Sustained Energy and Sugoi Jacket

Aloha!  I have an unopened 30 servings container of Hammer Nutrition Sustained Energy, Unflavored.  I am not using it anymore and cant take it back so I would like to sell it for $30.  I also have a Sugoi Running jacket that was worn once that I would like to sell for $50.  The jacket is a size large.  If you want more information please call 808-625-9692/371-2177 or email [email protected].


Dri Ducks Rainwear

Gordon wanted everyone to be aware of this.

Sports Authority is selling Dri Duck raingear. He used this on the KST backpack. They are light at 5 ozs for the hooded jacket and also comes with a rain pant. It can roll up to the size of a fist and easily fit in a camelbak or vest for cold night runs. They go for about $20.00. They are waterproof and breathable too.

Check it out. This sounds like a good deal to me.

Socks Upon Request with CancerSucks Title

The SockGuy was nice to provide several socks that read CancerSucks for $5 a pair.  I think all of you can think of a good reason to get mud on these.  Although I really love them for many personal reasons, I have both pink and black in either S/M or L/XL available.  If interested, please email me ([email protected]) and I can make arrangments with you.  I'll also be at Mango's running proudly in my new pair!  Aloha!

Cancersxpink Cancerblack

Dirty Girl Gaiters

This past Saturday I think a few people were asking about gaiters, specifically Dirty Girl Gaiters. I said I would  put up a link. Get your order in quick if you want them for race day. Not a bad idea considering the current course condition. I used DGG last year and was very pleased with them for the race. Click here for all the dirty girl info.

Aloha, Bob

Some Fun Light Options

I came across this and it looks pretty cool. It's a hydration vest that includes what looks like a pretty good LED headlight and two taillights. There is a trail, road, and bottle pack option. Check it out here.

The Speedgoats (Karl Meltzer and Scott Mason) were talking up the Petzl e+lite. You can read about it here.

Finally, I received a REI Fall 2007 catalog and there was an Inova Bolt 4.6 Watt LED flashlight that sounds really bright.

Why all this talk about lights? For all you H.U.R.T. 100 runners, now is the time to be testing and trying out your lighting systems to use during the race. You will definitely want to get some practice night runs in. We'll have almost 12 hours of darkness at race time.

Get out and run!
Aloha, Bob

super bright Headlamp

Costco Honolulu (Headlamp)

Costco Honolulu has a Raovac headlamp available K2 LED.  Three double AA batteries in rear module. Well built, 85 lumens creates a knock down bright spot.  I lit up my large yard like it was a night game at Dodger stadium.   Price was around 25 bucks.  If you are looking for a new headlamp you might give this one a try. I would rate it very cost effective.  Time will tell on its durability.




COSTCO High Sierra Hydration Pack $22

Hey Gang, A heads up for those interested in a new hydration pack.   I just picked up a High Sierra Hydration Pack at Hawaii Kai Costco which appears to be fairly sound.  It is a 2 liter pack, with two extra gear pockets and a web outer pocket. Some additonal tuck and store space.  antimicrobial treatment of bladder and line,  holes for ipod or whatever.  Clips, pockets, pouches galore.  The water bladder is a bit clumsy to remove but not hard.  The system is insulated and has an insulated water line.  This may be a winter sport intended item.  It has a Z valve system for a mouthpiece that I have not tried yet. It has a waiste belt that can be tucked away.  It is a bit snug on me.  I rate it for medium duty but may grow to like it.   I have a camel pack system that cost me $90 and I do not see a lot of differences.  But the camel is years old and still going after very heavy usage.   

But at these prices I might buy another.   

Aloha,  mm

GoLite Timberland Press Release

Here's a link describing the new GoLite-Timberland trail running shoes. I haven't seen any pictures or read any reviews but this press release sure makes them sound good! Click here to read it. They are scheduled to hit the market in Spring of 2007.

The real question: Will the sole stick to our roots and rocks??

Special Hawaii Dirty Girl Gaiters

Xy (Chrissy) Wiess of Dirty Girl Gaiters just spent 12 days on Maui recovering from her successful Badwater run and has been inspired to offer some Hawaiian print gaiters (see below). She is just test marketing these gaiters for now and for the next month, they are available to anyone with a Hawaiian address for on $10/pair. You can contact her and order them by clicking here.

On her web site you will find lots of other cool patterns. I know PJ, Cheryl, and Barbi all own at least one pair. And guys--they're just not for the girls. I could be wrong, but I think even "the legend" Bob Murphy owns a pair!!Cimg2651 Cimg2653 Cimg2654 Click each pattern for a larger view.