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Call for Saturday Run Leaders

Aloha Athletes,

This is a call for volunteers to lead the H.U.R.T. Saturday runs. 'Tis the time of year when the trail series is over, folks are busy training for the HURT 100, and run leaders become harder and harder to find due to the hectiness of the holiday season. Many others are also simply enjoying a re-boot after a long year of racing (like me!)

This is your chance to be a lead and take the group to that trail you’ve always wanted to run (or hike). Any distance and any pace are absolutely fine. Event the start time can be up to you. Want to run on a Sunday instead of a Saturday...that's fine too! We typically see the largest turnout when we are branching out to other trails and many are itching to explore new terrain.

Leader Perks:

  • Choose your trail, any trail! Tired of Peacock and Tantalus? Let’s do something new!  Once your route has been determined, it will be posted on the blog for you during the week prior to your Saturday.
  • Meet new people - we have amazing people that show up, from newbies to the grizzled vets, each and every week. Leading the run gives you a chance to connect and make loads of new friends.
  • Anyone can do it – whether it’s your first time running with H.U.R.T. or your 100th.
  • Do it your way – make it fun. Want to implement some ground rules? 10 pushups each mile? Last person down the mountain buys the first round of drinks? Everyone has to stop and do repeats up the steepest part of the course? Have fun with it and make up your own rules.

The mission…if you choose to accept it, means that if you sign up for a slot, it’s yours. Partner up with someone just in case. If not, you'll need to find your own replacement if you aren’t able to make it. 

The goal is to get enough folks to sign up so that each leader is only responsible for one run every 2-3 months. Your participation will enable us to continue offering our weekly Saturday training runs. 

Disclaimer:  Without your help, weekly runs may not be continuing on a regular basis…so if you love them and want them to continue, please sign up for a slot or click the icon below (or just shoot me an email at: shortysgirl182 @ yahoo.com).




H.U.R.T. 2015 Trail Series is now open for registration!

Aloha Athletes,

Sign up for the 2015 H.U.R.T. Trail Series is now open. We welcome our new Race Directors Arvel & Benita who will be taking care of us at the Kaena Point Firecracker run; Steve V. who will jump in as co-director with me for Run with a View; as well as a migration for Julie and Jeff who have moved over to directing Triple Trek with Fish. Big thanks to Sue and Heather for all the years of service they have provided as RD's for the TTT, we will miss you!

Marian and I are stepping in to help John & PJ manage and oversee the Trail Series. We have some very large shoes to fill left vacant by the departure of our beloved Cheryl. We are looking forward to seeing everyone in 2015! But first up, that little race in January...


Important - We are no longer offering the option to sign up for all races at once, so please sign up for each race individually in order to secure a coveted slot.



Thursday November 27th @ 6am - Turkey Trot (Trail Edition)

Aloha Athletes, Turkeyrunning

Want to burn some calories before your Thanksgiving meal? Well we have just the thing for you! This coming week, for our run we'll be doing a trail edition Turkey Trot. Join us Thanksgiving morning for 10 miles at Tantalus. Meet at the Nature Center picnic table at 6am.

Nothing like pre-burning some Thanksgiving calories in the hopes of easing the guilt that will ensue as we slip in to our food induced comas later in the day.

Hope to see you all there!


Saturday, November 22nd: JAG @ 6:30am

Aloha Athletes,

This Saturday the lovely Melanie will be leading a run starting from Jackass Ginger (Nu'uanu) at 6:30am. The exact route is to be determined but anticipate running 10 miles or so. For fun, see if you can find the Christmas trees decorated along the way although many of the ornaments have blown off since last year's Christmas tree run ;)

Parking is a bit trickier on this side. Park in the small pullout off the road near the trailhead or better yet, in the neighborhood down below and walk or run up. Either way, leave the valuables at home!

For those that want bonus miles, you can always park at the Nature Center or Manoa and run over to JAG in time for the run.

Next week, a heads up our weekly run will take place on Thanksgiving day. A trail edition Turkey Trot starting at 6am to leave plenty of time to get home and cleaned up before spending the day with family and friends.


Saturday November 15th: No Scheduled Training Run

Aloha Athletes,

Just a quick note to announce that there will not be an organized training run for Saturday November 15th. But if you're signed up for the H.U.R.T. 100 don't take that as a sign to take the day off! The trails of Tantalus await you and are open any time..

Look forward to a special trail-edition night-time turkey trot run in the coming weeks!

Gobble gobble


Saturday Training: November 8, 2014 - Tantalus

Aloha Athletes: Work gang

First, I would like to say a big mahalo to those volunteers that worked hard last Sunday with Na Ala Hele to get the trail system into fantastic shape!  I was not there, but I know these folks worked very hard: Mike Cole, Augusto Decastro, Steve Clemons, Iris Oshiro, Sandi Kanemori, Jim Masterson, Jeff Fong, and Freddy Halmes. We are hoping for additional opportunities prior to race day in January. We get great pleasure and benefit from the use of these trails, and need to give back when we are able.

Speaking of giving back, HURT 100 is about 10 weeks away.  If you have not yet volunteered to help, there are three aid station looking for volunteers to work during the race.  To volunteer at the Nature Center, contact PJ.  To volunteer at Paradise Park, contact Marian or sign up here.  To volunteer at Nuuanu, contact Freddy or sign up at Runners HI. To volunteer for trail marking or safety patrol, contact Jeff.

This Saturday's training will be on Tantalus trails (get used to it). The plan is to do reverse Triple Trek loops beginning at the Nature Center at 6:00 a.m. Parking is recommended below the lot, as it may be a bit more secure; as always do not leave valuables in your vehicle.  Please be mindful of the residents nearby and keep voices and noises to a minimum. The group will do 2.5 to 3 loops and will use vehicles for resupply in between loops.  Bring your own water and nutrition. 

Enjoy your weekend and happy trails!