2012 "Run for George" Results

Aloha Athletes,

Photo-17Wow! What an amazing race today up on the N. shore. Close to 75 runners plus trail markers, marshals, timers, and other volunteers were up early to support George. Race Director and organizer extroidinare Steve Villiger put together a great event. He even pulled off an all night and early morning rain shower to get the course in perfect HURT conditions: wet & muddy. 

Many runners had never run these trails before and for others it was maybe only their second time so everyone was loving the sweet, single track route. In true HURT Trail Series style there were great after race grinds.

Steve and others will probably post some photos later here and on Facebook so watch for those. The amazing thing about what Steve is doing is that he is not finished. Tomorrow he has organized a paddling, water-based event with the same goal of raising money for George. I am hoping once Steve is finished and can rest up a bit that he will share with us some of the details from what this weekend means for George. 

Photo-18I think everyone who participated was happy to contribute and we all received something far greater in return.

Here are today's run results: 2012 "Run for George" Results

As in all HURT Trail Series races we try to do the best we can and get the results accurate. Occaisionally we make mistakes. Please forgive us. 

Aloha, Bob

The HURT Run For George is this weekend!

HURT Run For George

It's the final count down.  The HURT Run For George World Championship is this Saturday, May 26.  Start time is 7:00 AM at the Sunset Beach Elementary School.  Please arrive by 6:30 for registration and race briefing.

Remember, this event has no entry fee.  It is donation only.  100% of all donations will go directly to our buddy George Ramos who is battling cancer, to help with his medical expenses.  We suggest a $10 donation, but more is better and less is OK.


This is a fast and fun course.  We're expecting a BIG turn out, so get ready to have some fun!

Trophies for the top three men and top three women!  Limited edition tee shirts for the first 50 finishers!! Plus other fun prizes!

Pot Luck at the finish so bring a dish or just bring your appetite.

The trails are in impeccable shape, not a pine needle out of place!

Please park in the lower school parking lot, or on Kam Hwy, or at Ehukai Beach Park directly across the street.  Please DO NOT park in the upper parking lot as there will be a farmers market there and we don't want to ruffle any feathers.

There will  be an aid station (water only) at Lilikoi Junction, but we still recommend carrying your own water.  You will pass Lilikoi Junction twice, first at around 4.5 miles and then again at around 7 miles.  There will be ripe strawberry guavas growing along the course that are delicious!

Please tell all your friends, we really want to have a big turn out for this special event!

There will be a "walking option", which will be a two mile out and back course.  Walkers will not be timed.

Click on the poster below for more information


See you Saturday.

--Steve V.

2012 Run with a View Results

Aloha Athletes,

Great race today with wet and muddy conditions--perfect HURT weather. That's 2-years in a row. 

Race Director's Cheryl and Don did an incredible job organizing essentially an opening or kick-off party for Cinco de Mayo. There were muddy bodies and a lot of smiles at the finish. 

I know Cheryl and Don had a lot of help with this race. Don, Marian, and Neal stepped up and managed the timing of the race as John and PJ are away on a family vacation. 

There were a group of trail trimmers, trail markers and course marshalls all out to help make the run great for everyone. You know who you are and Cheryl acknowledged many of you at the race start.

I also know a lot of people contributed to the wonderful post race food and drink. Mahalo to everyone that contributed to making this race a success. 

One thing before I get to the actual race results--actually two things. First, it is very important when you come to a HURT race that if you are an official entrant in the race--that you check out with our timing crew after the race. We have two people unaccounted for -even after doing a trail sweep. These two names are listed at the bottom of the results page. We hope and assume you are home safely.

Wily Woo was out on the course and has posted to Facebook a couple of hundred photos he took at the race today. Thank you Wily.

There may be some inaccuracies and perhaps even names placed with the wrong gender on the race results. We apologize. You know what you did. We try to do the best we can and hey, for $10, this isn't the Honolulu Marathon. 

2012 Run with a View Results

The next HURT Trail Series race is June 9: Mango Madness. 



2012 Run With A View HURT Trail Series Race: Saturday 5-5-12: 7:00 a.m.

Aloha Athletes:

Images-8Start your Cinco de Mayo day off right with a trail run! The HURT Trail Series race will get your heart pounding with a nice climb up the road before continuing the climb up the trail. Hey, we wouldn't want it to be easy right?

Race Start is 7:00 a.m. Distance: 8 miles

Entry is just $10 and there is no pre-race registration.

Please show up at least 30 minutes before race start and remember we are in a neighborhood and it is an early Saturday morning so, please keep quiet so we don't disturb the local residents. 

The Run with a View starts in a park at the corner of Kaahele Street and Naalii Street in Aiea. 

There will be some more climbing and descending but once you finish, relax and enjoy the mucho post race comida buena (good food) and drink. RD's Cheryl and Don have promised some excellent Cinco de Mayo treats! Feel free to contribute your own specialty if you like. 

No promises but from what I hear, the Mariachi band will be making an appearance and there might even be some cold Mexican drinks (in a red solo cup of course) to coordinate with the festivities. Mariachi Band 

If you have questions or need more info, respond in the Comments below and the RD will get back to you.

Aloha, Bob

2012 Vi's Top of Tantalus Memorial 7-Mile Run Results

Aloha Athletes,

522024_10150618568021324_617191323_9378139_719655597_nWell it looks like I really missed out on some fun this morning at the HURT Trail Series race. For those of you that were there--as usual the HURT races finish with quite a spread of food. From what I have seen in some photos--there seems to have been an Easter theme. The photo at left is from Wily Woo. Lucky for me (thanks Cheryl), I even got to sample a couple of cookies. 

From what I hear the bad thing about being first and fast, especially when you, a) don't know the course and/or b) don't listen really close to the pre-race instructions (Blue (flagging tape) is bad and don't go down that trail), you can take a wrong turn, get lost and end up finishing way down the list. I won't mention any one in particular, JD.

Thanks to Race Directors Kat and Jeff for putting this all together. I know there were lots of others who helped--thank you too.

Here are the race results: 2012 Top of Tantalus Results 

Doug Baker sent me a link to some photos he took: Doug Baker Photos

I saw some photos on Facebook from Wily Woo and I heard Robert Smith was out taking some as well. 

The next race in the HURT Trail Series is the May 5th, Run with a View. 

I got out for a great MTB ride late this afternoon--the trails were amazingly dry. 

Aloha, Bob

Vi's Top of Tantalus Memorial 7-Mile Run is Saturday April 7th at 8:00 a.m.

Aloha Athletes,

It is time for the next trail race in the HURT Trail Series for 2012. This race gets us back on the trails of Makiki/Tantalus. Please allow enough time to drive to the start. Note the 8:00 a.m. start time. 

As with all trail series races, there is no pre-registration--show up 30-45 minutes before race start, pay your $10 entry fee and you are all set. I suggest car pooling (and why not at $4.50 per gallon) as parking is limited. 

The race start is at Pu'u' Ulaka'a State Park. The approximate address to the entrance gate of the park is 3200 Round Top Drive, Honolulu, HI 96822. If you are not sure where this is, use Google Maps with that address. I apologize for publishing the wrong address previously. 

It is suggested you run with at least one 16-20 ounce bottle. There will be one aid station. 

Also it is very important that we don't overload the bathrooms and/or get them all muddy. Please be courteous of other users. 

If you need more information, either place a question in the Comments below or contact Race Directors: 

Kat Tagaca 285-2457 [email protected] & Jeff Fong 258-0394 [email protected]

Aloha, Bob

HURT Trail Series Shirts

HURT Trail Series Shirts will be available for purchase at the check in area of the Top of Tantulus Trail Series Race between 7am and 8am on April 7th. They run $ 31.50, tax included. Please have the exact amount either in cash or check. There will be a limited amount of sizes and colors available there, so if you want to be sure and get exactly what you want, or you want to pay by credit card, please preorder at 
https://missionpositivefilms.com/store/hurtproducts.html . 
Also, there is a 15% discount available for all HURT participants and supporters for any of the DVD's or Books ( not the shirts ) ordered through the website. Just use discount code TRAIL at checkout. That discount will be available through Monday, April 30th, 2012.

Please note that Credit Card payments will not available at the race, only cash or checks. If you want to pay be Credit Card, please preorder on the website, and choose " Pick Up at the Race " for the shipping choice.

2012 Moanalua 6-Mile Race Results (Finally)

Aloha Athletes,

Christian sent me the results today--a bit late but hey, this is all for fun anyway right? 

So the results are here

You can also see more photos at this link here.

Thanks again to everyone who came out to this first trail series race. The next race is coming up quickly on April 7th--Top of Tantalus. More details as the race date gets closer. 

Aloha, Bob

HURT Trail Series: First Race of 2012, Moanalua 6 Mile is Saturday 3-17-12

Aloha Athletes,

The first race of the HURT Trail Series is this Saturday 3-17-12St Patricks Day

Race start time is 7:30 a.m.

This race is an out and back run--3 miles in and 3 miles back out. It is pretty much an old jeep road with the possibility of a few small wet areas to cross. So in typical HURT style, plan for some mud.

Running shoesChristian Friis is the Race Director and he typically plans some type of twist to the run so be prepared for anything. With that being said, this run helps support HPU Cross Country where Christian is the coach. 

Please plan to arrive at least 30-45 minutes before the race start so you can register and check-in. As with all HURT Trail Series races, there is no pre-registration and the entry fee is just $10. 

As with many of our runs and races, the parking will be on neighborhood streets so please be quiet and respectful of the neighbors. We are interrrupting their normally peaceful Saturday morning. 

If you have any questions, either post in comments below or contact Christian directly at [email protected]

Race is location is here.

Aloha, Bob

2012 H.U.R.T. Trail Series Schedule

Aloha Athletes,

Just in case you have not noticed, the 2012 HURT Trail Series schedule is posted on the top left side of the site. The HURT Trail Series remains one of the best ways to get trail run experience, learn the trails in a fun way, meet other trail runners, and is one of the best race value's on the island. 

I also think the trail series is a great way to prepare and start your HURT 100 training. More info will be coming out for each race as they get closer. 

Aloha, Bob