Mango Madness Course Preview: Sunday, May 17

Mango Madness is fastly approaching! We will be doing 3 previews in the next few weekends throughout the area where the race takes place. As you know, no one except the course marshalls will know the actual course! Please join us this Sunday, May 17th at 6AM starting at the Hawaii Nature Center bathrooms. For those that know the trails, we will be doing a modified Trek loop (approximately 10 miles). After we return to the start, some of us will head out for another Trek loop! Remember to bring plenty of water and some food. Run will be anywhere from 2 - 3 hours.

As for the official Mango Madness T-Shirts, please click the link below. Enter OAHU at checkout for free shipping. Shirt orders must be placed by Friday, May 22 and picked up at the race on June 6th.


Happy Training! See you this Sunday!


Mango Madness Course Preview: Saturday, May 24th

Mango Madness Course Preview is this Saturday, May 24th at 6AM. Meet at the pumping station at the corner of Makiki Street and Makiki Heights Drive. 

Mango Madness is a race that is 10++ miles through some tough, technical, and steep terrain of the Tantalus trail system. Participants will be led on the same route every year, but there will always be an addition, or unexpected detour along the way (hence the 10 "PLUS" miles). Bring your game face and your sense of humor. Prizes go to the top ten males and top ten females, as well as the first male/female to reach the top of infamous Concrete Hill. Great food and company at the end of the race. Hope to see you there!

Aloha! Melanie 

2013 Peacock 50KM/100KM Ultramarathons This Weekend

This weekend will mark the 6th running of the Peacock Ultramarathons!  I'm amazed when I think back to the first Peacock 54 (or was it 56?).  We had a total of 17 finishers who slid and sloshed through mid-shin deep mud for up to 17+ hours.  I still have dents and scratches on my truck from when I tried to get up to the 3-way to set up an aid station, but slid off the road and had to get towed out.  If you want to read a couple of nostalgic reports from the HURT blog, check out what Mike and Devon had to say right after that race.  Then check out the results from 2008.  Pretty amazing stuff!

Over the past 6 years we've gone through a lot.  We've shed tears of joy and accomplishment, tears of frustration from being this close to the finish, then getting pulled from the race due to a tsunami; and tears of sorrow after losing friends like Are, Matt, and very recently, George. 

You may be asking yourself why I'm so filled with nostalgia?  Well, this weekend starts a new chapter in the Peacock story.  It's one that never would have happened without the HURT Ohana.  I'm so thankful for everyone who got this race off the ground.  Gordon, Don, Cheryl, and Larry (and many others) spent more hours than I can imagine getting us to this point.  Of course, none of this would have happened without John and PJ, who spent their time and money getting permits, providing for the aid stations, timing the races, and ensuring everything went smoothly while we figured out what this race needed to be.

So as we take this next step in the Peacock story, I want to say thank you to all the HURT ohana for supporting this race.  I'm very proud to have played a small part thus far. 

As the Race Director, I hope I can fulfill everyones' expectations. As a Stamina Race, I hope Peacock will meet the exceedingly high standards we've grown used to while running H.U.R.T. races.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank you!  A thousand times, Thank You!

I'll see you this weekend at Peaock!   --Rob

New Fun Trail Runs: Starting Saturday--11-24-12 and other announcements

Aloha Athletes,

St. Louis HtsInformal Training Series

We felt that we were missing some informal runs during the winter months – so welcome to the Post Holiday Trail Series.

First run is this Saturday (11-24) at St. Louis Hts., all runs are short, and followed by a refreshment table ($10 donation recommended).

Also in common for all runs, is that there will only be a max. of 100 participants!

Therefore, please email us at [email protected] and we will create the list of names before the run, and signing in that morning will be easier.

Sign up on day of race will be on a space available basis.

A little bit about the run: 3 miles, we will begin by the cabin next to the parking lot, and head Makai and we will explore the area overlooking UH – then back up to finish in the same place. The trail has roots, some rocks, and the mud tends to stick to your shoes and you will look like a hobbit!

A little bit about how to get there: Wa’ahila Ridge State Recreation Area is located at the end of St. Louis Hts., kind of…at the top, the street changes names as you don’t stay on St. Louis to get there the whole time. Right on Peter Street, and left on Ruth Place will get you there. BUT…parking is limited in the park…so it is recommended that you find parking in the neighborhood, and as always, be courteous to those who live (and sleep there). The park does not open before 7:00AM – and that is when we will be there and available for questions and taking down some names and numbers (on your leg).

Run 2 and 3 are the Saturdays after Christmas (Aiea Loop Trail, 4.4 miles) and New Year (Pupukea, around 6 miles). More info as those runs get closer.

Though HURT is promoting these run, they are not HURT sponsored runs. 

Finally, for those of you who participated in the Peacock race a few weeks back, there are now race bags available for pickup at Runner's HI in Aiea. These arrived late and are now ready for pickup for all participants. So, if you raced, stop by Ray's and pick yours up.

For those of you training for HURT, this is a crucial weekemd, get out there and train! For the rest of you, enjoy your time with family and Happy Thanksgiving to all. 

Got training plans for the weekend, post it in the Comments below for others to join in!

Aloha, Bob

FINAL REMINDER: Kaena Point Firecracker Race this SUNDAY!

H.U.R.T. Trail Series Kaena Point Firecracker 10-Mile Trail Race: Sunday July 8, 2012 @ 7:00a.m. 

No pre-registration, just show up at least 45 minutes prior to the race start (6:15a.m.), pay the $10 entry fee and be ready to run. Driving Instructions:  From the North Shore, follow the signs to Mokuleia or Waialua. Follow Farrington Highway past Dillingham Airfield and Camp Erdman. After that, you will come to Kaena Point State Park on your right. 

BBQ Potluc k after the race, so please bring a dish to share, a beach chair, swimsuit - to relax and enjoy the post-race festivities!  Hotdogs, burgers, condiments, drinks, and some fruit will be provided. We will have an aid station with water set up at the halfway point, however, we will require ALL runners to carry adequate water (at least one 20 ounce bottle) during the run. It is hot out there and there is not much shade. Don't forget sun protection!

COSTUME PRIZES!!!! The theme for our race is Cartoon Costumes (think Roadrunner, Wiley Coyote, & dynamite that goes BANG!) ... Costume award categories may include but are not limited to: Most Patriotic… Cartoon Character… Brightest Colors… Craziest Hat… etc.

Stephane Lacasa will be taking professional photos of all of the runners out on the course, & will post a link on the HURT blog for FREE downloads of all his action shots after the race! Check out his website (cut & paste following url into your web browser):

BONUS: this year marks our first ever Dyn-O-Mite Double Challenge Run! Do BOTH the XTERRA Freedomfest 10K Trail Run at Kualoa Ranch on Saturday, July 7th ( AND our Firecracker Race = AWARDS TO THE TOP THREE BEST COMBINED TIMES!

Dyn-o-mite-challenge logo

See you there! 

Julie T & Scott G

Julie: julieDOTtakishimaATyahooDOTcom

Scott: [email protected] 



A Quick Mango Madness Announcement: T-Shirt Ordering Deadline

Aloha Athletes, 

We are fortunate to have amongst us a new Trail Series Co-Race Director who is also an amazing graphic designer, Melanie Decker Koehl. She had asked me to post this a while back but we held out until the race got a bit closer and not to distract from this weekend's amazing "Run for George."

However the deadline to order is Monday, May 28th to get your shirt in time to be available race day, June 9th.   The shirts will not be available for sale at the race!

Get a shirt for the 4th race in the H.U.R.T. Trail Series: Mango Madness! These white dry-fit t-shirts run a bit small, so order up. Designed by Melanie Decker Design, printed by Tai Blechta of TaiGraphix. $15!

Link to buy a t-shirt:

IMPORTANT: Enter coupon code MANGO at checkout for free shipping. Shirts will be at the race for pick-up.

This race is going to be a blast! 10+ Miles always means a special detour thrown in when you least expect it. So expect it!

(If you already have a "Run with the Pigs 2011" shirt, it is the same style, fit)

There will be a practice or training run scheduled for Saturday, June 2!.

Aloha, Bob

A Week-end without Rain? Chances are 40 to 60 Miles.

Well, we are in the gut of the beast.  If you have been putting off the distance tests, the night runs, or even the full loops then now is the time to plan on getting onto the trails and doing the do.  Best make what ever bargains you have to at home, because the weeks are ticking down fast and we are sitting at about four.  And depending on what kind of tapering freak you are, you may not have much time left to actually practice before you justify sitting around telling yourself that rest is the answer to doing the HURT.  

Frankly I don't have much of an opinion of the taper and feel it makes you really soft and whiny on the dark muddy trails of Sunday morning.  But its as hard to talk people out of the taper as it is to talk economists out of the neokeysian concepts of abundant money creation.  Both are trying to make something out of nothing. And sooner or later both tend to end up quite badly.  

Anyway....this week is a great time to do a lot of running.  Starting Friday at 6:00pm there is that thing around and around the inner loop. Just as that ends we are scheduling another loop or two starting at the Nature Center at 6:00AM.  If you've got any real idea of doing the HURT you ought to be thinking of coming out and doing a bit of the Hog Back and then doing at least a full loop.  Real Ultra runners will be considering a full 18+ hours of trail time.

I urge everyone to post their alternative plans.  If you are going out mid week please post the departure times and points.  It really helps the new runners to go out with others during the week.  Given the condition of the trails lately, some company is, perhaps, a wise thing.  

Remember the Hog Back on Friday!  Plan on a long run this week-end.  The stashes have water! No excuses but to get out there and RUN!    

---A point of planning.   We are trying to arrange a trail maintenance day on some of the HURT trails in conjunction with Na Hele.  The tentative date is  January 7th.   One of those 'taper' week-ends.   Please mark that down and we will get back to you in greater detail as the time approaches. 





Register Now for July 2012 Neighbor Island 50Mile Ultrarun!

The annual TriLanai 3Hills 50Mile Bike Ride has added an ultrarun option - this is your chance to participate in the inaugural running of a new Hawaii ultrarun course, and will be the first official ultrarunning event to be offered on the beautiful island of Lana'i. This road run is being added to an established bike event, so you can count on solid organization, reputable sponsors, and great fun! Check out TriLanai's website for course map:

Register now (on for an exciting addition to your 2012 race schedule, and support our neighbor island of Lana'i, using this link:

JanM & I got to preview all 3 legs of the course last week and it was GORGEOUS! and tough. Amazing way to see much of the island and run a challenging course at the same time. There are several different accomodation options on the island (see TriLanai's website for island information) & I will be coordinating group accomodations if people are interested. I highly recommend to plan adding a running of the Munro Trail to your trip!

Manele Bay
(Manele Bay/Hulopoe Beach - event start/finish)

Hope to see you there!!



Trail Marking, Taper Run, and Pot Luck; October 22, 2011


Meet at the Dillingham Airfield  Parking Lot at 7:00 AM on Saturday 10/22 for a brief light run and some trail marking, followed by a Pot Luck.

Gordon has asked me to post a request for volunteers to mark the Peacock trail this Saturday Morning. We will be dividing up into groups and heading out of the Airport parking lot at 7:00 as usual. We will then meet up back at the airport at about 11:00 for a Pot Luck. All are invited to come and do a bit of trail marking, a light taper run, or more if you wish, and then we will do a Pau Hana to our Peacock training. You don't even need to go up the Kealia to show up for the Pau Hana.

Gordon needs some volunteers to do A. Upper Kealia and Are's Loop B. Gordon's and Lower loop. C. Cross Over to Rock Piles. D: The Kuaokala Makua Ridge from Balls to Stash.

Important Race Day Note: If you plan to enter the airport prior to 7:00AM you will be required to present current vehicle paper work. (Insurance, registration, inspection). Please check you paperwork prior to race day so you will not be barred from coming in due to this preannounced idiocy.




An Ode to Peacocks 

The mountains have been climbed and re-climbed, the long stretches of twisting trails and fire roads have been memorized, the infinite ups and downs have been suffered and the culmination of another running cycle draws near.

Peacocks, which was so recently an audacious experiment, then born an ambitious 54+ miler, morphs into a full-blown madly-rugged 100+ K, and is now upon us! We've crammed in all the training possible and stand waiting, wondering what to do other than be out running hard along the northern ridges of the Waianae. One last chug up the hill perhaps? One last visit to the panoramic vistas we will have little time to appreciate on race day? Maybe, or are we just yielding to the unbreakable habit of over training?


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The Unofficial 12 Hours of Hogback; Enter the DarkSide

Another in the Madness Series.....


Time: 6:00PM Friday November 26th to 6:00AM  Saturday November 27

Place:  Hogback (of course!)  Nature Center Picnic Table. 

The Route:  Inner loops (Hogback, Cross-over, Center)  repeated.

Bring your own stuff, though there will be some refreshments there. 

This is a great test of stamina and fortitude over that bit of ground that is so loved by us all.  Come out and get your lines down up the hogback and the cross-over. 

Remember....if you cann't do won't survive....