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The HURT Hawaii Site: 10+ Years

Aloha Athletes,

As you have probably noticed, the HURT Hawaii site has a new look. This site was created a little over 10 years ago when blogging was still pretty new. Before this site, Don Fallis, Cheryl Loomis, as well as John and PJ Salmonson would organize weekly training runs and we would all find out about them either over the phone or via e-mail through a Yahoo group. We were a much smaller group back then and this was way before Facebook and other social media. 

Other runners at that time included Neal and Marian Yasuda, Rex Vlcek and Bob Murphy. Vernon Char was a regular on Friday evening night runs as well. There were many others. Arvel and Benita Shults started joining in as did Paul Sibley. Kat Tagaca also ran many of the runs. Mike Muench joined in at some point as well. Steve Dewald and Jim Masterson were part of the early groups too. I know there were many others and many before this as well. Pete Martinez was also very much involved. Brian Wilson ran a lot with us back then too. Ed Bugarin and Ben Cavazos were doing some crazy night runs. I know I am probably forgetting people and I apologize for that. Others runners included Jeff Huff, Nick Kaiser…the list goes on and on. 

Here is Don's introduction to the blog:

February 08, 2005

- See more at:

 This photo album shows many of the runners from back in that time period:

So…with fond aloha and so many great memories, it is time for a new adventure. Barbi and I are flying out this week to our new home in Boise, ID. We are excited and looking forward to new trails, playing in the snow and being able to take road trips!

A big thank you to John and PJ for all they have done related to HURT and making this a great space for all of us to play.

I am also excited to see what evolves with HURT Hawaii. Augusto is taking over this site and the new look is just the start. 

Until we meet again!

Aloha, Bob & Barbi




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What about original sunday runners when there were only Akabill Molmen, Jeff Huff, ad myself on many, many of them. I remember when Bob Murphy joined in and running with him was a blast as well. Most of the originals before the blog had eachothers phone numbers and thats how we communicated. Even though i am in Colorado now i spent 10+ years as a HURT memeber thanks to Big John for sending my shirt in the mail with no return address label. So awesome back then with no expectations of the futurw excpet to run forever. I cant do that anymore, sadly, but the HURT holds a place in my heart and "welcome to the church of the holy trail" being yelled at by Aka as we would careen down into nuuanu on one of our many sunday runs:) thanks to all the HURT family for all the great times on the trail...miss you

Jacki D

THANK YOU Bob! You and this site guided me and my son to our first HURT runs...indeed, monumental events in our lives. Much luck on your new adventures!

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