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Aloha Everyone,

Only one last weekend on the trail to get a final loop or two in!

File_000This Saturday, August 27, Jeff will be leading another preview/training runs to go at least one full loop of the course. Meet at the picnic and restroom area at the Maunalaha-Kanealoloe trail head (by the Hawaii Nature Center) at 5:30am. Bring a minimum of 20 oz of water as well as any nutrition (gels, energy bars, magic potions) you require, a (handheld) flashlight/headlamp, and most of all, a big smile. If you have not yet been on race course, make it a point to join us or have someone who does know it to take you on it very soon!! If you will be joining us and haven’t been on the Tantalus trails, please make it a point to remain with Jeff and the group, or be with someone who knows the course. As no pacers will be allowed for the race, it is highly recommended for those not familiar with the course to participate in this final session.

Here is a map of the course:


For those unfamiliar with the trails, feel free to print a copy for reference along the training run.

If you choose to do additional mileage or be on your own, be sure to have adequate water and nutrition as well as know the route (as well as your limits).

Please feel free to us contact via email at hurt3trek[at]gmail[dot]com.

Have a great remainder of week and hope to see you on the trails!


Sandi, Loren, and Jeff (da 3T RDs)


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Nice job kids.

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