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Saturday Training November 3, 2012: HURT100 Training Starts, Paradise to Nuuanu and Back

Aloha Athletes,

With Peacock behind us, it is time to look ahead. For many, it is time to start thinking HURT 100. Of course not everyone that reads this site or comes here for running opportunities is entered into the HURT 100. 

Others out there might be focused on the Xterra Trail World Championships at Kualoa (a tough half marathon) in December and/or the Honolulu Marathon a week later. Feel free to join in on any of the upcoming training runs. You always have the option to run shorter or longer. Some of you may just want to get out and enjoy running on the trails. Jump on in.

So this Saturday we are meeting in the back of Manoa Valley just before the road narrows going up to the Paradise Park. We recommed parking out on this street. Please keep quite to not disturb the neighbors. 

Cheryl says start time is 6:00 a.m. Yes, that means you will need a light for the first 15 minutes or so. 

Going over to Nuuanu and back is around 11-1/2 to 12 miles roundtrip. Time wise, this run can take 2-1/2 to 3-1/2 hours.

For the next couple of months, HURT 100 runners will be running 20, 40 and longer miles (including night runs) as they prep for the January race. If you are not in the race, there are always opportunities to help at the aid stations, safety patrol, or even pace a runner. If you are interested, ask some of the other runners or click on one of the links on the right side of this page to volunteer. 

One last reminder, 

Calling all Cooks – Recipe submissions for H.U.R.T. Cookbook

Cheryl and Marian are putting together a cookbook with some of our recipes and would like to ask everyone to pitch in with their most ono recipes for food, drink, snacks, whateva. 

The process to submit is easy. Just send me an email ([email protected]) to let her know that you would like to submit. She will email the instructions and link to the site where you may submit the recipes. There is a limit of 5 recipes per person.  Thank you so much for helping! 

If you have something different planned for this weekend and would like company, add it into the Comments below. 

Aloha, Bob

2012 Peacock Results or Only in Hawaii Does a Tsunami Warning...

Aloha Athletes,

We’d like to congratulate everyone who toed the line this weekend.  This is a very difficult race, and most of you trained extremely hard.  Unfortunately, we had to make some very hard decisions in a very short span of time.  I hope all of the runners we pulled from the trail understand that we did so with their safety in mind. 

To help you understand our decisions, please remember:  it wasn’t very long ago that most of us were looking for Are, and Rob was driving Are’s parents around the Peacock trail looking for their lost boy.  When it comes to safety on this course, we’d much rather disappoint our runners than look into their parents’ eyes and explain why we didn’t take proper precautions.

To recap what happened--when we were told by Security at Dillingham that gates had to be locked at 10 p.m. and that we had to leave the premises, the following quickly ensued:

1. Determination was made about who was on the course and where.

2. We then developed an absolute cutoff to get down from the 3 way at 9 p.m.

3. The race at that point was completed and cancelled.

4. We called Joel and told him to hold all runners so they could be transported back to the start / finish.  There, runners could retrieve their cars and leave premises as requested by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center via Dillingham Security.

As the evening unfolded all runners were held at the respective aid stations.  Once all runners and pacers were accounted for, the decision was made to move the runners closer to the finish line in anticipation of the ‘all clear’; however they were to travel down as a group.

Many who we held / pulled off the course at Long Road would have finished the event. However they did the correct thing and chose to listen to race officials and evacuate the course and/or head back up Long Road with Joel to await the all clear. Had they selfishly continued on, it would have created a larger burden on the tracking of the runners. These folks all did the correct thing.

At 9 PM, the race was officially done.  Although several runners did cross the finish line before the original cutoff of 2 A.M., they did so after the race had been cancelled. The same opportunity to finish was never afforded those folks at long road. 

Our 100k results will show “DNF” for true DNF’s.  Those pulled from the course will receive a “ROCBRCODTTE,” which is short for "Runner On Course But Race Called Off Due To Tsunami Evacuation." 
This was a very hard decision to make, and we did not take any of it lightly.  We know this will upset and/or disappoint some of you and for that we apologize. 

Rob Lahoe
Larry Inouye

Saturday Training: Hunting Expedition 10-27-12

Aloha Athletes,

238_14016637212_3968_nSomething different this weekend. We are planning a hunting expedition up at Peacock Flats. Guaranteed large game sightings.

Gordon has sanctioned this event and will be providing guidance and any last minutes supplies.

Being the smart hunter he is, Gordan has delegated most of the details to people like Rob, Larry, Cheryl, Joel and Steph and probably many others.

These game will mostly be two legged, however late in the day and evening, some may be reduced to all four crawling type positions. Runner-crawling-to-finish-lineIt's the nature of the beast. It is during these times, if you listen closely, you will surely here the animals crying and whimpering. 

If you are participating in this hunt, there is suggested apparel:  hunters or dayglo orance outfits. At minimum a hat like this works:  

MXM2z4yqdHOvtlzwv034oVQThe key thing to remember: Don't approach these large game. Though some may seem friendly and peaceful, they can turn on you in an instant. They are best observed from a distance unless you are truly up for the hunt.

Robert will packing his big guns and shooting pixels of all the game he can see. Watch out for him as he sneaks up on the game and shoots them in their native running element. 

Don't forget to show up at Runner's HI on Friday to get your hunting license and other last minute details. This starts at 6:00 p.m. (and hopefully ends soon after that!).

Hunter check-in is at 5:30 a.m. bright and early the next morning.

Just to be clear, this hunting event is sold out and no, you can not show up Saturday morning and enter. You will have to wait until 2013 to enter.

Official info can also be found here

Aloha, Bob

HURT Cookbook Needs YOU!

Only NINE days left to submit your (or your Mom's, Dad's, Aunty's, or Uncle's) best recipes for the HURT cookbook.  Any and all recipes are needed and welcomed. 

Mango cheescake 039-1Call me or email me at mnyasudaAThawaiiDOTrrDOTcom for submittal instructions, or just email the recipe to me. 

I am very grateful for everyone's help with the creation of this cookbook. 



Saturday Training 10-20-12 Lanipo Hike

Aloha Athletes,

For a change of pace and by popular demand, we are going to do a hike on the Lanipo Trail led by Gordon this week.

Meet at the trail head at 6:45 a.m. Please allow enough time to drive to the trail head as it is at the top Wilhelmina Rise. Essentially drive all the way up Sierra Drive and then get on Maunalani Circle and look for us and the trail head. If you don't know where this is, use Google Maps for Maunalani Circle. You might want to carpool

Remember we are parking in a neighborhood, so please be quiet and park carefully. The trail is only about 4-miles each direction but the elevation gain is 1600 feet (per my trail guide book) and it is marked as a strenuous hike. 

Bring plenty of water, trail snacks, and you might want long pants depending on how sensitive your legs are to trail brush and mud. 

Also just as reminder, get those recipe's into Marian as the dealine to enter them in the  HURT cookbook is 10/31.

Aloha, Bob

Fri 10-12 HURT Night Loop 5PM

Got permission late last night for a night loop tonight.  Leaving PP bus stop by 5pm and going for a nice jog into the night.  Nothing too crazy with a resupply using the NC fountains.  Any takers trying to get away from Peacock Flats just show up and bring some good jokes and stories.  20 miles around 6 hours.  - Paul S.

Saturday Training 10-13-12: Peacock Flats Again!

Aloha Athletes,

Are you ready for cooler weather? 

As I mentioned last week, back to Peacock again Saturday. 

6:00 a.m. start from the parking lot behind the Dillingham Airfield Tower. Again, there will probably be a group starting from the base of Long Road at 4:30 a.m.

Gordon is planning another hike for October 20th. Plan on Lanipo.

Who is running the Gunstock Half Marathon on Saturday?

Post in the Comments if you are doing something different and want company.

Aloha, Bob

Seeking company on a REVERSE Gordon’s/Are’s Loop HIKE

Looking for one or more persons who are available to HIKE a REVERSE Gordon’s Loop and Are’s Loop.  Guessing that’s about 19 miles.

Disclaimer:  This probably won’t be much of a “training run” since I’m planning to hike it backwards as I scout out shooting locations for the upcoming race.  Though, for some of us, like me currently, even hiking 19 miles up there is a decent workout.  : )

Looking for someone who isn’t camera shy as I might ask you to go up ahead and hike/jog back toward me to confirm a good shooting position.


Dates I’m looking at in order of my preference:

Friday  10/5 (sorry, yes, that’s tomorrow)

Friday  10/19

Saturday  10/6

Saturday  10/13

Sunday 10/21

Friday  10/26 (last resort since I’d rather not be up there the day prior to the race)


Start time is negotiable but thinking it would be best to be as close to the actual race start time as possible, 6am.

Wife and I would prefer I do the right thing and not go up there alone so the company would be greatly appreciated.  You don’t need to be familiar with the trail/course as I know it well enough.  Just able to do 19 miles of fairly strenuous hiking but at a casual pace.




[email protected]


Saturday Training 10-6-12: Peacock Flats


(Click on image and enlarge it. You should be able to pan back and forth. Where was this taken?)

Aloha Athletes,

As the Peacock race is fast approaching, this weekend is just about your last chance to put in long miles or time on your feet. Make sure you have worked out your hydration and nutrition. Use your training time for this, not race day. 

As in the past few weeks; 6:00 a.m. start from the parking lot behind the Dillingham Airfield Tower. There will probably be a group starting from the base of Long Road at 4:30 a.m.

If you can get out Friday, Jeff W. is starting at 5:00 a.m. 

Next weekend will probably be a shorter weekend of the same. Gordon is planning another hike for October 20th. Plan on Lanipo.

Next weekend is also the Gunstock Half Marathon if you want something different. Also this weekend is the 24 Hour MTB race out at Kualoa. 

Post in the Comments if you are doing something different and want company.

Aloha, Bob