Weekend Training: March 24-25, 2012 Peacock and some thoughts on weekend training posts

Aloha Athletes,

I was discussing through e-mail with Cheryl the relevancy of posting weekly training runs. The size and populariity of these weekly runs varies considerably as do the locations. Sometimes there might only be two people who show up and sometimes there are 20+. In the past, we did a lot more variety of trails and adventures versus these days seemingly running a much smaller number of trails on a frequent basis. 

It also seems like a lot of people--the experienced runners, communicate with a smaller group of running buddies and plan their own weekend training. Sometimes training involves mountain biking, swimming or some other activity as we all have varied interests. When this site first started there was a relatively small group of us who were primarily runners and we met consistantly and trained together. 

We set this site up to help distribute information and make it open for more people to join us. Trail running as an activity has grown tremendously and the HURT Trail Series races have grown and attracted a lot of new trail runners. The HURT 100 has also been impacted by the sheer number of local applicants from the early years. This is all good. 

The site has been set up so that anyone can post (see lower left side of site) as a guest. We also have the Comments area under each post where others can post their activities as options. 

So, what are your thoughts?

Sometimes we get e-mail from mainland visitors asking if they can join in. Other times we get emails from "newbies" wanting to know if they can join in. HURT has always been an open and supportive group. People are always willing to share knowledge and help. 

The popularity of Facebook and other social media have also allowed people to post their adventures and so I am just kinda thinking outloud here. 

Cheryl did say that she will be going to Peacock this week and starting at 6:30 from behind the Control Tower at Dillingham Airfield.

Please post your thoughts in the comments below and if you would like some company on whatever you are doing this weekend, post it below as well. 



Maui Run to Sun and Leeward Relay for Life

Aloha Athletes,

Just a couple of quick things here. 


Sunday March 18th we will be running to the sun again that is the summit at Haleakala 10,032" We still dont have a REAL race director so we're continuing the unofficial RTTS as we have done the last 2 years. So this is TOTALLY UNOFFICIAL, what this means is, no rules, no fees, nothing official just pure fun...sort of. The plan is to start at Maui Mall Sunday am @0430 hrs next to Wendys and run to the summit. Most of us will be doing it as a team and a few are solo. Again no rules so how ever many members you want and where you want to hand-off. Those doing solo you must be self-supported and have a ride down.
There will be a post race get-together at Jim and Marne's residence on crater road above sunrise market, address to follow later.
We're planning getting together the night before at the StPattys 5k funrun at the Alehouse in Kahului which is next to the start for questions and cameraderie. So hope you can join us whether its for the whole day, part of the run, the after party, riding your bike etc.
Again this is NOT A RACE.
If any questions please call or email me.
Thanks See you on 3/18/12 @ 0430 HST

Bram DenHaan 
Home 808-573-7584 
Cell 808-280-4893
Leeward Relay for Life


7:00 PM on Friday, March 23 - 7:00 AM on Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kapolei H.S. track. More info is here.



Peacocks: From the Back-of-the-Pack



Mike M at the Back of the Pack
Don called me a few days before Peacocks, excited by the upcoming race, more excited than I  that’s for sure.  I was dreading it.  Pecocks had come up on me far too fast, allowing very little training. I’d done Are’s twice, the Lower Loop twice and still didn’t have names for any of the subsections. I just didn’t know the course very well, didn’t think I could finish it, and was mentally only going out to do one loop because Gordon said it was OK if I did only one and then worked the aid station at Long Road.

The only hope was that Rex and I had done the first sections of the first loop and pronounced it ‘doable’. Doable in that kind of iffy-maybe kind of way that we back-of-the-packers look at these endeavours.  Doable in the sense that if every thing goes just right then maybe, just maybe, we can finish the damn thing before they ring the bell that signals the clearing of the aid station tables, the removal of the chairs and water jugs from the finish line, and an empty field at the finish.  Doable, just doable, and no more.  But that was the outside chance, and I was not cashing any gold shares to bet on my finish.  

My knees have been hurting me on and off for a year now, and I had aggravated them again with some Peacock training and some bad shoe choices. A similar problem had haunted me last year so this year saw an early return to some stockpiled ‘old faithful’ shoes, and I manged to bring back my knees a bit.  But I still could not go down Long Road without a lot of pain and soreness. The fact was I could walk backwards down the damn thing faster than forwards.  The issue of knee pain is bothersome to say the least.  My time-bomb clock it ticking and I know it.  Peacocks is a miserable test of stupidity if you have leg issues.  So, ‘Doable’  is just sad theater, a kind of tragicomedy of an ultra-running sort for old guys with short running lives ahead of them.  And I was doing Peacocks?  It was theater of the absurd, and I knew it!  

So, There you go. Is it any wonder I was not excited when Don called?  I just did what I had to do to prepare, realized I didn’t really want to be doing the run, and tried all the harder to make sure that I did just what needed to be done. There would be no heroics out there, just one long managed push. I loaded all my tricks into a bag, and at 4:00 AM Saturday morning Ed came by my house, we picked up Fishy, and away we went to Dillingham.   

I’m not going to go through all the things I do to prepare for these insanities, but let me assure you I did them.  I reluctantly found my way to the start, hung back, and waited for Gordon to start the race. This year was much more formal.  I believe it was last year that Gordon said something about Peacock’s, jumped off the bed of his pick-up truck and was gone running up the road.  It was at least ten seconds later that people realized the race had started.  This year Gordon led us over to the chain gate, said something about Peacocks, and was gone up the road.  The increased formality helped the slow witted, who generally hang at the front of the pack, and Gordon had a much smaller starting advantage.  


Follow this link to read the competion



Trail Marking, Taper Run, and Pot Luck; October 22, 2011


Meet at the Dillingham Airfield  Parking Lot at 7:00 AM on Saturday 10/22 for a brief light run and some trail marking, followed by a Pot Luck.

Gordon has asked me to post a request for volunteers to mark the Peacock trail this Saturday Morning. We will be dividing up into groups and heading out of the Airport parking lot at 7:00 as usual. We will then meet up back at the airport at about 11:00 for a Pot Luck. All are invited to come and do a bit of trail marking, a light taper run, or more if you wish, and then we will do a Pau Hana to our Peacock training. You don't even need to go up the Kealia to show up for the Pau Hana.

Gordon needs some volunteers to do A. Upper Kealia and Are's Loop B. Gordon's and Lower loop. C. Cross Over to Rock Piles. D: The Kuaokala Makua Ridge from Balls to Stash.

Important Race Day Note: If you plan to enter the airport prior to 7:00AM you will be required to present current vehicle paper work. (Insurance, registration, inspection). Please check you paperwork prior to race day so you will not be barred from coming in due to this preannounced idiocy.




An Ode to Peacocks 

The mountains have been climbed and re-climbed, the long stretches of twisting trails and fire roads have been memorized, the infinite ups and downs have been suffered and the culmination of another running cycle draws near.

Peacocks, which was so recently an audacious experiment, then born an ambitious 54+ miler, morphs into a full-blown madly-rugged 100+ K, and is now upon us! We've crammed in all the training possible and stand waiting, wondering what to do other than be out running hard along the northern ridges of the Waianae. One last chug up the hill perhaps? One last visit to the panoramic vistas we will have little time to appreciate on race day? Maybe, or are we just yielding to the unbreakable habit of over training?


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Training Schedule Weekend of October 15, 2011

This is one of the final weeks before the Peacocks race.  Some will be Tapouring (Tapering) others will be out doing the route in a more intense fashion.   The standard departure times are posted.  If you have any questions please post them,  if you have any other runs scheduled please post the venues and times.   Post your runs, perhaps you can find a partner.  We all know what it is to go out alone, and there is nothing wrong with it, but it is safer if you are with somebody.

Saturday:  From the Bottom of Long Road @5:00 AM   Dillingham Airport Parking @ approx. 7:00 AM

Other starts and venues as posted in comments. All are welcome. Bring sufficient water for your run. Give thought to what you take with you as this is an advanced level trail. Ultra runners of all levels/ability/speed will be out on the trails.

A race prep. comment, followed by a mild rant.    

Knowing the Race Route:

If you are going to run the Peacock, even just one loop, you should be giving some thoughts to the times you want to log for each section. It pays to sit down, reflect on what you have been doing during training, and write this out. Putting it down on paper will cause you to give some greater thought to the race, and it may just cause you to face some hard facts before you actually have to live through over exuberant expectations of yourself. Another step in preparing for a race is to go out and do a loop at a slower pace than you expect to do but one that lets you test your assumed times. This is a great week to get this done.

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Update from Afghanistan and Ed B.

Aloha Everyone,

I'm missing running in Hawaii with the HURT group.  I'm currently in Herat, Afghanistan doing security work.  One of the guys on my team, Dave Alvarez is a runner.  He started running with me shortly after he moved from his compound to my compound.  He just recently joined my Security team and we've been running together 5 days a week since.  He's kept track of the miles we've run together and it's over 100 miles.  Not bad for less than four weeks.

Being in a war zone we just can't walk out of the gate and go running.  Well maybe we can but it would not be a good idea.  Fortunately we live in a rectangular shaped compound.  If we hug the walls we for one lap we get .26 miles of unobstructed running.  Such a short distance basically means we're running in circles, clockwise one day then counterclockwise the following day.  The furthest we've run at one time inside our compound has been 10 miles.  Do you how many laps that is clockwise?  How about the number of laps counterclockwise?  Answer= A lot, no matter which direction we run.  Good thing I have my Garmin GPS to keep track on the total distance we run each day.  I tried counting laps but usually lose count after 10 laps.  As boring as it may seem running laps, it does have some advantages.  The first is that we don't worry about the environment around us.  Not only are there people running around with guns, there are also some pretty big doggies.  Can you say rabies?  We also can run without carrying our weapons.

Now I've told Dave all about HURT.  He's inspired by all the stories, of the steep hills, rocks, roots, rain, lots of pain and all that other good stuff.  He's told me that one day, he would like to participate in the HURT 100 miler.  Yes, he wants a HURT shirt and he wants it bad.  I've showed him a couple that I brought with me and it's a good thing I carry a gun.  If not, he would have taken one from me at gun point. Being armed is the only way of keeping Dave away from my HURT shirts.

One thing I didn't mention about Dave.  He's very smart.  He must always thinking about HURT because during one of our runs he told me that he came up with a great name for our two man running group.  He calls us HURT, Afghanistan.  Does the name HURT sound familiar?  Now don't be alarmed.  He's not copying the original HURT.  He's honoring the name.  If you haven't figured out what HURT for Dave means, it's Herat Ultra Running Team.  And you know what?  It is a great name.

As you can see by the photo, we're not running in our secure compound.  When ever we leave the confines of our compound we must be ready for anything.  After all, it is a war zone.  Ummmm.... what's that I see on Ed's feet?  Looks like Crocs.  I didn't bring any running shoes, but I did bring 4 pairs of Crocs.  And that's all I've been wearing during my runs.
Time has been marching on for me.  I'm now on month 4 of this contract.  It shouldn't be long till I'm back home since I should be flying out of Herat on 30 September.  I hope to see everyone soon HURTing along.



John and PJ,

Does Dave deserve a real HURT shirt?  Just look at his face.  If you think he does and would like to send him one, please contact him at  [email protected].  He wears a size Large.  He would really appreciate it.   Mahalo and Aloha.

The Ultra Season is upon us.


 Hurt sign

The goal is far beyond the horizon, the task is before us.
The Ultra season is suddenly upon us.  We are finally looking at some longer competitive races.  Jeff Huff has roused himself out of his ‘other world’ and come forth like Punxsutawney Phil, to once again act as the wigged Mercury messenger of the running god to mortal runners and proclaimed the annual commencement of the HURT rites of passage.  A  herd of ‘trail runners’ has heard his call and now contemplates the very edges of ultra running while all those weathered guys and gals who have been helping at races and basically standing around looking bored finally grab their mudders and begin getting ‘out there’ for longer training runs and actually preparing to run the next few races.  

Training distances will subtly increase, the ritual of the ‘stash’ and its unspoken ceremonies will intensify again, and the brief love affair with speed will give way to an understanding that time on the trails is what really counts. Night runs will no longer be mythical adventures talked about over the goodies table, and newbies will find themselves totally disoriented running along dark muddy jungley trails on moonless rainy nights wondering if the graying older runners who have talked them into this insane adventure with promises of ‘great fun’, and who now coax them onward with assurances of ‘almost there’, are  completely mad or actually intent on luring them to the Ultrarunner heiau of Kukukinimamaonui tucked in cold dark wet ravine along a forbidding ridge above Nu’uanu where they will be sacrificed to the always hungry god amid the droning chants of ‘’Aole makou e ho’ohikiwale kela!‘ ..’We don’t want it to be easy’ .. not that we need to request this of the god.

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Visiting Runner Looking for Some Possible Night Runs

Aloha HURT Athletes,

I'm working in Honolulu for a couple of weeks, visiting from the UK and staying in Waikiki.
I'd like to meet some people with local knowledge to do some off road / trail running in the evenings. I'm used to running on rough terrain at night with a headtorch.
Do any of the HURT lot get out running in the evenings? Do you know anyone who might not mind an ignorant Brit tagging along? If I'm too slow (which is quite likely looking at your blog) I don't mind being dropped.

Cheers for any help,

James Riggs
james at msubs dot com

Last Minute HURT 100/Trail Running Ideas

Aloha Athletes,

Just wanted to give you a list of items I found doing a search on the web last night. I know it is last minute but...

Hand Crank Flashlight

The perfect gift to keep you awake at night during the HURT 100. When it dies, you will be forced to crank it for more light and that will keep you awake.  Dual Use: Charges your cell phone!

Trademark 72-1222 XT Power Hand Crank Flashlight and Cell Phone Charge


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Trailhead Directions and Info: A work in progress

Aloha Athletes,

Sean Price has taken the initiative and started what hopefully will become a valuable resource for new runners and visiting runners. 

He has started a document that will show the trailhead starting points and included a Google map link as well as other info about the run and trailhead. 

I've placed his document on the top left side under HURT Hot Topics.

Here is Sean's note:

"I've been noticing that when training notices are posted to the blog, we always get some new runners asking the standard "how to get there, where to park, what to expect" type questions. And this weekend when several different people asked me questions about starting at the bottom of long road for Peacock Flats, I realized we had a need for a centralized community doc to answer these questions. 

To that end, I created a "starter" Google Doc. https://tinyurl.com/286zco8

I was wondering if you could post a perma link to this on the blog sidebar so we can just start referring people to it. It's "read" access to anyone who has the link, but I put a note in the Doc that I will grant edit rights to anyone who wants to add to the doc. I want people to add to it since I'm too lazy to write up directions to all the training spots myself. Maybe we could even get some of those RD's to give directions to their own races. (Like the Firecracker race) :)

-- Sean"

This is a great idea Sean and one that others have asked for. Thanks for getting it started. 

Aloha, Bob

New Trail Half Marathon and 5K race: Gunstock Ranch October 30!

Cow only I have learned of a couple of new trail races up at Gunstock Ranch near Laie and Malaekahana. The races will be held on October 30 starting at 7:00 a.m. This is a great opportunity to get out on some new trails and enjoy the property up at Gunstock Ranch. Entry fee is reasonable at $35 for the half marathon and includes a shirt. 

First place man and woman win a two-night stay at Turtle Bay. 

More info can be found at the race web site here.

Info on the ranch itself is here.

These races are timely tune-ups for either the Honolulu Marathon or the XTERRA Trail Run World Championships. 

Get out there and run!

Aloha, Bob