"Unofficial" Run to the Sun Sunday March 20, 2011

Aloha Athletes,

We have received word that there will be another version of the "unofficial" Run to the Sun in 2011.

The date is Sunday March 20, 2011. Starting at 4:30 a.m. at the Kahului Alehouse/Maui Mall.

Again this race is completely unofficial and individual runners will have to be completely self supported for nutritional requirements and a ride down the hill. No rules, no fees, no waivers, no pesky park rangers etc.
We'll probably get together the pm before at the Alehouse to go over what little details there will be.
There will be a post workout gathering on Crater road around mile 1
Should be great weekend.
Thanks and any questions people can call me.

Bram DenHaan 
Home 808-573-7584 
Cell 808-280-4893


Two Ways to Go Play on Maui: March 6 and May 22

Aloha all HURT fans. Here's an update on the UNOFFICIAL Run to the sun. The run is slated for Saturday March 6. I've gotten a lot of response from local runners, down under and the great white north. What we have decided on is the following. The PM before the run some of us will meet at the Kahului Ale House (The start) from 5 pm on for food, beverage, camaraderie and any last minute details. We're also planning to meet there post run. Individuals can start at 0430 am and team can start at 0530 pm. Then again there are no rules so anytime you want to start. Carl Wirtl is starting at midnight. Again this is UNOFFICIAL so no fees, rules, no aid. You'll have to organize your own support, ride down the hill and Park entry fee.

Most of us will probably do this as a team. Please email your times when finished so I can complile an UNOFFICIAL finisher list. Call me on my cell if any questions or concerns. C-u on the MNT.

Bram Denhaan 808 280 4893

3rd annual 12 hours of Makawao forest, Makawao, Maui,HI Saturday May 22 0600-1800 hrs. Hey Ultras we would like to invite you to this fun little 12 hour trail run on Maui. Its about a 6.5 mile loop, half is up and the other half is down and I believe there is about a 1000 feet of elevation gain and loss. Its at about the 3500-4500 feet elevation and the entire loop is shaded. This is a picnic compared to the HURT trail like taking candy from a baby.This event is also UNOFFICIAL, so no fees, no rules, no whining, just fun. The transition runs through the parking lot so you can stage out of your car. The object is to see how many loops you can do. There will be a BBQ at a nearby residence following the run. You can Run, mtn bike, hike, do both, bring your favorite pet,do it as a team. Again no rules.

For info and directions call Tom Armstrong at 808 281-1135 or Bram Denhaan 808 280-4893

C-u on Maui

An opportunity to run up Haleakala

Kinda like Run to the Sun ....Sort of. 

Some runners from the mainland are interested in getting out of the frigid cold so...

To be accommodating to our visitors we came up with Saturday March 6th. So it will be a TOTALLY UNOFFICIAL event, you'll be responsible for your own transport, park entry fee, nutritional and fluid requirement. We'll run the regular course starting at 0430 hours from the alehouse in Kahului Maui Mall. No fees, no rules, no timing just fun...right.

Because of the short notice and since most of you will probably be licking your paws from the HURT 100 doing it as a team would probably be the way to go. If you are interested let me know and we'll keep you in the loop on details etc. See you at HURT

Aloha Bram

Bram DenHaan
Home 808-573-7584
Cell 808-280-4893


Stephen's Long Swim-Wow!!

So while dad, Steve was over at Ultraman, Stephen (with mom Lisa) was having his own endurance adventure. Stephen is part of Aulea Swim Club in Kailua. He swam this past Saturday from Lanai to Lahaina--about nine (9) miles. His time, just under 5 hours at 4:56. Amazing is all I can say.




Ultraman Photos Updated: He Finished!

Cheryl sent a few more photos from the awards ceremony Monday evening and those have been added to the photo album.

She said this: "only a couple,,,but I wanted everyone to see what real Ultraman Atletes look like!"

Hmmm, looks like long hair or no hair??

Day three 004

Day three 007

Click here to see a few more photos.


Ultraman09 003

Notice how everyone--well the support crew anyway, are all big smiles. Steve has the look of someone who knows what he is getting himself into--3 long days.

UPDATED: End of Day 1. Total time: 10:41. Bike 7:32
End of Day 2 Bike: 11:03

End of Day 3 Run a double marathon. From Cheryl:

Steve had a very hard day...vomiting and not able to eat or drink much...

we got some saimin down him and then he got better,,,only  to get sick again...it was on and off,,,but we had him walking about a 10min mile to the finish...
plus a huge blister on his toe popped..

he finished and we are all very impressed at his performance...

Congratulations Steve!

No Run to the Sun in 2010

I have heard rumors of this for a month or so and just received confirmation from past Maui race director Bram DenHaan.

"With regrets I announce that the 2010 the 30th Run to the Sun will almost definitely not happen. No one stepped up and 2 candidates that were slightly interested got scared. I'm bummed about it but that's how it is. I hope someone will step forward for 2011."

Aloha Bram

Plan your running calendars accordingly.

Sad Sun

Message from Bram Regarding Run To the Sun

ALOHA H.U.R.T. family I'm sorry to announce my resignation as race director of Run to the Sun. Its been a great run.  I would like to thank especially John, PJ, Vernon, Cheryl and anyone else who have assisted Valley Isle Road Runners with making this event happen year after year. Thank you to all the HURT runners who have come over and participated in this event. I have done this now for the last 7 years and this last one being most memorable. Its time for someone else to take the ball. I'll spare you the details as to why. Not sure what the future holds for this event given that no one yet has stepped up to the plate. I hope to see the 30th anniversary for this event happen.

I'll miss seeing everyone but I wont miss dealing with park rangers, government officials and bureaucrats.

Thank you again. See you at the races!

Bram DenHaan

Run to Sun Results and more

FINAL UPDATED 3-19-09 (Hopefully)

Great efforts by all who toughed it out and participated in the 2009 Run to the Sun. Congratulations to all the participants and  thank you to all the volunteers.

Click here for the individual results and here for the team results. 

Special thanks to Aubrey Hord for taking such great photos and making them available for viewing here.

Run To Sun Update (winners)

Ok Sean Miesser has won. Fukio from Japan second and Jamie Armstrong from Canada third.

I was awoken by a loud thunderclap this morning at about 4:30 a.m. I guess that was my due for not toeing the line at the start of Run to Sun this year as that is about the start time. It has been raining pretty heavy all morning since and three kid's soccer games have been canceled for the day.

I got a message from Race Director John Salmonson that the finish has been moved down about three miles from the summit due to ice and other conditions--probably wind at this time.

Barbi talked with Kat and about 1/2 hour ago, skies were blue over there but it was very cold. Cheryl texted there was ice on the roads and 40 mph winds.

Accuweather Radar shows the heaviest rain over Oahu. Some of it might start hitting Maui a bit later.

If any one gets any other updates--post them as comments.

Way Cool Maui Event--Run, Bike, Take the Dogs


Saturday April 4th will be the running of the second annual 12 hours of Makawao Forest Reserve. Starting time is 0600 hours untill 1800 hours on the Kahakapau loop trail( approx.6-7 miles) in the forest above Makawao town on the slopes of Haleakala on Maui. See who can do the most loops/mileage. This is an unofficial event with no rules, regulations, fees or whatever. You can run, hike, mnt bike, team it, bring your favorite pet, or just show up for part of it.

Afterward's we'll be licking our wounds and telling battle stories at a nearby establishment or at the trail head with food and your beverage of choice.

For more information and direction contact Bram on Maui at 808-280-4893.

Did someone say SuperFerry??

Run to the Sun is Almost Full !

We interrupt this busy holiday season with an important announcement!

Ok, I know there is a lot going on--the Honolulu Marathon, Christmas, the H.U.R.T. 100, the ever changing economy, etc, however there is very fun race coming up next year and the darn thing is almost full.

If you have any interest in doing the 2009 Run to the Sun, I suggest you get your application in soon. I've heard there are only 20 - 25 slots left. Yikes! 

The application has been pulled. The race is full.

Now back to your regularly scheduled eggnog's, caroling, shopping and other holiday activities.