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Ultra Study and Research

Aloha Athletes,

I thought some of you might be interested in this so I am posting for all of you to check out. 

Hello!  To help keep you abreast of research related to ultramarathon running, I call your attention to some recent publications from our group which I’ve listed below.  Links to the abstracts (when available) are provided, or can be found at the research page of the Western States Endurance Run ( where the entire list of WSER-related scientific publications can also be found. 

 We are most appreciative of the many of you who have participated in these various studies!

 If you would like to receive the full paper for any of these publications, please let me know and I will be happy to send to you.

 And….if you have not already enrolled in the ULTRA Study, please consider doing so.  A summary of the study can be found at:

The initial survey is at:

Many thanks to the over 1300 ultramarathon runners who have enrolled! 

 Health and Happiness!


Martin D. Hoffman, MD, FACSM, FAWM

Chief of PM&R, VA Northern California Health Care System

Professor of PM&R, University of California Davis

Director of Research, Western States Endurance Run

Hoffman MD, Ingwerson JL, Rogers IR, Stuempfle KJ, Hew-Butler T. Increasing creatine phosphokinase concentrations at the 161-km Western States Endurance Run. Wilderness Environ Med.2012;23:56-60.

Millet GY, Hoffman MD, Morin JB. Sacrificing economy to improve running performance--a reality in the ultramarathon? J Appl Physiol. 2012;113(3):507-9.

Hoffman MD, Stuempfle KJ, Fogard K, Hew-Butler T, Winger J, Weiss RH. Urine dipstick analysis for identification of runners susceptible to acute kidney injury following an ultramarathon. J Sports Sci. 2013;31(1):20-31.

Stuempfle KJ, Hoffman MD, Hew-Butler T. Gastrointestinal distress in ultramarathoners is associated with race diet. Int J Sport Nutr Ex Metabol. 2013;23:103-9.

Hoffman MD, Hew-Butler T, Stuempfle KJ. Exercise-associated hyponatremia and hydration status in 161-km ultramarathons. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2013;45:784-91.

Winger J, Hoffman MD, Hew-Butler T, Stuempfle KJ, Dugas J, Fogard K, Dugas L. Physiology and hydration beliefs affect race behavior but not post-race sodium in 161-km ultramarathon finishers. Int J Sports Physiol Perform. 2013 Feb 14. [Epub ahead of print]

Hoffman MD, Fogard K, Winger J, Hew-Butler T, Stuempfle KJ. Characteristics of 161-km ultramarathon finishers developing exercise-associated hyponatremia. Res Sports Med. (in press – available soon). 



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Mark Speck

Thank you for this information Dr. Hoffman, I look forward to reading these papers. I wonder if your study is limited to just runners or if you take multisport athletes as well?

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