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Maunawili Out and Back (Run With the Pigs) Instructions


When: Saturday, August 5 at starting at 6:00 a.m.

Where: Koolau Golf Course (see map)


  • Parking – Parking will be very tight. Please see Download Parking map showing our designated parking area. If possible, share a ride to minimize the number of parking spaces needed.  Only those who are doing the full out-n-back and leaving their vehicle for the entire race can park in the designated area.  Relay teams (and those not leaving a vehicle for the duration) should park temporarily in the lower parking lot.  There will be Parking Czars to direct you – please follow their guidance and pull into the inner-most parking stall as closely as practical. 
  • Check-In – ALL runners must check in at the start / finish (that means both relay members). The gate to the golf course should be open by 5:30. There is an outside chance it will be earlier than that, but no guarantees.
  • Start – The race will start at 6:00. All runners must be finished by 2:00 pm. If completing the 22 miles in 8 hours is not possible, there is an early start option.  However; in order to start early, you must contact Marian (808-221-5171) in advance, carry lights with you, and have familiarity with the course (or be with someone that does).  There will be a turn-around cut-off: runners must be out of the turn-around aid station by 10:00 am in order to continue on the course.
  • Relays – Both members of the team must be at the start / finish in the morning to check in and be numbered. The second runner should proceed to the turn-around aid station in Waimanalo (see map) on Waikupanaha Street. When your runner arrives, hand off the car keys and the first runner can return to the finish.
  • Mandatory
    • Time cut-offs – Runners must finish in 8 hours and be out of the aid station by 10:00 a.m.
    • Golf Course – We have port-a-potties for your use. Do NOT go into the golf course for any reason.  Bring your own water to wash up after the run.  No alcohol consumption is allowed.
    • Fluids – You must carry enough water for 11 HOT miles. Sixty ounces minimum is recommended.  You must bring your own electrolytes and calories to endure the distance.
    • Trail Etiquette – Yield to hikers, equestrians, and other runners. Do not leave the established trail.  The pink ribbons will mark the route at both ends of the course.  Blue ribbon means BAD; do not go where there is blue.  If you drop out of the run, you must notify a race director (Neal (554-5848 or Marian 221-5171).  Take care of each other out there!
  • Pau Hana – Please plan to stay and enjoy some food after the run.

Maunawili Out & Back (aka-Run With the Pigs) Preview Run July 22

E7142763180c744800fa1eaf8286cb8bSaturday, July 22 will be the preview run for the Maunawili Out and Back.  The run will start promptly at 6:00 am (same as race-day) at the Koolau Golf Course.  You may park in the uppermost parking lot only!  The gate typically opens about 10-15 minutes before 6:00 am.  

You may choose to go the full out and back distance of 22 miles or go one way only.  If you choose to go one way, you will need to arrange your own transportation at the Waimanalo end of the trail.  I will stash some water on the Waimanalo end for those planning a round trip.  You must carry enough water for a hot 11 miles (recommend 60 ounces each way).  Please bring your own calories and electrolytes.  See you Saturday!


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Firecracker Results and Mahalo!!!

OUTSTANDING Day for a nice run around the Ka'ena Point!!! 

Congratulations to all of you for your incredible accomplishment today under some epic conditions!!

I also want to thank John and PJ for allowing Benita and I to have the honor of hosting this great HURT event, Mahalo!!!

These events are all successful because of the hard work and dedication of our volunteer work force!!! Our HURT community is strong and supportive of each other and make these HURT Trail series runs a joy to attend!! 

Now I am just going to say thank you to everyone that Benita and I can think of, please forgive us if we omit your name..

Thanks USMC (3rd Radio BN), Jeffery, Freddy, Mike C, Mike, H, Mike, O, Daintry, Yumi, Carina, Linda, Jackie, Marin, Shell, Connie, Sandi, Myra, Ruby, Loren, Gus, Kalani, Liza, Chris, Jess, Tony, Nate, The Wolfe's, Lisa, Jaren, The Florian's, Andy....... 

Firecracker 2017 Results

Again, we thank you all for another fantastic event!!!



Arvel and Benita