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2017 Peacock Challenge Recap

Congratulations to everybody who participated in this year's Peacock Challenge!

We had a great turn-out from the Big Island including the winners in both divisions, Patrick Stover (new course record holder) and Bree Wee.

This year we had some challenges just to get to the starting line. The Army graciously allowed us to hold the race this past Saturday even as they had war games and training exercises at the same time. Thank you all for your patience at the West Gate, and thank you, Benita, for making sure the process went smoothly.

Thanks to Jeff F., Sue, Amanda, Jarren, Glenn, Connie and John for trail marking.

Marian/Neil Yasuda, Judy and Rob, Larry, Lee, Julie Ng, Les (the pig wrangler) Omura and Grace, Jill I, Lane and many other at long road aid station.

Steve Dewald and family, Andy C., Heather, Rebecca, Ron, Benita, and many more at three-way aid station.

Sandi, Myra, Linda, Sean, Laurie at the IN-N-Out Bistro!

Steve V, Rosie, Andy G, Kelly, and I think 2 more people helping us out on their bike patrol. I don’t know if I would rather run the crossover or bike it. None of the options seem to look that great for a novice like me.

Jeff F, Glenn, Kana, Jacki D for doing almost the same distance as the runners and that just as safety patrol rovers.

Rick Otani for following the “last” runner out of the start/finish on the first loop and heading over to three-way to help, only to come back and do the same routine in the evening!! On injured knees.

Jacque T, Ron, Jeff F, Glenn to do the course sweeping and taking off the ribbons/signs and rubbish off the trail.

At the start/finish, Jeff H, Vanessa, Wily, Connie, Mary B, Iris O, Jarren O, Kathy, Mikey B, Paul B, Melissa B, Kevin C, Brandt, Catherine C, Catlin F, Thomas F, Michael K, Sue, Heather McC, Heather O, and Zoe R the youngest volunteer!!

Benita, thank you for staying until the finish to help break down the aid station and to load everything up into the U-Haul.

Special thanks to Ashley Dudoit. She offered free massages to the runners after their run!!! I saw on their faces after getting off the table that they felt better already! Contact her if you need a follow-up appointment.

Thank you to PJ and John Salmonson!! I can not tell you how much I appreciate your support for this race, I would never
have taken it over without your help, guidance, and support. You trusted us enough to go ahead and take this race back into the HURT trail series. We are looking for a speedy recovery for you PJ so you can be ever present at check-in and time tracking. We all missed your presence at the race, you are always in our heart!

With all that said, here are your top finishers:






Click here for the full results

Thank you, Kana, for taking photos in the trails and Johnny Lingao for the finish/awards photos. Click here to view the gallery

Click here for more awesome photos on Facebook taken by Mikey Brown from Big Island.

To all, your humble friend,

Good Luck To The Peacock Challengers

Peacock Challenge 55 is upon us this weekend! Freddy and the race management team would like to thank all the volunteers, crews, and family members for putting so much time and effort to make this race happen. 

The roster list has been submitted to the US Army earlier today (Thursday, 10/19). So if you made it to the list, please don't forget to bring your ID's this Saturday in order to gain access to Dillingham Airfield.

For the runners and pacers, this is probably a good time to review the Peacock Challenge 55 Mile Run Information. Race check-in will begin at 4am to accommodate for the possible bottleneck at Dillingham Airfield's gate.

The current forecast this Saturday for Waialua is partly cloudy with a high of 87° and 10% chance of rain. 

See you soon!


ATTN: Peacock Challenge Announcements

1.) The US Army will take over access control of Dillingham Airfield from October 16 to October 28. So if you have plans to be inside Dillingham Airfield during the race on October 21st for any reason such as to spectate, to volunteer, or to crew your runner, please contact the race director, Freddy, to be added to the roster list. If you are not on the roster list, the Army will deny you entry into Dillingham Airfield. Please have your photo ID such as State ID or driver license with you at all times especially when leaving and entering Dillingham Airfield. If you need to be inside Dillingham Airfield before the race begins, consider the possible bottleneck at the entrance gate and any other scenarios the Army could throw our way.

2.) Freddy still needs volunteers for the race.

3.) DEADLINE: October 19! If you're not on the roster list by then, you will not get access to Dillingham Airfield.

4.) To contact Freddy, email him: freddyhalmes[at]gmail[dot]com. You can also use our Contact page, select "Peacock Challenge 55 mile" as the Subject, and request to be added to the roster list and/or volunteer list.

5.) Please spread the word!