1-7-12 Saturday Training: The Annual Week Before HURT Reverse Trek Loop
Congratulations to Aaron and his family!

HURT 100 Training Shirts and HURT Trail Series Shirts

HURT 100 Training Shirts and HURT Trail Series Shirts will be available for purchase at the Pre Race Meeting for the 2012 HURT 100 Ultra held on Friday. There will be a limited amount of sizes and colors there, so if you want to be sure and get exactly what you want, please preorder at 
http://missionpositivefilms.com/store/hurtproducts.html . 

Also, there is a 15% discount available for all HURT participants and supporters for any of the DVD's or Books ( not the shirts ) ordered through the website or purchased at the PreRace meeting. Just use discount code HURT2012 at checkout. That discount will be available through Monday, January 16th, 2012.

Please note that Credit Card payments will not available at the meeting, only cash or checks. If you want to pay be Credit Card, please preorder on the website, and choose " Pick Up at the Meeting " for the shipping choice.


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ok, thanx Bob!

Bob Mc.

Keith, I think we are just selling them thru the http://missionpositivefilms.com/store/hurtproducts.html web site.


Just a quick question. Will the HURT trail series shirts be available at the trail series races?

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