H.U.R.T. 2013 Race Registration Information
Ala Moana to Kailua Run - Friday 1630

Mango Madness Race - This Saturday 6/9


Mango Madness, the 4th race in the H.U.R.T. Trail Series, is this Saturday, June 9th at 7am! Race is show up and sign up. Please arrive by 6:30 AM to pay $10 and hear the race briefing.

Start/Finish is at the pumping station/mini park at the corner of Makiki Street/Makiki Heights Drive.  The 10+ mile course takes place in the Tantalus trail system and includes the infamous 'Concrete Hill': a 1+ mile beast of grooved pavement. Plenty of rocks, roots, mud and fun -- something for everyone!

NEW prize for this year.... KING OF THE MOUNTAIN. The first male and female athlete to arrive at the top of Concrete Hill will get a prize. Prizes, as always, will be given to the top 10 male and 10 female finishers.

10+ Miles for this race always means a special detour thrown in when you least expect it. So expect it!

Hope to see you all there. Refreshments will await you at the finish.

POT LUCK AFTERWARDS....Please bring a dish to share. We are bidding Benita and Arvel Shults a fond "Aloha". Don't miss it!

Aloha, Melanie


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There is a parade from downtown to Waikiki tomorrow morning so plan your drive (or run) home to avoid it.

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