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Saturday Training 3-3-12: Moanalua Valley Run

Aloha Athletes,

The first HURT Trail Series race of 2012 is coming up on March 17th. So this week we are planning to do a preview run of the course. 

Meet at 7:00 a.m. Please be quiet as we are parking in a neighborhood. 

This is a nice trail to start off the trail series: 3 miles in on the valley trail, crossing several bridges, a few gentle hills, some rocks, maybe a bit of water and very few roots before we go conquer the much tougher trails later in the year. 

This link should give directions to trailhead. 

Aloha, Bob


Maui Run to Sun and Leeward Relay for Life

Aloha Athletes,

Just a couple of quick things here. 


Sunday March 18th we will be running to the sun again that is the summit at Haleakala 10,032" We still dont have a REAL race director so we're continuing the unofficial RTTS as we have done the last 2 years. So this is TOTALLY UNOFFICIAL, what this means is, no rules, no fees, nothing official just pure fun...sort of. The plan is to start at Maui Mall Sunday am @0430 hrs next to Wendys and run to the summit. Most of us will be doing it as a team and a few are solo. Again no rules so how ever many members you want and where you want to hand-off. Those doing solo you must be self-supported and have a ride down.
There will be a post race get-together at Jim and Marne's residence on crater road above sunrise market, address to follow later.
We're planning getting together the night before at the StPattys 5k funrun at the Alehouse in Kahului which is next to the start for questions and cameraderie. So hope you can join us whether its for the whole day, part of the run, the after party, riding your bike etc.
Again this is NOT A RACE.
If any questions please call or email me.
Thanks See you on 3/18/12 @ 0430 HST

Bram DenHaan 
Home 808-573-7584 
Cell 808-280-4893
Leeward Relay for Life


7:00 PM on Friday, March 23 - 7:00 AM on Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kapolei H.S. track. More info is here.



These Women will HURT You!

Congratulations to all who participated in the Swamp Romp. I heard good things about a greatly improved course with fun, new obstacles and the usual amount of water and muck. Looking through some of the race photos there were definitely some creative costumes.

A great end of the race photo courtesy of Chuck Little. Chuck is the Deputy Director, Public Affairs for U.S. Marine Corps Forces Pacific. He took some awesome photos that he has posted on Facebook. 


Saturday Training 2-25-12: Mud & Muck for Fun or You Choose

Aloha Athletes,

This Saturday is the annual Swamp Romp out at Kaneohe Marine Base. You know, where people do things like this, for fun:

If you are not participating, it is pretty fun just to watch. Otherwise, find some sweet, dry trails to run. I would not be surprised to hear of someone running up at Peacock. 
Whatever you decide, get out there and enjoy Hawaii. Post below in the comments if you would like some company on your run.
Aloha, Bob

Saturday Training 2-18-12: Top of Tantalus Run

Aloha Athletes,

Time to do something kinda easy this weekend--and close to town. Top of Tantalus run. This is a great opportunity to preview one of the early HURT Trail Series races. You do have those race dates on your calendar, right? The link to the race series schedule is on the upper left side of this page. 

Pu'u' Ulaka'a State Park is the starting place. Meeting place will be the park which typically opens at 7:00. Early birds can try for a 6:45 entry but realistically 7:00 a.m.

Directions: Please note, if you are unfamiliar with where the park is located or not sure where Pu'u' Ulaka'a State Park is and are using Google Maps or something like that, the approximate address to the entrance gate of the park is 3200 Round Top Drive, Honolulu, HI 96822. 

Get out there and Run!

Aloha, Bob

Saturday Training 2-11-12: Make it What Ever You Want

Aloha Athletes,

Huh, you say? Yes. This Saturday, no organized training so if you are doing something and would like some company, post it in the comments below. 

Be safe out there! Get out and run. 

Aloha, Bob

P.S. Many of you may be aware already, but if not, there is a new Podcast called Talk Ultra. I listened to the first broadcast and it was pretty good. The hosts are Ian Corless and Ian Sharman. The interviews of other runners is a fun feature and the podcast is available through iTunes. You can also find Talk Ultra on Facebook.

Saturday Training 2-4-12: Peacock Flats

Aloha Athletes,

Heading back to the N. shore on Saturday. Last week's description, per Cheryl: "Absolutely the most beautiful morning at Peacock,,,cool and crisp, huge waves and whale jumping everywhere. And the best of trail buddies to share all of this ...we all just hated to come down off the mountain. Lucky we live Hawaii"

The only change from last week: meeting at 6:30 a.m. as they are opening the gate a bit earlier. Again, the parking or meeting area is the parking lot behind the Dillingham Airfield control tower. 

Make sure you take plenty of hydration--carry at minimum 60oz and have nutrition and electrolytes. 

If you need more information or are doing something different and would like some company, post in the comments below.

Get out there and run!

Aloha, Bob