UPDATED: Saturday, June 16, 2012 Trail Maintenance Day (UPDATED START TIME & LOCATION: SEE COMMENTS BELOW)
A Sad Farewell: "Pizza" Pete Martinez, You will be Missed

Mango Madness Photos and Unclaimed T-Shirts

The photos and videos are up for Mango Madness! You can see them at: http://www.facebook.com/photogrunner

Thank you, Augusto Decastro for volunteering your time and talents. Remember, these photos cannot be reproduced without permission from him. If you'd like the original, please contact him directly.

As for the 10 shirts that were not picked up at the race, they will be available at Little Sprouts. It's a children's boutique in Kailua located in the Kailua Shopping Center (with Times Supermarket and Lanikai Juice). Store phone number is 266-8877.

Thanks again to all who participated and volunteered.

Aloha, Melanie


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Andrew Collins

I would also be interested in taking over an unclaimed men's med if it comes to that! There was another guy on the trail taking tons of pictures, do we know where he posted them? Thanks,

jacki doppelmayer

Jessica, what size are you? I think I ordered a women's large and there's little chance I'll be in Kailua in the next several weeks to pick mine up. If you like, you could have mine

Jessica Fetter

Hi! If we wanted a shirt but missed the deadline, can we purchase a shirt if it continues to be "unclaimed" after a couple of weeks? Thanks! :)

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