Ala Moana to Kailua Run - Friday 1630
UPDATED: Saturday, June 16, 2012 Trail Maintenance Day (UPDATED START TIME & LOCATION: SEE COMMENTS BELOW)

2012 Mango Madness Results

Aloha Athletes,

Today's Mango Madness was run under almost ideal trail conditions. We had 170+ runners show up today and as far as I could tell, everyone had a great time. The three RD, Melanie, Jacque, and Angela did an awesome job. I know there were lots of other volunteers posted at key corners on the course and at the two aid stations as well as at the start/finish. Others also helped with trail marking and clean-up. Thank you to everyone who volunteered. Some photos are already up on FB and I am sure more will be posted. 

I have the results that I will be posting with a link below however three visitors from Colorado were the last to finish, thanks to Johnny and Jacque for bringing them in. Their results are not included in the pdf link. 

Leslie Miyasato, Christi Robertson, Maria Claucelin (All women and all at 4:20)

There was something new at this year's race: "King of the Mountain" for the first person to reach the top of concrete hill. Jimmy Davis was the men's King and Susie Stephen--was the women's Queen. Both were also overall winners. 



The next race in the HURT Trail Series is the Kaena Point Firecracker 10 Miler at 7:00 a.m. on July 7th.


Aloha, Bob


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Leslie Miyasato

I was asked to write a guest blog entry for this race. Here's the link, if anyone is interested.

Leslie Miyasato

I'm still trying to figure out all of our wrong turns.......well, I'm assuming they were wrong. It may remain a mystery! :-) We did go by a tree full of rats......was that on the route? The "rat" tree was next to the "hula skirt" tree (ok, our name for it).

Dale Soden

Dales Tale,
The Mango Madness 10 Mile trail run was the hardest races I have ever ran. 170 runners stared out running down a few steps then down around a huge tree then up a road then on a trail for a few miles of jungle trail running mostly up hill. Then we jump over a fence and ran and walked up the famous grooved concrete hill that went staight up for over a mile. I was looking pretty good at this point. I thought the hill was never going to stop. You would run a little then you would walk. Just when you thought the hill would be over there was more hill to climb. Once I reach the top i had to run down some narrow trail that looked like a small stream ran through it. Then the trail turn into roots, rocks, mud. I fell down only once during the race.The view from the top of the mountain was breath taking and trail was beautiful at every turn. We had just ran up to a top of a huge moutain and I was worried about getting back to my car. We where suppose to follow yellow ribbons on the way up and orange on the way down. And I am color blind. The pain I felt running down that mountain was real intense. And trying to run on roots,rocks was almost was to much. And there was these crazy runners passing me down that mountain. I thought I was going to die.Those Hawaii runners are the toughest I have ever witness. Toward the end of the race I got lost on the trail and ended up taking a short cut back to the finish. At the finish I went to walk back to my car to get my camara only to have to puke in the bushes. Then once I made it back to the race site for some post race food i puked again. I had to lay down in the shade and try and rest and was worried how i was going to get back to my car. After I felt a little better I walk to my car. Then back at the hotel I got out of my car only to have a really bad leg cramp so bad I was thinking about 911 aid car. it was a really a awesome experience and I am glad i did it. Would I do it again? "NO Way!" I didn't know what I was getting myself into. I will always remember the Mango Madness 10 Miler. The group that put the race on where a bunch of crazy ultra marathon runners. There name was H.U.R.T. running group. Now I know where they got there name. Now that I am back home and getting my legs back maybe I will be back next year for the Mango Manness 10 miler with a bunch of friends. Thanks for the awesome experience. Your new running buddy Dale(Crazy Legs)

Pj & John

Leslie, Christi, and Maria....we got you home states wrong...sorry 'bout that! You are good sports..thanks for coming to our trail run!!!

Leslie Miyasato

Great race even though we were lost for most of the race ( which explains our very sorry time)! But hey, we found our own way back, and enjoyed the beauty of the trails!

Leslie (from Michigan), Christi (from Arizona) & Maria (from Finland)


Thank you Melanie, Jacque, and Angela! What a great day :-)

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