Congratulations to Two Special Runners at Two Very Different Runs!!

Aloha Athletes,

Over the last few days a couple of the HURT family of runners have had some incredible results and success at two of the toughest ultra races on earth. 

Larry and SunsetFirst, Larry Inouye started the Hardrock 100 this past Friday morning. If you don't know anything about Hardrock, know that it has 67,984 feet of total elevation change (The HURT 100 has approximately 25,000) and a 48 hour cutoff. Much of the race is above 10,000 feet in elevation with the average of 11,186. Runners cross 13 passes between 12,000 and 13,000 feet. Let's just say it is tough, especially for those of us that live at sea level. Photo courtesy of Cheryl Ridlon. Larry has to be one of the toughest runners I know often logging miles and miles on the trails. As anyone who has ever done one of these races knows, having a great support crew is very important. Here's another photo of Larry and his crew at the finish. Larry is definately Hard Rock tough!!

Larry and crew at finish

I hope Larry will write up a race report and we get to see some more photos.

The next runner, Doug Long, ran an equally challenging and extremely difficult ultra in the Badwater 135. Many people may think running on the road has got to be easy compared to a tough mountain run. The image below is the course profile. Badwater is far from a flat run in the desert. Oh, and did I mention heat? Yea, it gets a little hot in the desert, like 93 degrees at 6:00 a.m. up to 118-degrees around 3:00 p.m. Doug got a taste of Badwater last year when he paced and crewed for Hannah Roberts. She returned the favor this year. Based on Doug's results--he crushed it timewise, I think Doug likes the heat!


Badwater Profile

Again, Congratulations to both runners. We loved following you from afar and look forward to hearing more about both of these great adventures. 

Aloha, Bob

Doug on Course

Round We Go with Rex Starts April 19th at 12:00 p.m.

Round We Go

  HPIM2918I am constantly humbled by the kindness and generosity of the Hawaii sports community. It is truly a collection of people from all walks of life, all shapes and sizes, old and young who gather daily to take part in the gift of life by exercising the body that was given to them. We live in a unique environment that allows us access 365 days of the year with breathtaking backdrops while providing a stage for world-class events as well. Numerous as these communities of people are, so too are the ephemeral acts of humanity, compassion and charity that generally go without much notoriety or fanfare. These sorts of acts are a common thread among every group that I have been fortunate enough to get involved with. It is exactly because of these communities that I have been coming out to play year after year with the same enthusiasm for living and the environment that I have had since my first steps outdoors. I love experiencing the out of doors and I can say that when I am with those who have the same experiences, there is no need for explanations. 

 It seems only fitting when I had to make a decision to choose a form of expression to complete my study for the Bachelorette of Fine Art degree in Studio Art at the University of Hawaii at Manoa that I chose a participatory, experiential form outside the traditional studio.  For the sake of engaging the academic, we’ll call it “live art” or a “durational performance.” For the rest of us, it’s just going for a walk: a walk around the Island that is. I choose to walk because walking for pleasure or politic is a special way of attaching ourselves to the landscape. It coagulates time and makes a place dense with prickly details (Sacha Kagan). I am inviting the public to circumnavigate the island with me as pedestrians, starting from the University of Hawaii at Manoa Art Gallery at 12:00 pm on April 19, 2013 and eventually returning on April 21st at our point of departure. Eminently aware of the challenges of durational performance, this journey strives to create an aesthetic, gestural presence, within the context of the people who gather for the experience. This presence will inevitably disappear, but not before the residue of the experience has woven itself into the fabric of this place through the practice of telling stories and the conviviality of a community that continually inspires me. You can follow along via Facebook or Twitter if you can’t participate. Here is a link to the route:


Rex Vlcek

Ultra Study and Research

Aloha Athletes,

I thought some of you might be interested in this so I am posting for all of you to check out. 

Hello!  To help keep you abreast of research related to ultramarathon running, I call your attention to some recent publications from our group which I’ve listed below.  Links to the abstracts (when available) are provided, or can be found at the research page of the Western States Endurance Run ( where the entire list of WSER-related scientific publications can also be found. 

 We are most appreciative of the many of you who have participated in these various studies!

 If you would like to receive the full paper for any of these publications, please let me know and I will be happy to send to you.

 And….if you have not already enrolled in the ULTRA Study, please consider doing so.  A summary of the study can be found at:

The initial survey is at:

Many thanks to the over 1300 ultramarathon runners who have enrolled! 

 Health and Happiness!


Martin D. Hoffman, MD, FACSM, FAWM

Chief of PM&R, VA Northern California Health Care System

Professor of PM&R, University of California Davis

Director of Research, Western States Endurance Run

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Honoring Matt Leathers

Aloha Athletes,

20111029_Peacock 100k_3168A few of us were able to attend the service for Matt Leathers today. It was a humbling experience for me as a civilian to be in the company of these men and women who serve our country so unselfishly. Matt's family and children were in attendance as well and it was clear that respect was flowing both ways. While I only knew Matt as a HURT runner, it was clear that he was so much more to his family and Navy team members. 

If you would like to honor Matt, there is an opportunity through something called Joggin' for Frogmen. Click this link to learn more:

We encourage you to donate to this cause. At some point in the future we will honor Matt in our own HURT way. More details will come of that later. Again, I want to thank Robert Smith for capturing Matt out on the trails like he has so many of us. These photos and more were all shared with his personal and Navy family. 

Na Koa Ke Kai - Warriors from the Sea

Aloha, Bob

2012 HURT100_RPS4328

Matt Leathers will be Missed!!

Matt Leathers from Robert Smith 2012
Matt L at 2012 BanquetToday we learned missing Navy Seal was one of our own, Matt Leathers. Matt finished the HURT 100 in 2012 and also participated in the 2013 race. We are all extremely sad about this loss.

My own personal experince of Matt was limited. I remember him from running up at Peacock in 2011 and Barbi and I saw him out training for HURT in early November of 2011. When race day for the HURT 100 came around in January of 2012, I saw him at the pre-race meeting but didn't recognize him as he was in full beard and I am guessing probably just returned from doing what Seals do in some far away place.

The HURT family expesses our deepest condonolences to his personal family and members of his Seal family. We know all of this hits them extremely hard as well. Here are some photos of Matt that we want to share from happier times. Thank you to photographers Robert Smith, Sharon Smith, and Justin Lottig.

  Matt Leathers 2013 HURT 100 Justin Lottig

HURT Runners Are Special and Running to Make a Difference (Updated)

Aloha Athletes,

The HURT 100 is fast approaching as many of you know on January 19 and 20. Some runners have stepped up to raise some funds for excellent causes. 

Two time winner Jason Loutitt is raising money for a foundation called Playing for Change. More info here.

Local runner Paul Sibley is committing his run to the Joyful Heart Foundation. More info here.

Sarah McIntosh is also raising money by pledges for the Fort Collins Cat Rescue & Spay/Neuter Clinic. More info here.

Sarah Lavallee's training and run is special too. She is raising money for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. More info here

Aloha, Bob 


George Ramos is One Strong Dude!

I dropped in on George at Queen's after going into another room first and seeing a rather large man that really didn't look like George!  The other man was nice, but I needed to find the real George. 

Cancer takes its toll and too many of our HURT family see this.  George was happy, alert and already thinking about helping at HURT 2013!  This guy is amazing.  I just wanted to relay how strong he is pushing his mind to endure this challenge.  We all need some true heros in life to keep us motivated.  George is added to my list of inspirational heros.  When you are out there training and suffering, think about those who would gladly change places with you, get up and tack on a few more miles.  Be safe and train hard!