com) for an exciting addition to your 2012 race schedule, and support our neighbor island of Lana'i, using this link:


JanM & I got to preview all 3 legs of the course last week and it was GORGEOUS! and tough. Amazing way to see much of the island and run a challenging course at the same time. There are several different accomodation options on the island (see TriLanai's website for island information) & I will be coordinating group accomodations if people are interested. I highly recommend to plan adding a running of the Munro Trail to your trip!

Manele Bay
(Manele Bay/Hulopoe Beach - event start/finish)

Hope to see you there!!