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Saturday Training 6-30-12: Kaena Point Firecracker Pre-Run 6:00 a.m. start

Aloha Athletes,

This Saturday offers you an opportunity to pre-run the Kaena Point Firecracker route prior to next Sunday's race. You did see the race was changed to Sunday right???

We will be starting at 6:00 a.m. from the parking lot where the race begins which is at the end of the road, ocean side, past Dillingham Airfield and Camp Erdman. Post any questions below in the comments.

This is an out and back route and there will be no water available so please plan accordingly and bring at least 32 ounces. 

I am sure some other runners will be doing Peacock again and don't forget Mike M. is doing his around the island run to help raise more money for George. See an earlier post down below for more info.

If you would like some company on a run you are doing, post in the comments below. 

Finally, we say goodbye to our friend, Pete Martinez, Thursday. Gathering at 3:00 p.m. and the service scheduled for 5:30 on the beach in Kailua behind Kalapawai Market. 

Aloha, Bob

End Your Holiday Week with a BANG!! 

H.U.R.T. Trail Series Kaena Point Firecracker 10-Mile Trail Race

Sunday July 8, 2012 @ 7:00a.m.

On July 8th the H.U.R.T. Trail Series heads to end of the road and Kaena Point on the beautiful North Shore of Oahu.


No pre-registration, just show up at least 45 minutes prior to the race start (6:15a.m.),

pay the $10 entry fee, and be ready to run.


There will be Awards, Theme Prizes, and a BBQ Potluck after the race, so please bring a dish to share, a beach chair, swimsuit - to relax and enjoy the post-race festivities!  Hotdogs, burgers (regular & veggie), condiments, drinks, and some fruit will be provided.

Muddy flag running shorts

COSTUME PRIZES!!!! The theme for our race is Cartoon Costumes (think Roadrunner, Wiley Coyote, & dynamite that goes BANG!) so runners are encouraged to show up dressed in the spirit of this FUN event to be eligible for prizes! So don’t be shy, have some fun…  Costume award categories may include but are not limited to: Most Patriotic… Cartoon Character… Brightest Colors… Craziest Hat… etc.

In addition, this year we are adding TWICE the fun:

Dyn-o-mite-challenge logo

Crazy patriotic runners challenge yourself with the first ever Dyn-O-Mite Double Challenge Run!

Do BOTH the XTERRA Freedomfest 10K Trail Run AND our Firecracker Race


XTERRA Freedomfest is held at Kualoa Ranch on Saturday, July 7th

You can register for XTERRA Freedomfest on race day or visit www.xterrafreedomfest.com

Do both for DOUBLE the fun!!


Firecracker Race Fine Print:

Kaena Point is a fast, flat, out-and-back course that parallels the ocean along jeep trails and an old sugar cane rail line. The course runs from the end of the pavement at Mokuleia past Dillingham Airfield and Camp Erdman, to where the pavement begins again on the Waianae coast side at Yokohama Bay. We will have an aid station with water set up at the turnaround, however, we will require ALL runners to carry adequate water (at least one 20 ounce bottle) during the run. It is hot out there and there is not much shade. Don't forget sun protection!

Driving Instructions:  From the North Shore, follow the signs to Mokuleia or Waialua. Follow Farrington Highway past Dillingham Airfield and Camp Erdman. After that, you will come to Kaena Point State Park on your right.

Please contact one of the race directors below with any questions or IF INTERESTED IN VOLUNTEERING – we are still in need of fun-loving volunteers to help make our race an enjoyable experience for all the racers!

Happy Trails and Happy 4th of July!!

Julie T & Scott G

Julie: julieDOTtakishimaATyahooDOTcom

Scott: [email protected] 



Around Oahu for George

Here we Go!   Today at Aloha Tower at 4:00PM ---Sunday Aloha Tower at 4:00PM approx. 

Please post this announcement to your Facebook page.  Please give some thought to making a pledge.   Come out and run a bit of it if you can!  

Thank you all who have offered to help out, and to the runners who will be attempting all or a part of this run.  

See you out there!   Aloha.


HURT Run For George

We will be upping the mileage a bit and making this the next leg in the George-apalooza-thon!

Next Friday, June 29th, I will begin a run Around Oahu.  Come and join me if you can.  As I've done on each attempt over the past years I've raised money for a charity.   This year rather than look far from home I will be raising money to help George with his mounting medical bills.   


Oahu Perimeter

For a complete description of the Route and the concept please see last year's description  http://www.hurthawaii.com/2011/03/the-oahu-solos-april-15-17th.html

I will donate ONE dollar for every mile I run with the intent of donating at least the full 140 Miles.  In addition I will match this amount (Up to $500) for anyone who can stay with me and do as many miles or more than I do in approximately the same time. (i.e. this is an ultra event, limited rests, continuous effort affair)  

I am also seeking support pledges in whatever amount you feel may you can afford.  (@ $1-140 ; @ 0.50-70; @ 0.25-35)  Or whatever you can afford.  We did this last month, I realize,  but the bills don't stop coming in for a long long time.  

Donations can be mailed to

George Ramos

C/O Villiger Construction
59-036 Kahauola Street
Haleiwa, HI  96712

 If you are interested in joining me please contact me at manoahouse at hotmail dot com.

We are seeking run support:

Support Runners along the way are always appreciated!

We need a volunteer(s) preferably male, to show up at Yokahama Bay around Sunday Morning @2:00AM and stay with us till Nanakuli.  Its the most difficult point as there are no stores or water sources, and when we get into the commercial areas it  will be very early.    

We would also appreciate some aid across Ewa.  

Show up with your GEORGE SHIRT!!

Runners depart Aloha Tower at 4:00PM Friday Afternoon, June 29th!




Mahalo to HURT volunteers!!!

Next time you are on the Maunawili trail and it looks like this:


Think of the hard-working crew that transformed the trail from this:


Thank you SO much for the hours, the sweat, and the brawn that was generously donated by the following people:

The work gangSteve DeWald
Larry Inouye
Jeff Fong
Freddy Halmes
Cheryl Loomis
Mike Muench
Scot Kuwaye
Gordon Lau
Rosie Warfield
Jeremy Dow
Clem Aleka Gorai
Susie Stephen
Heather McCafferty
Jacque Tellei
Augusto DeCastro
Neal Yasuda
Johnny Landezza
Doug Baker
Keith Campbell
Barbie McAllaster
Marian Yasuda

Saturday Training 6-23-12: Peacock Flats 6:00 a.m. start

Aloha Athletes,

It's been a tough week and it is only Tuesday. 

I guess people are getting anxious to start training for Peacock. I mean it is 4+ months away so yes--i guess it is that time. 

Cheryl says the start time is 6:00 a.m. behind the Control Tower at Dillingham Airfield. If you don't like to sleep or have to be out of the house by 5:00 a.m., you can always check with Marian to see if there is an earlier start time. 

Remember, these runs are always self-supported. In other words, you need to plan on carrying 60+ oz of liquid hydration, your own food, electrolytes, etc. Sunscreen is also a good idea as well. 

Big thank you to all who helped this past weekend on the trail maintenance of Maunawili Trail. It is really important work that got done that day. I saw a pig along the Pali Highway driving home from town last night just before the Hairpin Turn. I think the pigs are getting ready for a little trail rumble come early August out there. 

Northshore Swim Series also kicks off this Saturday. I will be there with Watt Wheels!

Aloha, Bob

A Sad Farewell: "Pizza" Pete Martinez, You will be Missed

Aloha Athletes,

Pete, John, Ernest Mango Madness 2006I got an early call from Cheryl this morning that we had lost another HURT runner. Not lost on the trails, lost as in no longer with us. 

Pete Martinez is much of why this site even exists. Pete's business was creating web sites. He started creating sites in 1994 for companies large and small. Back in late 2004 blogs were the newest form of web communication tools and he and I started discussing the idea of creating one for HURT. He told me to just do it! Pete was like that; outspoken, direct and very good at what he did.

With HURT, I don't think Pete cared much for the races, that isn't what he was in to. He enjoyed time out on the trails. He enjoyed being fit however he also recognized and believed that continuous and longterm running was not necessarily the best thing--at least for him. 

For those of us who remember Pete, one of our greatest memories and why the nickname; "Pizza" Pete, is he had the uncanny ability to show up at the least likely time with wonderful warm cheezy, pizza. Often times in the middle of the night, on a wet and cool night, it was always a welcome sight to see "Pizza" Pete!

The other role Pete played many times was parking czar. There he would be at 0-dark hundred, not allowing any cars past him. 

Pete had another passion and it was probably one of his strongest interests: windsurfing. He had been involved with windsurfing for years--back when Kailua bay was the epicenter and continued to search the island for the best wind. Click here to see him in action. 

Pete was very involved in local business networking including HEA and SMEI.

At this point I don't know any more. This is a Facebook site: Memories of Pete

Pete, you influenced and impacted a lot of people and you will be sadly missed.

If you have photos or other stories about Pete, please either post in comments below or send me photos and I will get them posted. 

With much aloha,


Mango Madness Photos and Unclaimed T-Shirts

The photos and videos are up for Mango Madness! You can see them at: http://www.facebook.com/photogrunner

Thank you, Augusto Decastro for volunteering your time and talents. Remember, these photos cannot be reproduced without permission from him. If you'd like the original, please contact him directly.

As for the 10 shirts that were not picked up at the race, they will be available at Little Sprouts. It's a children's boutique in Kailua located in the Kailua Shopping Center (with Times Supermarket and Lanikai Juice). Store phone number is 266-8877.

Thanks again to all who participated and volunteered.

Aloha, Melanie

UPDATED: Saturday, June 16, 2012 Trail Maintenance Day (UPDATED START TIME & LOCATION: SEE COMMENTS BELOW)

Aloha HURT Ohana!

IMG_0716Saturday, June 16 will be an opportunity for us to assist Na Ala Hele with the maintenence of the Maunawili trail and also prepare the trail for hoards of people wanting to Run With the Pigs!  Na Ala Hele has generously agreed to work with us to make this work day happen. 

What to bring:

  • Water
  • Sunscreen and hat
  • Gloves
  • Lunch and snacks
  • Mosquito repellant
  • Tools such as; weedwhackers, hedge trimmers, machetes

The plan is to meet at the Maunawili trailhead at 10 am in Waimanalo.  We will load into State Vehicle(s) and be driven a couple of miles up the jeep road access (making the hike significantly shorter for access to the middle section). 

If you are interested in helping out, please respond with a comment or email me at mnyasuda at hawaii dot rr dot com.  Indicate in your response the number of people and any tools that you might be able to provide.  If you are needing certification of trail work for a planned trail race, I will facilitate that certification.  Just provide your necessary form to me on the day of service and I will get it signed.

Questions: Please post in comments below. 

For those of you looking to run this weekend. On Sunday, the Soul Runners group (see on Facebook) is planning to run the newly cleaned trail. 

Aloha, Marian


2012 Mango Madness Results

Aloha Athletes,

Today's Mango Madness was run under almost ideal trail conditions. We had 170+ runners show up today and as far as I could tell, everyone had a great time. The three RD, Melanie, Jacque, and Angela did an awesome job. I know there were lots of other volunteers posted at key corners on the course and at the two aid stations as well as at the start/finish. Others also helped with trail marking and clean-up. Thank you to everyone who volunteered. Some photos are already up on FB and I am sure more will be posted. 

I have the results that I will be posting with a link below however three visitors from Colorado were the last to finish, thanks to Johnny and Jacque for bringing them in. Their results are not included in the pdf link. 

Leslie Miyasato, Christi Robertson, Maria Claucelin (All women and all at 4:20)

There was something new at this year's race: "King of the Mountain" for the first person to reach the top of concrete hill. Jimmy Davis was the men's King and Susie Stephen--was the women's Queen. Both were also overall winners. 



The next race in the HURT Trail Series is the Kaena Point Firecracker 10 Miler at 7:00 a.m. on July 7th.


Aloha, Bob

Ala Moana to Kailua Run - Friday 1630

Running home to Kailua after work tonight - Friday.  Departing from the Ala Mona Shopping Center Macy's end around 4:30pm at the corner of Atkinson and Ala Moana in front of the YMCA on Atkinson.  Fun run testing my new pack.  About 15 miles on road until Pali Tunnels then trail and back to road.  Easy pace with conversation.  Call me to coordinate at 808-497-3911.  Aloha - Paul